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  1. After the service compensated disabled vet dies, does the spouse get the monthly compensation or does it end?
  2. I recently used Dr. Bash's services. I would say that in my case it was a mistake. First of all, he must talk to so many people that if you talk to him more than once with out talking price he will always give you a different quote. These quotes vary in the thousands of dollars. Well, I thought I could negotiate a price which I did - $1000, when he was asking about $4000. This may have been a mistake to negotiate $1000 but I'll never know. When I received the package that included my medical opinion and his thirty or so sheets of his credentials, I read my medical opinion. It was about a sheet and a half. The first thing I thought after I read it is the VA is just going to laugh at it. Basically, Dr. Bash parroted everything that I have written in the past that I sent to the VA. He did not put anything new in it. Sure enough the VA came to the same conclusion I did, that he just paraphrased everything.
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