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  1. mike/3/8/cav

    Tbi And Ptsd - Va Report

    I would just like to say this one thing. As an E-7 (PSG) in Germany I was responsible for insuring that my Tanks were secured everynight. I went to the vehicles and insiured all were secured. On several occassions I slipped and fell off of a Tank or two while conducting this inspection, sometimes I fell right on my head from about 5 feet, woke up azed and confused. I was too embarrased to let anyone know that I made such a stupid fall. I saw stars and was dizzy for a few minuted and regained my stability to continue my work. Some soldiers don't complain or let anyone know about these embarassing situations, "we suck it up". If we complained about a hurt head or what caused it we would have been laughed at. How else would senior NCO's get promoted if we went on sick call to get a iagnosis for such a stupid situation? Some military people have different reasons for their problems than even you can"t understand, just like I don"t understand some of yours. My suggestions to you is to try and understand every MOS is not the same and we all go through different situatuions. I have tried to explain things that happened to me in a polite manner in hopes that people (soldiers) such as my MOS have experienced. You have given blanked responses and not done you reaserchon what makes a soldier in different MOs's. I am a retired 19Z50R8. Take a look at what this Mos entails from Basic to retirement then if you understand, you can make a comment on what I went through and still am. I don't understand all the circumstances surrounding yur situation, but I am co mpassionate to listen and try to be undersatanding. also, you don"t have all the answers like you post. Keep it simple and don"t pre-jude just based on your military experience. Ifyou want to help then try reading between the lines or do some research on each MOS, then make a helpfull comment.Not everyone is as intelligent as you perceive yourself to be. Mike, enough said Mike
  2. mike/3/8/cav

    August 2009 Roll Call

    "Garry Owen"
  3. mike/3/8/cav

    Advice Needed

    sgm, Also, I'm a newbie here with my own problems and need answers. There are a great bunch of people on here that have far more knowledge than me. Never be afraid to ask a question even if you think it is dumb. The people on this site are here to advise and help. Just hang in there and you will be surprised of what you will learn. It takes some time but you will prevail. Mike
  4. mike/3/8/cav

    Advice Needed

    sgmdae, I know exactly where your comming from. I did the same thing. When I decided to make the Army a career, it entailed sucking up all your hurts and sores. Keeping your pain to yourself(not wanting to be one of those guys who ride sick call). It would not have been possible to make it for 21 years if I went on sickcall for everything that hurt me. Hence, not much in medical records. The few things I did have in my records I am being compensated for though. I never went to a medic and said I had strange dreams or felt tired or was irritated about stuff. It took 16 years for me to go to VA and get request exams for PTSD and my knees and anlke. Thanks to a few onry old VN veteran friends, I went. It is hard to say you hurt, but go and get your exams. It is what you need to do for yourself and family. But, you have to make the step into the VA, it ain't easy but it is worth it. Spill your guts to them, don't hold back anything, be open and honest. You will do well, just take the step. Mike
  5. mike/3/8/cav

    Mental Health Exam

    Thanks Purple, I just have a lot of things going throug my mind while waiting on my rating. Sorry to be a bug about stuff. Anxious and waiting is tough as I'm sure you know. You, hang in there and take care and be safe. There are angels on all our shoulders. Mike
  6. mike/3/8/cav

    Mental Health Exam

    Just wondering, Could it be possible that this last Mental health exam could carry a seperate rating other than PTSD? Just wondering because they diagnosed Major depression this time and not the first time. Thanks Mike
  7. mike/3/8/cav

    Mental Health Exam

    Another question' My first exam was last year August specifically for PTSD. This last exam was for Mental Health. Is there a difference? Why two exams so close together? Could I be rated for PTSD and seperately for Major depression? Just wondering. Mike
  8. mike/3/8/cav

    Mental Health Exam

    I applied for SSDI in 2007 and was denied for not having enough credits. I was awarded 70% sc from VA last October I think was the month. I do receive CRDP which offsets my military retirement. Yes, we are looking forward to the move and will miss the "Great Outdoors". But I need to be closer to medical facilities, too much travel for me up here. Otherwise we would stay. Yesterday and today we are spending time smoking Sockeye Salmon. We will miss that and of course the hunting and making Venison jerkey. Mike
  9. mike/3/8/cav

    Mental Health Exam

    I'm looking at the exam now, First page says WAS THERE OUTPATIENT TREATMENT FOR A MENTAL DISORDER? YES DATES(S) OF OUTPATIENT TREATMENT: August 2008 to present CONDITION(S) AND LOCATION OF TREATMENT: Major Depression, recurrent; PTSD Last page IS THERE TOTAL OCCUPATIONAL AND SOCIAL IMPAIRMENT, DUE TO PTSD SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS? No IF THERE IS NOT TOTAL OCCUPATIONAL AND SOCIAL IMPAIRMENT, DO PTSD SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS RESULT IN DEFICIENCIES IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS (JUDGMENT, THINKING,FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS, WORK,MOOD OR SCHOOL? No IS THERE REDUCED RELIABILTY AND PRODUCTIVITY DUE TO PTSD SYMPTOMS? Yes EXAMPLES AND PERTINENT SYMPTOMS, INCLUDING THOSE ALREADY REPORTED: Veteran identifies avoidance patterns and social withdrawl as the primary current symptoms of PTSD. He also notes some intrusive thoughts, sleep disturbance, disturbing memories and images with some combat related dreams; hyperarousal and ongoing mood irritability; hypervigilance with occassional startle response, persistant anxiety. Veteran experiences overall moderate impairment in occupational and psychosocial functioning due to PTSD and Major Depression. Continued alcohol use likely exacerbates symptoms of PTSD and clinical depression.
  10. mike/3/8/cav

    Mental Health Exam

    Thanks CG and Phillip, I will do just that once we move from here to Washington State. It is so hard to get things done here due to travel and distance to places I need to go. I will be able to get legal advice easier and will try and do what I think I should. It is just to much to do from a remote location. Can't wait until we move. I thought being away from people and the everyday distractions was the way to go. But, what it got me was way behind, I'm not complaining, it was our disission to move up here so I could get away from all the hassle. Live and learn. Mike
  11. mike/3/8/cav

    Mental Health Exam

    No problem Billy, I appreciate any advice or opinion given. It's all about helping each other and giving comments and such. Thanks Mike
  12. mike/3/8/cav

    Mental Health Exam

    Thanks Pete, I don't qualify for SSDI, I waited too long to submit for it, not enough credits over the last 7 years. So, I'm just going to wait as you suggested. Mike
  13. mike/3/8/cav

    Mental Health Exam

    After getting this copy of my exam I filed for IU. I have not filed for Major depression. I think that this last exam will be going to be rated, so I wait. My private doctor has also sent his latest report that shows I have severe Osteoporosis from a bone density exam I had a few months ago along with low Testosterone and Vitamin D deficiency. I think a lot of my depression is related to doctors continuing to find medical problems. I have not worked since 2000, but have done some menial things since. I just don't feel up to going out and doing something that will cause me to break a bone again. Mike, Thanks for your responses.
  14. mike/3/8/cav

    Mental Health Exam

    Thanks for the response, After I got a copy of this exam, I filed for IU. I have not worked since 2000. I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis severe and have not filed for compensation although my private doctor did send a report to the VA of this finding. I guess most of my depression is based on continued unexpected medical problems that just keep croping up at every doctor visit. Every blood draw seems to come up with something different. Last blood draw found low Testosterone, Vitamin D. The hits just keep on coming. Mike

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