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    Veterans and their families getting the care they earned through their sacrifices.<br /><br />Military issues and how world Economic-Poltical issues and decisions impact our country / world.

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  1. But i must currently be unemployed to file IU, correct? Felt it was strange that my POA rep practically guaranteed me IU in 6 - 8 months if i quit my job due to my SC issues. Is that the norm? Just dont see how he could say this with such certainty, espically with my experience with the varro denials, low ratings & the previous NOD's i have had to deal with since 04 to get my current SC rating.
  2. Thanks Sharon, The only thing that is holding me up on filing for IU is that I still am trying to keep my job but based on some of my negative behavior there i might get fired or laid off or at the least suffer with physical & mental issues. Heck i was in the va hosp for 3 days for chest pain that turned out to be severe anxiety which IMO is related to my SC depression.
  3. Hi all, Glad to see Hadit growing so much & l apologize for being such a dormit member, but it kinda matches what i am dealing with. So filed a NOD just in the nick of time yet i was told to just accept the slight increase in 1 rating which was to low, didnt support the med evidence nor increase my comp. Then was told appeals are 2 - 3 years behind! I then informed him i was admitted to the va hosp recently for a SC condition which i NOD & asked if i was working. I explained yes, but shared some serious work issues with him & was then informed i coul be IU in 6 - 8 months. So is this good advice? I believe i will lose my job or get fired or laif off) but why should i quit & lose possible unemployment? Currently combined rating of 80. Also read here that with the budget issues appeals are being denied. Maybe that is why he told me to let the claim run out & open a new one? Strange.
  4. Great!!! Sorry I haven beeen posting or reading lately...due to the BS I have. I am happy 4U!!!!
  5. Is there a correlation between a GAF and your rating for depression (NOS)? I would think there is, but I am not sure. I am currently rated SC 30 % for Dep and submitted an IMP. The C&P states my GAF is 60. The IMO Dr will not write about percentages but it is a good IMP. Would I be increased to 50 or 70%? I have read the GAF verbage and rating criteria but can’t seem to find out if there is a matrix matching the two up with a percentage. Alco the C&P said there was no correlation between my depression and anxiety! Should I do a separate claim for anxiety? The VA gives me sleeping and anxiety pills!
  6. Thanks All, I want to keep this away from my VAMC providers assuming I can, so they Don't claim a conflict of interest (Say What?) unless I really need to. Thanks slphelan - Berta - Pete and All.
  7. Hi All, I have at question: 1. I have an increase in my SC issues for some mental and physical issues. I see a VAMC shrink, and even additional counseling by a VA Phd. I have not told them I have put in for an increase, but espicially the PHD who I see w/ spouse for counseling, who I believe knows my situation is much worse... I have not asked them for any supporting statements, because I have read here that they don't want to get involved with C&P opinions due to the bs of conflict of intrest and I have had that happen to me for some help I requested from a VA MD a few years ago. So do these VAMC shrinks and PHD'd know through their PC's and notes that I have a pending claim for increase? I am courious, because my PHD stated she does do exams. My issues are to a point where they see me and spouse one on one aside from a group thing. Issues are much more involved than just my marriage. So, again, do they know I have a claim open, espicially when I haven't listed them in my supporting evidence? The VARO say's they have my VAMC records...? On another note..I sent the VARO some IMO's and they sent me back a another request for assistance saying they have asked for some records from other PVT MD's to include stuff I already turned in!! How do I tell them the info they requested from these other doctors is not revelant, even though I signed a relase of records months ago?????????? Thanks. sb4
  8. Purple: Why do they send that form? I am not sure, but if your not working why do they send it? Is it an annual requirement to try and reduce benefits? Can't they just look at IRS records on us Vets to verify our income or lack of income? jecsb4
  9. 121212, Question, I have flat feet SC w/ plantar fasciitus, toe problems, bunions, and ankle problems. I have casted orthodics, and even have ankle braces they gave me. I have a difficult time with these braces fitting in any shoe, sneaker, or work type boots. I have to buy a size or two bigger and take out the manufactures cheep insert to get the extra room. Then of course It makes walking difficult. Does the VA podiatrist have to request them? I don't think my doc knows about this... Thanks. What are the type of boots the VA provided and can you put a brace in them?
  10. Philip, Thank you for your response. I may be in a "catch 22" if I tell the Dr, they should tell the VARO that I remove my release approval as if I had something to hide. This Dr as it turns out does not have my records due to several changes in his location and whom he works for and the records I have are from pre SC which the VARo already has. He did give me HBP med which I don't know could be a 2ndars to DEP / Migraines, Panic / anxiety, etc. I have to admit, this is one topic I have never read about….at hadit. Thanks.
  11. I signed several of these VA forms from the VARO that you list any private medical records from various providers for a pending claim. I would like to cancel one of them, can I do this? If so, how? What would I give the VARO? Thanks sb4
  12. Carlie, That might be the case, but last time I check with the VARO / POA, the C&P's were not turned in yet. Last time I did the FOIA I never got this VARO form.
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