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  1. Thanks for your response. Well I am 37. The only thing that concerns me about having the rating reduced in the future is that I have been unemployed for a little over two years. If in 5 years VA decides to reduce my rating, I'll be 42 then. Being 42 and having a 7 year gap on a resume does not help much if I had to find employment then. Now, this question is for you. I was rated at 70% before 100% P&T. Can VA reduce my rating below 70%? I read somewhere that the original rating was protected. Is that correct?
  2. Thanks for your response. So, does that mean that as long as I don't return to work and continue my treatment, I should be ok? I ask because I am 37 and I would really hate to spend the next 5 years unemployed and have VA reduce my rating in the future when I'm 42 and 5+ years of no work history.
  3. Thanks for your response. To answer your question. Yes, I did. At first it got denied, and I had to appeal. I received the VA award letter and sent it to them via fax. I got approved within 2 weeks of faxing the VA award letter.
  4. Hello fellow Vets! I received approval for unemployability but it says that I got approved for unemployability in June of last year until October. Then it says that from October on, I am 100% P&T (permanent and total). The letter says that P&T is my status since P&T is a higher award. I got a military this week ID and it says indefinite. What does P&T really means? Should I expect any reevaluation in the future? Can my rating be lowered? Thanks.
  5. Brother, I agree with everyone else here. You got a 10%. I personally believe that you got lowballed. Why? because the examiner is basically saying that you are mildly impaired, but your history (divorce, relationships, work, ect) shows that you are more than 10% Be ready to appeal. The examiner even put down that you more than likely get better with treatment, that is a bold statement right there. What you witnessed (similar to what I did) will never go away. I hate to sound negative, but I am just trying to be real. You can learn how to cope with it, but it is something that will be there until you close your eyes for good. So, yeah, what I'm trying to say is that the examiner is full of it. Take good care brother and follow the experts advice here, not mine, but the others above. Blessings!
  6. Hello brothers and sisters! Now that I got awarded 70% service connection, I want to apply for IU. I have always taken pride in earning a living for myself and my family, but due to my conditions, I am having a really hard time. I am currently working. I got that job back in February after 2 years of being unemployed. I am not performing well at work and mentally is giving me a beating. Is a very stressfull job and the noise in the plant makes my heart pound like an Apache's ceremonial drum. To keep it short. Can I apply for IU even while working? the job was my only source of income until my claim went through, but if I quit, I won't be able to make it financially. At the same time, I know I will quit soon, regardless I apply for IU or not because the job and the people there are driving me insane. Any advice? Should I wait until I quit to apply for IU? please, don't take this a me trying to get paid for sitting around, that's not the case. I take pride in making a living, I just know I can't mentally and emotionally do it anymore. I preffer to be able to IU and volunteer for a cause, even help other veterans.
  7. I filed my claim 7 years after being diagnosed (right after service) this is common among Iraq/Afghanistan first and second rotation vets. We got out not knowing something was wrong with us. Then, we thought we could deal with it ourselves since we were taught that those with ptsd were weak and we don't want to be among the weak, so we lived in denial. For what you say here your son will get 70%-100% rating but more importantly, here will get the treatment he needs.
  8. @vet201060: Exactly my point. Sure there are many examiners who lowball vets on a daily basis, but the truth is that many vets get lowballed because they either share too much or share too little. Hey, we live with other people around us like loved ones, but if they ask you how you spend your time don't go in there saying "surrounded by family and friends" because they will take it as if you were having a great time with them. The answer to that question is "alone". Because even when surronded by family and friends we feel and spend our time (inside) alone. Those are not lies, I am not coaching anyone to lie, that is the truth. The questions are tricky and many vets fall for the simple "how are you today?". I was once told: How'bout them Cowboys? Many vets will engage in a football conversation, and there nothing wrong with that, but for some reason VA thinks that if you have ptsd you can't enjoy some football, and this is the type of over sharing that hurts many vets.
  9. Scott11B: Brother, I will tell you this about the appointments. VA will not knock on your door to make you set up appointments. I don't mean that in a condasending way to offend you. If appointments you want, go the mental help clinic and ask for them and once you go to your first, don't leave until you get scheduled into another. Do not worry about being given just 30% now, focus on getting that percentage raised. Make an appeal. Let the appeal process tun its course, in the mean time seek treatment. Like I said, they won't beg you to go see them, nor they will voluntarily enroll you on anything. About being cheated ... here is the deal, more than likely you got the right rating for ptsd, unless you are a treat to yourself, others, and you can't find a job or maintain one. The next rating for you would be 50%. If you have a steady job and there isn't many unemployment gaps in your history. The examiner could recomend you be rated at 30%. Employability is a big deal for VA when it comes to rate ptsd, also the symptoms, but employability kinda reenforces your diagnose. Nobody with severe ptsd is able to hold a job for a long time, and finding one is even harder since we get really anxious and flunk interviews because of it. Now, I'm just assuming that you have a steady job and you are not a treat to your self and others. I assumed that because of your rating, the very same way examiners asume from your answers. If they ask you: What hobbies do have? and you answer something like this: I play video games or I go camping. Boom! that right there sets you up for a lower rating like 30%, since nobody with severe ptsd (50% 70% 100%) has any hobbies or past times like going out camping, surfing, call of duty or anything of that matter. Those of us with severe ptsd avoid places, crowds, stressful situations, have trust issues ...ect. I'm not saying you don't just think of the questions you were asked and how you answerd them. That will tell you if you got cheated or not. My opinion, hope everything goes well.
  10. neferaM

