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  1. WHISTLEBLOWER'S WINS SEVENTEEN-YEAR BATTLE FOR SERVICE CONNECTED PTSD COMPENSATION AND TREATMENT I had my C & P meeting on Tuesday, May 18, 2010. I have been designated 100% disabled. I have no idea how the VA came up with the math and after fighting seventeen years I do not care! What I do know is that "SHIT" has hit the fan at the Veterans Administration. The VA got a copy fo the letter I sent to President Obama and General Shinseki. The VA would prefer I not write any more letters to the President of the United States. I am HAVING a PTSD attack - RIGHT NOW! It is hard for me to hold my RAGE in its CAGE at what happend to me ion 1985, and for the last seventeen years. I do promise my brother and sister vets that I will do ALL I can do to stop the left hand of the VA from slapping the faces of vets seeking compensation and treatment for service-connected disabilities. WE are the FEW who sacraficed the most so the many can be free. My mind is shredded. It seems the Un-Classified Congressional testimony that I had given in 1985, and produced the cover of in 1993; somehow, had been CLASSIFIED until 2007. Therefore the VA could not prove my stressors. Senator Merkley's office (D-OR) had some difficulty getting the testimony through Lexus, but with it the VA HAD to approve both Primo Cayabyab strangling me and the United States Navy publicly branding and stripping me of my honor. I have no energy to continue writing today; but I want ALL vets to know I will fight to my last breath to make sure no other veteran has to go what I went through ever again. Read my blog if you want more. God bless all of you, the few who protect the many, and pay the highest price so the many can enjoy freedom's sweet nectar. God bless America! Robert William Jackson Sr. USN 1977-1985 S&E-20 Financial Auditor on the USS Kitty Hawk ===========
  2. Thank you all for your posts. PTSD comp requires a current medical diagnosis of PTSD and a confirmed stressor. Done: Diagnosis was given by a VA psychiatrist on 1-25-2010 Unless you have the PH, CAR, or CIB on your DD 214 the VA will need to verify your stressor. – Not going to happen the US Navy basically treated me like Chuck Connors in the 1960’s television show Branded. That is “Why” I had to get a Senator to intervene. The Senator’s aide assured me the Congressional Record satisfies the PH, CAR, CIB and the lack of it being on my DD-214. Again, I want to thank Carlie for helping me keep my VA appeal below within a KISS.” [i feel the denial of service connection for my claims of disabilities by the VA, is a form of retaliation from the "whistle-blowing" actions, I reported on active duty.] VA Voc Rehab isnt a job center. Did you apply for Voc Rehab schooling benefits? First I went through the Washington county, Oregon Unemployment office, then the VA has an emplyment counselor to help vets find jobs. – I met some guy who came to Portland, OR VA Hospital, he asked me questions and told me there wasn’t anything he could find for me due to my health and mental conditions. When you go for your C&P exam stick to facts., and stay on track regarding the incident that caused your PTSD and how it affects your life now. This is what I was looking for. The stressor has been proven withing the Congressional Record. Just for all members info, if you have Congressional testimony supporting PTSD and the mental issues that go along with it - I have been assured by a US Senator that the VA has to accept said testimony as proof of stressor. Thank God I belong to a very small club of people. Once again thank you for you hlep and thoughts. Bob-e =============
  3. Thank everyone for your posts and support, I used Senator Merkley (D-OR) to assist me with my 17 year battle against VA - it PAID OFF! The senator's office called yesterday and told me with some effort he was able to pull my 1985 Congressional testimony, which was originally un-classified - then classified by President GW Bush. Lucky for me as a US Senator he was able to go into Lexus and get the booklet. The Senator's aide was upset because the VA had been double-talking him and after he read the Congressional testimony he told me I should have received PTSD treatment and compensation in 1985, when the assault by Primo happened... and more importantly, when the US Navy stripped me of my honer and dignity in the national and international press and in the very halls of Congress. The Senator's aide told me the VA has NO choice but to approve the PTSD, MDD, Panic Attacks and Dysthymia, since it is Congressional testimony given by multiple Congressmen. Last week I sent a letter to President Obama and Sec. Shinseki and used your suggestion to keep it simple and short. I wonder what the General will think