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  1. still here 100 0/0 plus p&t
  2. Hi Carlie,been takin care of my land taxes and a few more things has had me running like a chicken with his head cut off. 100 plus p&t, would love to have my good health back, but I am thankful and blessed. Pray all is well your way.be blessed my friend
  3. sparkle

    I Got It!

    Big Mac, been getting ssd for bout year now. thanks for the congrats.
  4. Welcome and thank you for your service. PR is right get an attorney asap.
  5. sparkle

    I Got It!

    Can someone help clear this up: Monthly Entitlement Amount Payment Start Date Reason For Change 2,673.00 Sept 1, 2011 IU adjustment, compensation rating adjustment 2,769.00 Dec 1 2011 Cost of living adjustment 2,816.00 Dec 1, 2012 Cost of living adjustment we are praying you as a single vet with no dependents So with this being said what is my retro amount, and when will i got the full 2,816.00 per month. Right now ebenefit said i will get my 40% pay for March. Please help not understanding this.
  6. Well all, my BIG BROWN PACKAGE came today, but still not money......seam like I will have to wait until April 1st for my 100% pay, but still blessed to have my letter. Maybe by Fri. It comes when it comes......blessed to know its coming....been a long time waiting guys and so glad its over. For all that's still waiting. STAY STRONG AND KEEP ON FIGHTING. I will still be here to give words of uplift and prayers. Thanks to all of my HADIT FAMILY for your support.
  7. sparkle


    thinks who you're dealing with......oops i think you got.
  8. sparkle


    It's all in God's hand....just have to trust in him.
  9. sparkle


    I try to keep this off mine (MONEY IS COMING!!) but i keep checking thanks hon
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