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  1. hello all im back after monthse of celebrating my somewat recent claim for ptsd and tinnitis. i was an infantryman with 1st batttalion 26th infantry 1id. i served in iraq feb 04 to feb 05, and was general under honorable discharged for repeted marijuana use. i stupidly told out ltc that i wanted out. i will regret it for the rest of my life, anyways..... it stated right when i got back to germany, drinking all night, fighting trashing my barricks room when i got angry making mountains out of molehills..... when i got home, a friend of mine and already gone threw his cnp exam and was rated at %60. he would always tell me to go and just try to get some help from the va and possibly file a claim. i stared going in 2006 when i hurt my shoulder fighting. they recomended me to see some ppl for ptsd, but the va in san diego california never followed up with me and i just blew it off. cut to thew fall of 2009, my same friend kept pushing me to just file a claim, and id at least get the %10. so i stsred going to the vamc here in honolulu hawaii where i currently live for all the treatment i could get, thinking it would look good for my claim i found out i might have a mild tbi, but they were real shady with a dx, aslo seveir insomnia, high blood pressure(im 26!!) also possibly ptsd but they werent shure......i saw a series of speclialsts who refered me to a certin dr form alaska. she inturn told me i was "suffering" but said i was "fine" didnt really say anything about a dx. so i thought i was screwed my this lady. i didnt get any gaf or axis scores or anything all of u guys talk about....i finaley compleat my cnp ppr work and send it off. i got a series of were working on it letters. i got a couple calls from the va cnp people about some names they needed, and i gave it to them. i had my first exam for hearing loss and tinnits witch the contracted civilan audioligist said i definatly had tinnitis. then in the end of april i had my exam for ptsd. i went to the stop for the va shuttle and waited for an hour and a half for a shuttle that didnt come. i was livid at this point. i had to call them at the last minute to cancel and resecudal. the man on the other line sounded annoyed, so i let it all out on him verbaly. my next appt was 09may09. i had to ride my bike up to the va with was about 5 miles, i didnt have any clean clothes and worked, then drank heAVLY the night before. so im shure i looked like dodo when i came into the office unshaven with my sholder length hair all sweaty from the hot ass tropical sun. the guy asked me a series of questions. i asked him if he had ever seen combat or was int he military, he wasent, so was an xxxxxxx and looked at him like i wanted to kill him the whole time. he asked if i got into trouble as a kid and about my childhood wat my everyday life is like and how ptsd affects me on a daily basis. no computer tests, or stupid axis scores or gaf scores i hear ppl talk about, igt only took 20min!!!! he said i should try to get some help form the psyc dpt and just had a genrealy worried look on his face. i had a good feeling about this, witch i never ever had before with the va. cut to 27may09 i get my brown envlope, rele thick. i open it and to my amazement it said i was granted overall %70!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so stoked! i got a nice lil 7000 check for bACk payments... i go to the va a lot more now for minor stuff like neck pain. but i refuse to take a drug test for ptsd help. i am a medical marijuana pacient, and dont take any meds the va issued me, cuz they make me more sick, and have interactions with alcohol. all u guys with actual combat experance should fight hard for the highest rateing possible before our govt gives it all away to everyone else on welfare and "aid" to other countries aloha nui dan
  2. hay thanks all for the replys....i think ill just take the other evaluations as they come.......
  3. hello all on this fourm....ive had my highs and lows on this fourm, and just wanted u all to know i got my raiting today when i got home form my girlfriends house. i was surprised that i got it in just over 2 weeks! i got raited at 70% for ptsd and tinnits from combat service as an infantryman in iraq.....i was only really expecting about 30, and was greatly surprised when i opened my "brown evlope". the description is way to long for me to type out. the only thing that stood out and kinda grabed my attention was this: "Since there is a liklihood of improvement in the condition, the assinged evaluation is not considerd permanent and is subject to a future review examination" how often do u get these reevaluations? thanks for all ur help
  4. weaksauce......i just had my cnp exam yesterday......i saw a friend almost die form a mortor atack. had to carry my 1st sgt all bloody from his bradley after it was hit by and IED. was in major ops as well as everyday route clearence and presence patrols everyday.......if u got 100% for that, i should definatly get it for my case...if ur having a "PTSD attack" why are u typing on a computer....my last "attack" i compleatly trashed my livingroom and broke my tv, my girlfriend called the cops on me and hauled me off....im only calling a spade a spade.....much respect to all COMBAT VETERANS!
  5. ur trying to claim someone strangleing u? i had to choke myself with my platoon sgt's hand infront of the whole platoon when i was in iraq. i deserved it. ur prolly not gonna get it and i dont think prez obama or gen s. is gonna help u. maby if u were in some real combat, then they might look at it. jmho.....daniel
  6. hay all thanks for having this site up for all of up to get help with there claims. today 5-20 i had my cnp exam for ptsd in honolulu hawaii. it was at 1200. i missed my first one due to inadiquite transportation. i got an adtitude from the person on the other line when i called them to tell em i was gonna be late. that was 4may. i arrived about 20 min early, and they had me wait about 8 min till they saw me....i was met by a man in his early 40s. he asked about my past and where my parents togther. if i had any outbursts and asked about my nightmares. i told him that i hit my girlfridnd and that i got kicked out of my fathers house for trashing my room. the guy asked if had sought treatment throught mental health. i said i did and that the lady said i didnt have symptoms. the exmanier said that he thought i had symptoms..he asked if i have any goals for school or work. with i said i really dont..i jsut wanted a job where i can shoot ppl and have a gun in my hand again. asked me my mos and weather i saw combat. i am an infantryman and i did see combat. i dont know if my stressers ever got "verafide". the exame was only about 20 min or so...he also asked if i ever got into trouble when i was a kid and aksed about criminal and drug and aclohol habits.. i have 2 duis so i cant dirve.....i didnt get another appt. and the guy didnt say when and if ill be hearing anything. i also have a claim for tinnits, where i saw a civilan audioligist who said i "definaltly" have tinnitis......they also asked about my work history and where i work now..jsut want to hear ur guys opinion. i am an oif veteran was there 04-05
  7. 11b here and waiting for my cnp to go through to. but with out your ribbions....u should get something. ive noticed a lot of pogs on here to. i was in iraq 04-05 oif II. i have a cnp exam the 4th, i dont think its gonna go well bcuz i dont have a ptsd dx. every dr i talked to said i have symptoms of ptsd even though now i have chronic insomnia now after iraq.. but the the one that really counted said there was no evidince of ptsd even though i was "suffering" she said. but u shoiuld be good mate...