once he becomes aware of what the VA did to me. Maybe, he doesn't care how the VA makes the C&P a antagonistic battle for vets. It is wrong. If I as a honorable discharged vet who has Congressional testimony and the Congressional record and news articles behind; if I can't get approved for PTSD - God help ALL vets. I have also found out that my lawyer from 1985, is going to take on my case, of course now that the Senator has paved the road the lawyer's job is pretty easy. I am not playing any games and not trying to get anything I have not earned. My mental health issues are directly tied service connection. On 5-18-10, I have the Comp exam. At this point my wife and the VSO are going to attend with me because I can't seem to stop cracking up and breaking down, and I can't stop crying? I was raised "big boys don't cry", so the lack of control on my emotions is torture. If I am correct, and please let me know if I am not, in this meeting I am going to give him a bullet list of issues I have that have led me to be unemployable. I am going to give the VA shrink a sample of my daily calendar and show him the scar tissue, and I have my (former) employer sending me a letter detailing how the PTSD caused my performance to go down. He is also going to note how my PTSD anger made it hard to work with me. My wife also has a list of PTSD caused problems. I was a GAF 45 back in January. I know I have deteriorated since them. It took my four hours to write this one email. Two months ago the VA sent me to the VA Voc-Rehab to see if I qualified for any jobs. I didn't qualify because of mental and physical health issues. I can't sit for more than 15 minutes (VA malpractice caused severe scar-tissue and an umbilical cord hernia. The VA gave me a zero (0%) rating for the problems above. Perhaps down the road I will re-file that claim, which I first filed in 1985. And worse, my brain has 10,000 thoughts going through it at a time. So if I'm not cracking up and crying, I forget what I am saying, which makes it hard to do business, especially sales. Thank God for spell check. Bob-e ===========
  4. I already had an exam in January with a VA psychiatrist and she gave me a GAF of 45, and wanted to put me in the VA hospital - in January. This meeting on 5/18/10, is a C & P exam. I have gone downhill since January. On May 3, 2010, I had a melt down while in my new psychiatrists office. It was embarassing since it was out FIRST meeting. I'm not sure what happened? I yelled at him, "How can the VA not understand how getting strangled by a thief you were blowing the whistle-on would cause the DSM-IV stressor. That is the "official" stressor that I am using because it happened and as reported worldwide in the press. I thought it would be a "slam-dunk" form of proof. The VA not recognizing the stressor causes me to experience a RAGE inside that is tearing me body apart and causing me serious health issues. Thank you for your time and help. Bob-e
  5. I have PTSD. The vet center is where I go. Then I was transferred to a shrink at the main hospital. When I was at the shrink at the vet center all he wanted to do was tuttie-frutie new age music. He never wanted to talk with me about the "STRESSOR"? The VA may give me counseling - but the counseling they are providing me is about as useless as telling a woman to go anger mangagment classes because she was raped. do you really think she is going to get better if no one talks to her about why she is angry or what happened - just give her pills and pass her along to the next person. That is how I feel. I don't know if other vets have the RAGE I do, but since I was a Navy whistleblower there are not many people like me in the United States - still alive. Thank you for your post. I am trying to do this as best I can. I feel abandoned and alone. I am scared and for the last two months I can't stop crying, I wasn't raised to cry. Thank you for your time and help. Bob-e
  6. Thank you for the help. So I still need to fight the VA on Primo stangling me being the stressor. I will call my VSO and see if he can find out if the stressor has been approved. I will call Senator Merkley's office again and see if I can get his office to help me. I took your advice and sent in my appeal about denial connected to retribution for blowing the whistle. I sent it to the VA Comp side, and also included the medical side. I want to make sure my PTSD shrink knows what is going on, same for my primary doctor. I also sent a copy of the appeal directly to General Shinseki's office. And, I aslo sent a copy of the appeal to President Obama. Why not, can't hurt. This comp shrink is going to interview me. I was diganosed five months ago by a VA psychiatrist MD, with PTSD, MDD, Panic Attack, Dysthymia. She gave me a GAF of 45. since then I have mentally gone down hill. Seems like a waste of money and time if the VA has not approved my stressor - why would they do the comp exam? I guess that is just the VA. Thank you
