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  1. Hopefully someone can help me with this question. My rate is 70% TDIU , but I have a letter from the VA stating that I am 100% permanent and totally disabled effective Sept. 1, 2010. My rating letter also stated " No examination will be scheduled in the future'' Will this proposed budget reduce my pay back to 70%. I am a 69 year old Vietnam Vet. Totally worried that this will pass. If I hear one more politician say they are for veterans, I will Puke. I wrote my Senator about this and got a form letter reply saying how he is for Choice care. Nothing mentioned about the budget proposal.
  2. I signed up for the $10,000 life Insurance policy, It states I must file a written application for a waiver of premiums and supply proof of disability. Can anyone tell me if my one page letter from the VA stating that I am 100% permanent and totally disabled be proof enough or would I have to supply the entire award decision? Also is there an application form I need to send with the proof? The letter from the National Service Life Ins. Policy has a PO box in Philly.Am I to assume that will be where I send the proof etc? Thanks for any help
  3. My wife and I went to WPAFB today, we got ID cards and only had about a 5 minute wait. We then visited the commissary. Everything was great including the prices. Thanks for the info and the phone number.
  4. I have been awarded 100% P&T, is the Life Insurance free to disabled veterans?
  5. Thanks to all here at Hadit. Everyone here has been very helpful with real good advice. My cancer was AO related. I lost a vocal cord and part of my Larynx due to a couple surgeries for cancer. I can speak at about a whisper level. I was granted TDIU in Sept. 2010.I have been rated 100% P&T. I am very happy with my rating and don't plan to rock the boat - so to speak(Even though I can't) I just found out that it don't seem to take much to trigger a C&P exam. I am lucky to have a GREAT VSO to help me . I had all the paperwork stating I was 100% P&T with no exams scheduled in the future and still got scheduled. My VSO got it straightened out.
  6. I went to visit my county VSO. He called the VFW and got everything taken care of. He is the greatest. I had been scheduled for a C&P by mistake. The VA called me to verify that my C&P had been canceled. I was awarded 100% P&T with no reviews scheduled in the future. My nerves are better now.
  7. I haven't sent anything in, But all my follow up care is at the Dayton Ohio VA hospital. Would a check-up that I am required to have every 4 months trigger a C&P exam?
  8. I hate to be a pest but my nerves are getting the best of me today and this place gives good advise and is very helpful so please bear with me. As stated earlier I got a call scheduling me for another C&P exam Feb8. It seems like I just got the letter stating that I had been awarded 100% TDIU. That letter arrived in my mail Sept.23,2010. The back page stated there would be no further exams scheduled. Here it is 4 months later and I have another exam. Is this what I can expect every few months? I receive SS disability and thought after two and half years of VA exams that I didn't have to worry that they would take away the TDIU and reduce my benefits. I am 63 years of age, my voice is about a whisper. The VA letter states that I am rates 60% larynx cancer residuals and 30 % for major depression. My C&P exam is for the throat, even though they don't usually send me to a ENT, the C&P doctor usually id just a regular MD. My question is, as hard as it was to get the TDIU, would they take it away so quickly. Also is there any way to find out why? I also got a letter stating I was 100& P&T. I thought that meant no more exams.I am very confused and hate to ramble but any help would be appreciated.
  9. I was rated 70% and given 100% TDIU with no future exams scheduled. I also got a paper stating I was 100% P&T effective 9/1/10.Hope this helps.
  10. I was Vietnam in country, Agent Orange related larynx Cancer if that is of any help.
  11. I got a call this morning scheduling another C&P exam even though I have been awarded 100&P&t as of Sept. 10,2010 with no examinations scheduled in the future. Why would this happen?I am very worried.
  12. Thanks for the advise my brother was also under the impression that he was not in long enough to apply for anything. Hadit was a huge help for me through the whole process, and I am trying to educate him that there is help out there. Again thanks all for your help.
  13. He was discharged because as a draftee his surgery would not heal in time to be any use for the Army.
  14. My brother was drafted into the Army around 1967, while on KP he got a hernia lifting a bag of potato's, he was operated on at Ft. Hood Texas and given a Honorable discharge after 4 months of service. He has had problems with scaring of intestine and resulting side effects ever since. My question , was he in long enough to file a claim with the VA?
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