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  1. Ok I found out I will be only getting 40% the VA took the 20% away from my 60% award for the scars from a old surgery when I had a arthroscopic done on my knee back in 2010 so I was awarded 30% for the knee replacement because in their view my knee made the injury better, so now the VSO said I must file a new claim for the knee replacement for Scars even through I already had the scars in the first place. so as it stands right now I'm still at 40%. The way it is explained to me is like when a veteran loses a hand or arm he gets an award for the injury, but when that veteran get a prosthesis then his award is reduced because it's called Quality of life, the VA made him better so his award would be reduced, and NO the VA does NOT have to notify you if they take an award away they will send you that nice letter to appeal it. I know this sounds stupid but the lady told me on the phone that the VA is making some major changes on how they process their claims. 

    This all sounds to familiar with my Malaria claim contracted it on active duty but could not show I was sick, when I went into the reserves is when I was sick and that was the magic bullet that killed my claim and appeal so my disability page says "Malaria Not Service Connected"


    As for my second total knee replacement I found out I will be getting the 100% temp for the 1 year. I should see something between this September or October for payment funny I had the surgery on June 4th 2018 and they are just now getting around to it.

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