  7. I received the letter, followed by a phone call. I have an appointment to see the psychologist on the 18'th of May. I am going to meet with the county VSO the day before and have asked the VSO for a statement from him about the emotional and mental state I have been in when we have met. I would hope his notes about PTSD, panic attack, MDD, and Dysthymia will help to raise my service connected disability from 10% for tinnitus to 100% for PTSD. The county doesn't allow the VSO to go with the vet to the VA exam. The letter is the best I can probably do - or should I ask the VSO for something else? Should I tell the shrink that last month I had no money and the State of Oregon, Veterans Services Office paid my rent and utilities? Does that matter? I can't function and have not brought any money in the door in five months. I am on the waiting list for food stamps. I have filed my social security disability but they told me it will be six months before anything is determined. Does that help with the VA claim, should I mention it? The VA has already sent me to its Voc-Rehab and there were no jobs I could do today due to physical and mental disabilities. Does that matter? The VA already have all of my medical records because I use it as my primary. Have been using it for the last six years. Does this guy I'm meeting need this information or is that another part of the VA... and WHY can't the fools just talk to each other? I plan on creating a list of bullet statements on such things as my daily life and how PTSD affects me (IE. isolation, anger, panic attacks, loss of sleep, fear, memory loss, etc). Should I write a book - or will bullet points be Okay? I am going to try and keep it together. The last visit I had on May 3,2010, I yelled at my new psychiatrist and then had a break from reality. The shrink was going to admit me but I asked for my wife and she helped bring me back to a point where I knew where I was. That was the first time I have lost touch with reality - should I ask for my new shrink to send his notes or does the VA already have access to that? I am scared. Seventeen years ago I did this interview with a sub-contracted VA shrink, picked by the VA, and he said I didn't have PTSD. This time I have done my homework, as much as I could with flaming PTSD. Oh, last question. Does the exam letter mean the VA has accepted the "stressor" or is that a battle I have to continue to fight? Any help or wisdom is appreciated.
  8. Thank you , I will take your words of wisdom. This is all so very over-whelming. With PTSD and depression it is hard, as you know, to separate the anger. Also, I am not an attorney, nor do I have any expertise in this area, so I am trying the best I can. I am going to cut and paste your simple sentence about how the denial is retribution to the whistle-blowing. The assault by Primo should've worked in 1993, as the official "stressor". The DSM-IV stressor criterion requirements are proved. That stressor was reported in the press and in the Congressional Record when I testified on October 1, 1985. I am confident the PTSD will ultimately be awarded to me along with the rest of the ensuing medical issues, except the tinnitus. If however, I can't get an answer from the VA by the end of June I will look into finding a lawyer to help me. Perhaps a member may be able to give me a referral? I just don't want to lose 20% of all of the money I will have for the rest of my life. I am unable to work due to physical disabilities. As to the whistle-blowing as being used to satisfy the Criterion IV Stressor requirements. Since there are few of us in history, I am doing my best to insure that future military personnel who stand-up against fraud, waste and abuse of the American tax dollar knows they will be compensated and treated for mental abuse and PTSD that ensues. ALL vets, as do active military people, know the military can and does put its members into events that leads them to face the threat of death; and with that fear comes helplessness and horror. Whistle-blowing at least in my case is no different. I will go further to prove my point. I originally blew the whistle to the Naval Investigative Service. Just them. No one else. The NIS had a "bad" agent who intentionally lost the documents I had given to him to prove my case; then he called the Supply Officer on the USS Kitty and told him I had blown the whistle to the NIS. I was left out to dry. I knew I was a dead-man walking. At the age of twenty-six and the NIS agent told me they were going to send me to Fort Leavenworth on a host of UCMJ violations. I FEARED for my life