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  1. 6 phases? my ebenefits shows only 4 phases... development, decision, notification, and closed...
  2. haha see what i mean, i tried calling right after my last post and my call was redirected to sprints customer finance service so i can pay my late bill
  3. and i cant imagine it taking that long. i feel for those of you who have had to wait any longer than it should realistically take. i just would not be able to hang on financially for that long, another couple months is gonna be hard enough. ill try the 800 number today, thanks for the replys
  4. i keep hearing about this infamous 800 number on here but have no idea what it is... and what are the buttons to press to get to talk to someone quickly... and iris? i have no idea what that is either. the varo is oakland and all i heard from my vso is that it takes about 60 days from your last c&p appointment before a decision or money is recieved
  5. tired of checking my bank account and ebenefits daily to see when my claim will go through. went to phase 2 on jan 4th. should be sooon but the wait is kicking my ass. only at 60 right now and the check just isnt enough to live off of. that is all, thanks
  6. thanks for the reply, i was thinking the same thing for the tbi exam covering all those others. and yes, my back and leg were already sc "As for the heart burn, IBS, tinnitus, and rash? They would have looked at your service med records and any other records on hand to see if these conditions were treated in, caused by, or aggravated by service. If not, no exam." if theres no exam, is that an automatic denial?
  7. ok, back in september i submitted claims for 10 conditions, chronic heart burn irritable bowel syndrome tinnitus (TBI) traumatic brain injury headaches migraines memory loss vertigo rash on my chest and head unemployabiliy PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)ok, now my question is... i had a C&P exam on dec 7th for tbi, and 2 C&P exams on dec 16th, one for an increase in ptsd and the other was for an increase in my other sc conditions. i did not file for an increase for my leg and back problems but i did for the ptsd. why havent i had exams for any of the other claims listed above? they are all well documented and such, could it be that there is no reason for the exams and theyll just straight up rate those conditions? any help would be appreciated. also, just to vent... i originally had a flight home for the holidays earlier this month before my c&p exams, but when i found out of my exams, i tried to reschedule them for a later date but was told my claim would be closed and would have to start over. so i had to buy another flight home, last minute, across the country during the holidays and am now broke for xmas. and good luck trying to explain that to any non-vet. tis the season
  8. gfunk

    Question ....

    how do you get your claim pushed through due to severe hardship?? i could use that...
  9. thanks brokensoldier. i sent my vso an email. i want to blame her for this. when i was in her office to file these, she made seperate bullet points for most of my conditions chronic heart burn irritable bowel syndrome tinnitus (TBI) traumatic brain injury, migraines, memory loss, vertigo,and an increase in ptsd rash on my chest and head unemployabiliy but what concerned me was the tbi one, she grouped all those together and i had asked her if that would make a difference and she said no cause most of those symptoms go together. even still, everything shows up on e benefits except the increase in ptsd, which was one of my main concerns. it rough being in such a remote area, shes the only vso around and she sucks
  10. ok so i finally put my claims in and they finally showed up on ebenefits. it shows 10 of them up there in development stage, including "unemployabiliy" (as its spelled on e benefits). everything looks good except it doesnt show an increase for ptsd on there. is this because im shooting for an increase and its not a new claim altogether or is this something i should be worried about? either way, this was my mark mcguire, the home run shot at 100%. lets hope its outta the park funk
  11. hi all, i have an appointment with my vso on thursday and i just wanted to clarify some things before going. im currently at 60% (50ptsd, 10 lumbar,10left hip,10, left knee) they are all rated back to november 2007. im putting in for an increase in my ptsd, now will that have a new effective date or keep the old one? i did not file an appeal or anything like that within the one year... also, i have been diagnosed with tbi through the va several times, and have yet to recieve any type of treatment. i had to medically withdrawal from school due to my ptsd and tbi, and the va wrote a letter to the school backing it up. i havent been able to keep a job since being discharged at the end of 2007. i am no longer receiving my school checks from voc rehab and my current rating is not enough to get by on. any available resources to help me get by until i get my new rating? ive read other posts where the ptsd and tbi are so intertwined they need to clarify shit before they make a decision on claims. will my problems in school and work be looked at from the ptsd viewpoint or tbi viewpoint? they both effect me but not sure where one ends and the other starts.. im putting in for an increase in ptsd(greater than 50%) TBI IBS headaches/migraines chronic fatigue tinnitus and tdiu so i guess the main question would be, should i file this claim anyway and let them sort it out or get some dr to state how each one is effecting me? im not sure they even know? on another note, i just received my outpatient authorization for a chiropractor and have an appointment this morning! ahh i need it badly, esp after the bottle of tequila that was my sleeping meds last night... thanks in advance funk
  12. i am also being referred there. ive heard bad things but from different sources, all of which i wouldnt bet on. i am also an iraq vet and i guess that is geared towards the older vets. sucks they dont have anything for us younger guys, but if you do end up going, please post how it went if you can. im hesitant to go, just cause i dont really do well with others in an environment like that. hope everything works out for ya funk
  13. ive read through a lot of the posts and got some good info, but all cases are diff so i thought id try my luck with my own. im currently rated at 50 for ptsd 10 for limited thigh flexion, 10 lumbar spine strain, and 10 for knee cond for a total of 60. i had more cases pending for tbi and tinnitus but i failed to show for the c & p exams. anyway, my original shrink left the VA so they re assigned me a new one , he decided to switch up meds, yadda yadda, i saw him briefly but just wasnt working so i tried a new doc who also just threw pills at me. i know they may work but the side effects were too much. havent been back in a while anyway, long story short, since my initial c&p exam for ptsd, ive had to quit school, leave my apartment, and cant work anywhere. i havent been seeing a psychologist at the va for a few months, maybe back in march... forget to take my pills everyday, forge to pay bills, got arrested for a bar fight... basically nothing good is on the road im on. i plan on doing a walk in tomorrow at the VA to see a doc cause in order for me to switch again i have to ask the one i have now and i dont want to. should i try reapplying for ptsd now or must i go back to a doc and get the paper trail i need for evidence?? i plan on going to a doc anyway, but i need to get the ball rolling and waiting a few months for the mountain to build up isnt doable. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. gfunk

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    iraq vet here. 24 yrs old. marine corps. fallujah a few times.

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