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  1. So I submitted be NOD back in September of 2010 and notified my congressman at the same time. Why did I do that? A friend of mine also received a low percentage rate, then contacted his representative and had his perecentage increased to 90%. I have heard back various times from the office of my congressman stating they are following the case, but nothing has come of it yet! The last letter I received, said "expect another update from us in May 2012. So it's already been over a year since my NOD. How long does it usually take? Is my congressional involvement slowing the process or helping it?
  2. Hello all! So I received the lowest of the low ratings last year and was advised from a friend I served with to submit a NOD. This friend of mine had a similar low rating, submitted his NOD and had his congressman follow up on it. He's now rated at 90%. Anyway, so I took his advice and I wrote my congressman as well. The congressman has been inquiring about it and they contact me once in awhile...and they never have any news except, "it looks likes it's still pending review." The only paperwork I've received from the VA regarding my NOD was the initial "We've got your notice of disagreement and it has now under review." Then about 6 months later they sent a letter saying, "no news yet, still under review." How long does this process take?? My initial rating took about 7 months from my discharge date. I'm now 10 months out from the day they received the NOD, I wonder what the deal is and who i can contact. *Addt'l Q: If it's approved and my percentage is increased, will they include a retroactive pay? (17 months now from hon. discharge) Thanks everyone!!! -David
  3. just curious, how long does it normally take between the CnP eval and the disability decision?
  4. Just had to post another reply because I read a thread from a couple years ago talking about how the VA docs will try to screw people out of their service-connected disability claim by pinning stuff on social anxieties...like asking if you drank in high school that youve had a problem long before the Army...well nearly eveyr kid drank some in high school. Then asking if my dad drank and describing that alcoholism is hereditary.. Just pisses me off..because the guy seemed nice, but that would definetly describe the strange vibe I couldnt describe. I was naive and assumed he was there just for my best inerest, so I unloaded things that might screw up my claim...Argh. Just wanted to pass that along because If my award comes back at 10 or 20% Im definetly filing an appeal...
  5. Hey whats up man, I just had mine a couple days ago too. Some similar questions were asked of me..regarding childhood. He even asked if I had ADHD/ADD and if my father drank alcohol. Im curious to know how long its gonna take to hear back...He mentioned the 10% but by that time I had kinda been zoning out..I was sitting there for an hour or so. I think it was fair but I really wish I was better prepared for what the interview consisted of. Kinda feel like the guy was trying to pin my problems on something before the Army...even though I never experienced the stuff til I returned from my first deployment. Anyway sounds like you have a good case..keep me updated I would like to know the timeline between interview and decision.
  6. Hello all! My name's David. I was honorably discharged US Army as of Feb 7th, 2010, after 5 years active. I submitted a disability claim for the following: PTSD Neck bumps (haha I know..but they hurt too..:D) Torn MCL Anyway I used the online claim form VONAPP same as Ive used for my GI Bill application. It took about 3 months to receive my GI Bill stuff, but thats all squared away now. It's only been 1 month so far for the Disability but I wanted to make sure Im in the right spot where I need to be. Maybe I need to submit more paperwork..who knows. I have medical paperwork for all of the above claims but there was no spot that I saw on the VONAPP to include supporting paperwork. I remember the ETS briefs saying something about VA doing reviews to double check claims. So right now Im just waiting to see what the VA responds with. Any tips or things I should now at this point? Thanks for everything guys! -David
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