as any sane person would do about being sent to prison. I felt helplessness in that the NIS was corrupt. I found myself in a no way out position and had forty-eight hours, one weekend, to find a solution. By the Grace of God, my brother worked in a big firm in downtown San Diego. He had a buddy who practiced corporate law and was an Air Force vet. I told the lawyer my story and gave him 15,000 pieces of documents. I asked him to hold onto them and if I died when the ship pulled out to sea in two weeks - please give them to the press. That lawyer, Randy C. Whaley (619-234-5100 still practicing law in San Diego) in 1985, dropped everything he was doing and called Congressman Jim Bates (D-CA) and the Los Angeles Times (Glenn Bunting). I FEARED the Navy would kill me to keep the story quiet just as much as I feared getting thrown over the side into the screws by Primo and his gang. That is why, I believe, "blowing-the-whistle" needs to be added to those "stressors" allowed for Title 38 PTSD claims. My two cents, Bob-e
  9. I am out in Oregon. The VA has opened some new vet centers, one of which in Hillsboro, OR is withing ten minutes drive from my house - or a one hour bus ride (bus schedules bad). The vet center has "opened" and Intake section at that clinic. In January I had a mental meltdown while at the VA vet center. I was being seen by my primary care practitioner. I think I freaked her, and myself, out. From her I went to see the VA social worker. The next day I went back and was seen by the VA staff psychiatrist who does the "intake" interviews. That shrink is the one that diagnosed the PTSD, MDD, Dysthymia, and Panic Attacks. She wanted to put me in the VA mental hospital. My wife and I talked her out of doing that and she let me go home. She let me go home because I have do not have any guns in my house and I am not a candidate for suicide - even though 95% of people with Dysthymia do commit suicide. Another side effect of the Dysthymia is the long term depression plays hell on the body and mind. I know I need help. I continue to go the the VA although in five months of going I have not even been allowed to talk about the issues. It seems the VA doesn't want to give me actual counseling on "what" caused the mental injuries and instead wants to have me listen to tapes and take anger management counseling. Catch-22. The shrink won't talk to me about the feelings of abandonment, anger and humiliation connected to blowing the whistle because that would in effect "ADMIT" the tort the US Government committed upon me 25 years ago. So I get tutti-fruitti tapes to listen to. So, I am writing President Obama and General Shinseki to see if I can enlist their help. It would seem to me if the VA is paying board certified psychiatrists to make diagnosis then the VA ought to accept their own doctors. If not, and this is one of my triggers... it is a waste of the taxpayers' money to pay them. How stupid is it that the VA (Compensation) does not accept its own psychiatrists diagnosis's. Due to the PTSD, I have a LOW tolerance to bullshit. The other side of course is that somewhere down the road I can add those letters to the blog-to-book; along with the rest of the paper-trail. I am doing my best to warn others in the military NOT to stand-up and blow the whistle of F,W & A while on active duty - no one should have to face what I have, and still am, going through. Thank you for your time and assistance. Bob-e
  10. Commander Bob, Thank you. I will continue to battle the VA until I receive the compensation and treatment for the mental injuries I received with my military service. P.S. If you know of anyone in the press who might be interested in the story please give them my blog. I do believe it is important that if America wants people in the military to report fraud, waste and abuse of taxdollars, then the service members must know what will happen to them. I am that beacon of warning to all people in the military - WALK away and keep your mouth shut because your nation willnot support you. That may not be the "pretty" statement that is "officially" told to them - but that is the reality I have learned. The biggest trigger for my PTSD is when I read stories of KBR, Halliberton and other military industrial coprortions committing "BILLIONS" of $$$ in F,W & A. The Navy did not want to implement the program I used to discover all of the crimes because once the "little" guy who is at the end of the supply chain knows how to balance his books, the funny money games played by the Pentagon to fund black-book programs will be squeezed closed. It is hard to steal money from someone who has both hands on their wallet. Thank you for your post and any help you can muster my way. Bob-e
