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  1. Wonderful! Thank you for your service and for sharing your story of success.
  2. If you paid any out of pocket medical expenses/doctor/pharmacy (not including dental) for the children or your wife, minus insurance premiums, you can submit those bills for reimbursement. Call the ChampVA folks, they have always been friendly and helpful, at least that is my experience. Effectively, your benefits for ChampVA began the date of your 100% service connection. It can be worth the extra effort; I was able to recapture five years worth of out of pocket dollars. The opportunity to return to school is exhilarating! I'm just about done with my AA and moving on to my Bachelor's program in a few months. Not only will your family benefit from the tuition waiver, the VA will also pay a stipend to your wife each month and when the children are old enough, they too will receive the benefit. We are very happy for you! Congratulations and welcome to the new normal.
  3. Consider sending any medical bills you paid for out of pocket retroactively back to the effective date of your P&T status to ChampVA, this includes pharmacy. You will need the actual billing forms the docs sent in along with any Explanation of Benefits if you had insurance. If not, ask the doctor(s) to print you a claim form; the ChampVA folks are very friendly, at least that has been my experience. Pharmacy billings are easier to get - just go to the pharmacy or, many have online access now, and request an itemized billing of all expenditures. You have one year from the date of your P&T if I remember correctly. It can be worth the extra effort... Congratulations and thank you for your service.
  4. Oh what a relief it is...congratulations!
  5. Congrats to you WaStvet! That is lightning speed for Seattle RO and we are happy your claim was handled expeditiously.
  6. Congratulations to you Dart...
  7. Good grief, this is an atrocity....horrible disservice to anyone, especially a veteran! You are inspiring Ellen, the tenacity in which you forged forward (the drive to your local VARO) --- that is the tenacity that VA employees should handle all claims, however, they dropped the ball on your claim. I am sorry this happened to you, we've been there ourselves and it is not a great feeling. Good for you for walking it through to finance. And, Happy Belated Birthday to you !
  8. Watched and recorded this segment. Amazing story, good information, and inspiring that one woman, through love and doing what she felt was the right thing could begin a campaign to bring burn pits the front page. Horrible atrocities are still going on in foreign wars, just as AO smothered my husband and so many others. Bravo Mrs. Torres.
  9. Congratulations to you for sticking it out....it's tough to wait and wait and wait....however, these success postings always offer encouragement to those who are still waiting. Good news!
  10. "Oh what a relief it is...! " Sing and dance all day, all month and hopefully for a very long time - Congratulations !!!!
  11. If she is 100% then she is entitled to dental care at the VA medical center or, perhaps (and don't quote me on this) an outside dentist IF in emergency. Others with more knowledge will chime in soon. Private dentist will probably need fee basis approval before seeing her but at the onset of a long weekend (Monday is a holiday), it might be tough to find a dentist open or a VAMC either. She could always go the route of an emergency room visit if her pain level is that intense. Dental pain is horrible, I hope she finds some relief. good luck.
  12. Hi John and all, Thanks for the responses. He is already 100%+ and P&T...
  13. Awarded my husband 30% for IHD and increased DM2 from 20 to 40% - would rather not have a reason for this to be a success but still, a win is a win. Stay with it Veterans, be proactive as possible. May all your claims be adjudicated swiftly and correctly.
  14. What a great feeling for you, congratulations!
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