  8. thanks guys, ur on point for the whole nation! i still have my original dd214. it just dosent say cib on it. but i will try send for one using the website u listed for me. i just got to get to a printer..thanks for the advice all i owe everyone a beverage of there choice! mahalo.....aloha nui
  9. hay all thank for the reply!! i unfortunatly dont have my cib on my current dd214, got kinda screwed on that. however, everyone in my unit got one though. my platoon was pinned by 1st id comander mjrgen batiste. i asked my old co if we all had orders for our cib, and he said we did. im shure if they dig a little they could find my orders(hopefuly). i still have that cib that was pinned on me. i havent been seen by a cnp person yet thats on 04may10. all the mh stuff was thought the va. i had to tell my story to 6 diffrent people i havent even met and i just told my dad back in january. and i got out of iraq in 05. i did not put tbi on the current claim cuz i wasent dx with it at that time. i really dont know wat u mean by tbi resuidals. but i will ask my neruologest when i see him for my reguler visit 30april10. i have also see a speech patholigist, and receved treatment, but it conflicted with work. i ment the ptsd board on here... i mainly put the claim in after a few years becuse a friend ,that was in iraq with me, who has 60% raiting for ptsd, was nagging me to do it. but he was a scout for our battalion. mahlo nui for the replys again!!!
  10. hay all thanks for the reply. yes i do have a cib. there was a problem with some of our orders in iraq, but our whole unit got them i can go through my old CO, whos now a major, assist me with that if theres a problem...i try to go to the va as much as i cani go every month for a check up and bi monthly to see the neruolgest. i dont drive due to 2 dui's, and i gotta ride the bus. and i work.... i will talk with my neurologest when i see him 30april10 about fililng a claim for tbi. maby ill ask the vfw for help with the tbi claim. back in january they sent me a packet that i had to fill out, listing my stressors. i just listed the ones that stood out. i got plenty more if they wanna interview and investigate. they asked the first names of the guys in the bradly crew that got blased 5 meters in from of me. i was able to track down all there names from social networking sites like myspace and facebook. im just nervous that there gonna look at my file and see no dx and dismiss me. i have already seen a adiologist thats was contracted by the va and said "you definatly had tinnitis" so maby i will at least get 10%.....mahalo.....aloha nui
  11. Hello all. I have a claim pending here in hawaii for PTSD. i submited it nov09. I served in iraq during oif II. i did everyday route clrearing, raids, presence patrols, 10 min qrf, escourts, everyday infantry stuff. i was in the battel for samarra in the begining of october. i pulled a buddy out of a m2a3 bfv after a mortor rocked up while rolling out on a big mission. our forward operating base was under constant mortor and rocket attack. ive tried to get help from the va, and im getting treatment for a mild tbi from the mortor attack. when i was sent to mh, i was interview by 2 ppl who reccomended me for ferther care. i was then seen by a dr that wasent even from my state she then said there was no evidenc of ptsd although i was suffering. my neurologest suggested that i go back. will the fact that i didnt get a diagnosis for ptsd gonna hurt my claim? im on meds for headachs and anxity. my cnp exam is 4may10.....mahalo....aloha nui
  12. hay all, thats for making all this info for veterans seeking info!!!! i filed a calim for ptsd, tinnitis, pain in hands/arthritis, and headachs. i was in iraq during oifII, was in the infantry and awarded the cib. i have gone through the va system and was refered to a nerologest for possible mild tbi and to mh with ptsd, and a speech therapist. i saw several ppl in the mh unit, and after seeing 3 ppl, it was ultamitly said that i didnt have ptsd. i wetn back to my nerologist for my bi-monthly check up, and he was kind of surprised witht the diagnosis, and urged me to go back i havnet had time due to work. i continue to work wotht the nerologist but dont have the time for the speech therapist. i was also told by someone who works at the va, who also has sc, that they wont even concider you if u dont have a diagnosis. but yet i have a cnp exam in less then 2 weeks now. will that hurt or help my rating? also if my current dd214 dosent have cib under the awards section, can that hurt? or can they look that up. i can get my old co to verify that i was awared it. respond if wouild like...mahlo for reading.....aloha nui
  13. Hay all viewers. my name is dan i was in the army from mar 03 to jan 06 with 1st battalion, 26th infantry with the 1st infantry division. i was in oifII for thr full year and was awarded the cib. i have a pending claim with the honolulu va for ptsd tinnitis pain in hands and headeachs.....i submitted it nov09, and just got secduled for a c&p exam 4may10. i dont have any diagnosis for ptsd or anything else. i have seen a nuroligist for a mild tbi from a mortor blast. i have been perscribed prazosin for anxity, but was sent for a ptsd exam, and was told i didnt have ptsd....i went back to see the nero guy, and he was kind of upset with the ruling.....anyways, ill take it to the ptsd board......mahalo for reading........aloha nui
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