  11. Pete53, Thank you for you tips. At 18 I didn't even know what PTSD was so there was no diagnosis. I am in treatment - although, in five months I have been passed around and am now on my third shrink. The shrink who did my "Intake" diagnosis passed me onto a psychologist. He insulted me three times and I had to ask for a new one. I have a claim in with VA - 17 years now! I am trying to get a news organization to pick up my story as a human interest story. Twenty-five years later and nothing has changed in the military procurement process since I blew the whistle on it in 1985. I have a VSO, Washington County, Oregon. He is worthless and didn't even file the appeal when I received my last turn-down in February, 2010. To learn more you can read my blog: http://cid-5d732de5984e829c.profile.live.com/ Thank you for caring, Bob-e
  12. If as a boy I had witnessed my little brother drown (CPR resuscitated) in the family pool then as an adult I witnessed one of my classmates in SAR school drown (Oxygen bottle resuscitated). The SAR drowning exacerbated the earlier PTSD from childhood. Does that fall under the purview of the law? Also, as a Navy whistle-blower in 1985., when the US Navy branded, slandered and libeled me publicly in the press, and in the very halls of Congress while I testified to Congress about the $320,000,000 fraud, waste and abuse on the USS Kitty Hawk. The mental trauma I received prior to that from being thrown into the streets with seventy-two days left on active duty, without any support from the Navy, made me feel as abandoned as Chuck Connors in the television show Branded™. Being branded, and drummed out of service, and then having the VA turn its back on me since 1993, has left me twenty-five years later with Dysthymia, MDD, PTSD and Panic Attacks. I am not in good health and am mentally and 100% physically permanently disabled. I went to the VA last week for a meeting with my third psychiatrist in five months. Yeah, one part assembly-line socialized medicine, one part shuffle the buck and the final piece - having my psychologist insult me multiple times. Anyway, I had a melt down and yelled at the new psychiatrist, which turns out is NOT a good way to let off anger. Of course, until the VA approves my service connected, and service caused claim, the shrinks can't actually talk with me about what is causing my mental problems and anguish - Catch-22. They almost admitted me - that scares me. My wife was there and assured them just because I yelled doesn't make me dangerous. I was just pissed-off about be pissed-on by the VA. I just want fair and legal compensation, and treatment, so I can have an opportunity to once again see happiness in the world - instead, of hidden threats from ghostly foes. Please read my blog if you want to know more: http://cid-5d732de5984e829c.profile.live.com/
  13. John, Thank you for your thoughts. As I am fully physically and mentally disabaled I will not be able to work again and this will be all the money I have in the world. I have never been able to join the American dream of owning a home, although I have worked since I was 16 and didn't piss money away on booze, bimbos and gambling. I just was never able to hold a real job that was able to earn enought money to survive (rent, food utilities, etc). My wife has no insurance and needs dental as do I. If I ever get any retro money I will need it to buy a small manufacture home, or if I get enough money a REAL stick and brick house. But, that is just a dream. Thank you for your post. Bob-e
  14. In a nutshell here is the problem: The NAVY says my life was NEVER in danger. They have never changed their position. If the VA is ONLY going to the NAVY for the "OFFICIAL" version of events then of course the "stressor" is going to be denied. However, if you go to my blog and click on the photos you can look at all of the documents. The VA for 17 years had denied the stressor. The stressor was not only reported in the press. MY lawyer at the time had to file legal documents with the Federal court to keep the Navy from throwing me in the brig! The Navy wanted to throw me in the brig for removing documents off the ship. Duh, kind of hard to prove my claims without proof. What more can I give the VA? If I had the money I could pay the original lawyer to represent me since he has "first hand" knowledge of the event - but I have no money and his days of Pro Bono for me are long gone. If you are having problems view authonomy just type this in. http://www.authonomy.com/ Then when you are on the site type: Whistleblower in the search box. Then both my books (Inside-Out and The Whistleblower will come up. You can read the story but to see the documents you have to go to the blog. Not sure why you couldn't get it to work? Try cutting and pasting this link directly into your web address bar. http://cid-5d732de5984e829c.profile.live.com/ Then on the "Left" side of the the page you will see Details, Photos, Photos of Robert, etc. Click on "PHOTOS" and it will take you to the books. click on the book you want to see the docs on and they should come right up. You can view each document one at a time - or look at them using a slide show. JMHO Carlie, thank you for your assistance and time, Sincerely, Bob-e Jackson =====================