    70% Rating Surprise

    Thanks everyone. I will follow your advise. To answer some questions. Yes, I am working. I was unemployed for 2 years due to my conditions, but found a job back in Feb. I can't perform well at work, it drives me insane, but I could not quit because I had no other source of income. To answer the "how long" question. I opened my claim on February 2014, and it was closed on August 1 2014. Many people are telling me that is fast, but I guess that having an organized, and full of evidence claim helped to speed up the process. I only went to one C&P and that is the ptsd C&P. The others were not necessary since the records showed everything. Again, thanks everyone.
  11. neferaM

    70% Rating Surprise

    Thanks folks! Believe me when I say that all of you have helped me very much. The emotional support and advice given is invaluable. Right now all I want to do is move forward and help other veterans. I want to pay it forward. Good luck to you all and blessings.
  12. neferaM

    70% Rating Surprise

    Hello brothers and sisters! last night I checked Ebenefits and my claim showed to be on "preparing notification" status. Today I go to the mail and I received a big white envelope. I opened and my jaw dropped when I saw that I was granted 70% service connected. I opened the claim on the 20th of February of 2014. My surprise is not only the rating, but how fast it was processed. Many people have been telling me to prepare for an uphill battle with VA. Luckly it was not the case. I claimed ptsd, tinnitus, sleep apnea, and bilateral knees. I got rated for all, with the exception of sleep apnea. I got a 0% for sleep apnea. I already did a sleep study but since I have sleeping disorders, I was unable to sleep in the study. VA schedule me for another study already but is in 4 months. I just want to share this with you guys. I am happy, 70% is good income to deal with my problems. I will deal with the rest later, but at least I can address most of my financial problems now with this. Thanks again folks for all your support and advice. I hope all of you get what you deserve.
  13. No worries, you're not being negative. I rather you tell it like it is.
  14. It was a civilian doctor in Ft.Hood. In Ft.Hood many of the doctors are civilians. I let him know that I was not sleeping well and I kept waking up in the middle of the night. I also told him that I had a hard time falling asleep. He prescribed Ambien, 2 months later I was out of the Army. I am not sure were to go and get evidence of this. I don't know if Ft.Hood keeps a Cfile like VA does. I had the prescription bottle and I saved it all these years, thinking that one day I would need it. My wife trew it out because according to her it was trash. I got furious when I found out she had thrown it out. I had a sleep study done last night. It didn't go well. I've been dealing with a lot of stress at work. Suffered two panic attacks this week. I left work because of it, and a pack of dogs attacked me outside < I know, that's hilarious, but it wasn't funny then. My wife thinks Ptsd is a joke and is not very supportive. She calls me crazy, psychopath, and tells me to take 15-20 at once all the time. Mentally I am a wreck, so I went to the sleep study and I stossed and turned in the bed for 5 hrs straight. Finally at 4:00am I fell asleep. The technitian said that from that little time I slept, he gathered enough to ask VA to perfom another study since the symptoms are there, but he needed to get more sleep out of me to be able to consider the data for a diagnosis. I need to figure something out because I know I don't have much in me.
  15. Hello brothers and sisters. I have a claim for sleep apnea. I separated from the goog'ol army upon my return from Iraq. I developed it while in service but never got it diagnosed because I literally separated 2 after returning. I reported lack of sleep and tiredness during the day and was prescribed Ambiem on active duty to help me sleep. At the time since the was no diagnose for sleep apnea, the doctor treated it like a sleep disorder. My wife wrote a statement and was filed with the claim. Also my room mate wrote a statment for me, confirming my loud snoring and possible air obstruction. How helpful those statements are to service connect apnea? Does the prescription of Ambiem could be considered by VA? Thanks.

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