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  1. I got my answer and it was a denial. I9 was submitted. Guess I am waiting years now.
  2. Yes I have SMC but not sure what letter maybe L or R. The claim does regard the 21-8940 TDIU which I have a hard time with. Why put in a TDIU claim now when you are already 100% will the change my 100%? I am not sure if they ever contacted SSD or not because at that time I hadn't been awarded SSD benefits. Once I was awarded I sent VA a notice to the fact.
  3. So am I looking at 5yrs for a EED decision or will they start looking now into my EED. It's been a year. And there is only a few documents for them to look at. My case is in Detroit.
  4. Hi Gastone Thanks for your time and input. Yes I have my direct deposit, email, and those items you listed in working order. I just don't know why it's taken them a year now and counting to do a DRO review and they haven't updated Ebenefits. Unless they haven't done anything to my claim yet. Which is sad. I have paperwork I gave VA that clearly states that in 2011 I left my job due to a service connected disability and Social Security Disability agreed with the disability. I was never reimbursed for the disability by VA at the 100% level. This case should be a no brainer. May I ask why your case took 4.25 years? Was it because you were fighting BVA and DRO or was it strictly DRO that took this long? Did you not have enough evidence the first time or did you have to resubmit? I'm asking because I sure hope my case won't take that long because I am in need of some revenue. Anyway thanks for chiming in on post it's appreciated
  5. Oh by the way I heard by Peggy that the turn around rime was somewhere around 344 days. Can I believe this date? Why must itake longer then a year if you have the evidence.
  6. So can anyone tell me if it is normal for a NOD/DRO review to take more then a year and also have no updates to ebenefits? I. Have alll the correct paper work in. The NOD is for retroactive pay. Should I send an IRIS request on why ebenefits is not updating? Peggy says my case is ready for review since September. Thanks for all your constructive responses.
  7. Buck52 Yea no I9 menioned on ebenefits. I did call the 1-800-827-1000 and they said it's ready to rate but none of this is showing on ebenefits for me to track. Maybe I'll try telling the folks at 1-800-827-1000 and tell them I'm willing to write Mr. McDonald. Do you know the phone number and/or email address. Thanks
  8. Thanks Buck52 for your input. Ebenefits has a date of 11/11/15 which is when I submitted the claim. I have an attorney who submitted the I9. So all that is good. I've check historical claims, and all the links I could think of. There is small mention that I requested a NOD and a DRO review. However, nothing else is in Ebenfits. Is it normal to have Ebenfits be blank on the status of the case for a year? It doesn't tell me what they are looking at where in the process they are at completely nothing. Thanks again for your inputs.
  9. Helllo All I was hoping someone could help me understand. On November 11, 2016 it will have been a year since I submitted a NOD DRO review. I checked ebenefits to see if there are any updates or movement and there are none. It is completely empty. Can anyone shed some light as to why this is. Will it always be this way? By the way the case is a retro (back pay) I believe they owe me. Thanks for everyone's input
  10. I am 100 percent for mental health reasons already and have two doctors forms saying I need aid and attendance am I understanding you all correctly I have to be 100 percent and 60 percent to qualify? I thought 100 percent was enough for at least a L level. Am I misunderstanding you?
  11. Thanks to you all. If I am understanding now you just have to be 100 percent mental and have the right words from the doctors. If you have these criteria what Smc level would I be at an L? I don't have 100 percent and another 60 percent condition just 100". Again thanks for your posts.
  12. Broncovet thanks for your reply. However your answer seems to apply to any condition one might be fighting to get with th the va. I am trying to find out if mental health alone is enough for aid and attendance and if so at what level and would I from what I posted qualify and at possibly what level (L). Again thanks for your input but I'm looking for more than a list.
  13. I am 100 percent but no additional 60 percent
  14. No loss of body parts. Just mental with a psychologist and neurologist both agreeing I need aid an attendance. so I was just wondering what my chances might be in getting it.
  15. I can't seem to find anything (not even online) about how mental health and the need for Daily Living help effects the chances of getting SMC and at what rate. I have PTSD and Schizoaffective (Bipolar Type) and documented memory loss from Electric shock treatment. But no where do I find if I qualify for SMC and if I do where I would possibly rate (L+ K?). Can anyone chime in on how Aid and Attendance and mental health works in mental health situations like mine. I am not housebound but do require constant help in and outside the house and Aid and Attendance of another person. I do have two doctors a psychologist and neurologist who say I need Aid and Attendance and may need nursing home care if I ever have no one to take care of me. I have a paper from VA that says I am catastrophically disabled when it comes to ADL. I do need help with medications, showers, cooking, transportation and areas regarding my memory loss. I am competent and have no need for a fiduciary. What can I expect regarding my application? Thanks for any help you can provide in this matter.
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