  15. The VA has everything that I have put on my blog to book as far as PEOPLE, newspapers, etc. I sent it to them. I also sent them the cover of the Congressional Book from when I testified to Congress on 10/1/1985. Unfortunately, I could not get a replacement booklet from the Congressional printing office they said it was out of print. However, there is a good probability that most of the files are tagged "TOP SECRET" since the whole incidence was connected to the Iran/Contra affair. Do you know anyone who can help me find former Congressman Jim Bates (D-CA)? He was the Congressman who went toe-to-toe with the Navy. The congressman was the REASON the Navy had to let me off the ship - the Navy told my lawyer (Randy C. Whaley, Esq. San Diego, CA) that my life was NOT in danger so the Navy was NOT going to let me off the ship. When Primo strangled me we were both stationed on the USS Kitty Hawk. I wrote a book as a form of self-therapy, which didn't work; but, at least MY version of history and what happened on the Kitty Hawk is out - unpublished. I don't have the money to pay an editor to edit the book - it is RAW! I wrote the book in 1'st person so the reader cvould get in my head and understand WHY I did what I did. The greatest fear I have is that I threw away a career for NOTHING! Please let others know about the Whistleblower book. I have it posted on Harper Collins' Authonomy website: The Whistleblower, Reflections of a Wandering Mind... Skating the Edge Between Darkness and Light http://www.authonomy.com/Profile.aspx?user...d8-881ac51c10f7 One thing the reader should know is the book was written in the same fashion as For Whom the Bell Tolls by Hemingway. At the beginning of each chapter is a montage of me lying in the VA hospital. Those scenes were derived from my VA operation in 2005. I almost bled to death in the VA hospital and almost died due to malpractice. The documents to help prove my story are on my blog under "photos". You can look at the documents just in themselves and it will show you the truth. Documents like the ones I received from Yasser Arafat, and other arms dealers I interviewed that showed VP George Bush was the mastermind behind Iran/Contra. Some of the documents were either stolen (I lost 4 cars and had my apartment broken into four times), or I had to give the documents to the FBI because they were classified. Although, I did manage to keep a cassete recording of the first Nico Minardos interview. One thing always bothered me since 1985 is that the "PRESS" was so Hell-bent on getting the "STORY" for its news value. None of the press, and I mean zero, ever asked me about the beneficial suggestion I created, implemented and used to uncover $320,000,000 of fraud, waste and abuse on ONE aircraft carier! Don't take my word for it - it is a public fact and is part of the Congressional record. I impleneted the TARP (Training, Auditting, Reporting Program) after writing and creating the TARP training classes and a POS booklet that had to be signed off by Supply. When I was done training the actual 450 sailors who were the divisional supply petty officers on HOW to balance their OPTAR (divisional checking accounts) against the "OFFICIAL" accounting sytem - I had over 100 men come to me and give me proof of crimes. I promised each they would remain aninomous - the NIS exposed them all and told the crooks the jig was up! The TARP system because it worked so well had pinpointed the bad apples in supply. I WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE KNOWS - 99.99% OF THE MEN ON THE USS KITTY SERVED WITH HONOR. It is not those men I blew the whistle on. I am too tired and too emotionally spent to re-hash everything but I if you are interested in what I blew and why I blew the whistle in 1985, please read the whistleblower book and pass the link to your friends, family, members of the press, Congressman, Senator, etc.) Yes, Primo strangling me still causes me nightmares. However, it was being BRANDED in the press, drummed out of the Navy and thrown on the street, and humilitated me in the very halls of Congress that have caused me the greatest emotional trauma. I am tired, so very tired... I can't stop crying. I have such a deep depression that even on a sunny day my life if full of gloom. Peace.
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