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  1. Back in March, I applied for an increase for Pes Planus with Plantar Fascititis, Bilateral Feet. I was already rated 30 percent for the last 8 years. My claim was processed under "Fully Developed Claims Program.. My letter states: The evaluation of my current condition is continued at 30 percent disabling. We have assiged a 30 percent evaluation for your pes planus with plantar fascitiis, bilateral feet based on, Pain on manipulation,, accentuated, Pain on use, accentuated. Additionaal symptoms include: Inward bowing of the tendo achillis, Pain on manipulation of the feet, Pain on use of the feet- Weight bearing line over medial to great toe. A higher evaluation of 50 percent is not warranted for acquired flat foot unless the evidence shows bilateral involvement with pronounced symptoms. My question is, should i ask for "Indward bowling of the tendo achillis" secondary to pes planus with plantar fascitis, Bilateral Feet? Or just leave it alone, I'm just a little confused as to what more pronounced symptoms do they want. I can barely walk" Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Thanks to all the HADIT Elders and members for all of their knowledge. I have been dealing with a service connection denial since January 2007. In June 2015 the BVA Granted service connection for my upper back and neck. My file was forwarded to my local Regional Office for a Rating Decision. The same day that my employer terminated me (last week), a decision was made on my claim. Although I haven't got the rating decision, my VSO representative could see I was granted 20 percent, and its being retro active to the January 2007, she did state it needed approval due to the amount of the retro, but I should receive the information within 8-10 days. Once again thanks to everyone who assisted along with long journey!!
  3. Ok, i was able to log in. but it doesn't tell you any information after the file has been sent back to the local VARO. Maybe the 1800 number can see stuff that I cannot see. Thanks much for the tip tho. It was much appreciated..
  4. How accurate is Ebenefits? I have a claim that i've been fighting since 2007, and finally the BVA granted to the service connection on June 19, 2015. Then my file was forwarded to the Chicago VARO, I called the 1-800 number today for VA, and was told that my claim was completed on July 14, 2015, and that I would receive notice of the decision within 30 days. When i look on Ebenefits, I have my same rating and my AB8 letter is the same, and all of my current disaiblities are the same previously rated. Is Ebenefits accurate or should this have been from July 14, 2015, if i was getting a rating on the service connection or any retro pay? Just a little anxious here, can someone shed some light. Check your appeal status site is down until Septermber 30, 2015
  5. wow, did they ever say why it took 3 years? also was this recently that it took 3 years, thats scary, i've litterally just lost all of my excitement aftering hearing this!!
  6. Ryguy

    The Bva Has Paid Off!

    Thanks Pete on my letter it states that this is an appeal from the local VARO's decision from March 2008 and April 2009
  7. ohhh wow. I keep reading that a lot of people have problems with the retro. I didn't think i'd have a problem when my letter from the BVA clearly states "This case is before the BVA on appeal from March 2008 and April 2009 ratings by VARO in Chicago? Thanks a lot Pete for the insight
  8. So I've been fighting the va since March, 2008 trying to get upper back and neck service connection, and finally today I got notification from BVA that the ORDER: Service Connection for a cervical spine disability is granted, subject to the laws and regulations governing the payment of monetary benefits. The first page stated that my records are being returned to the Department of Veteran Affairs office having jurifidiction over this matter. My question is: Are the records being reviewed for a rating? or would I have to have another examination in order to get a rating? I just had a c&p exam for a remand in March of 2015. Someone please give me some insight on this, as i'm a little confused.
  9. Ryguy

    The Bva Has Paid Off!

    Broncovet, please help me understand this , I was just awarded 400.00 retro last week (estimate) dollars from a rating I was awarded from in March, 2015. This rating took me from 70 to 80 percent. So are you saying if I got 20 percent on the BVA's appeal rating, they would back-pay me from March 2008 (the date I originally filed the claim to March 2015, when my last increase was given? Thanks for helping me figure this out!!!
  10. I checked my mail today, and low and behold THE BOARD OF VETERAN APPEALS has come through for me!!!! I am currently service connected for lumbosacral disability, but was trying to get service connection for upper back and neck (cervical spine). It says ORDERS: Service connection for cervical spine disability is granted, subject to the laws and regulations governing the payment of monetary benefits. My question is this, this claim goes back to 2008, just the other day I was granted 20 percent for bilateral chronic ankle sprain, which increased my rating from 70% to 80%. If my new percentage for "cervical spine disability" doesn't increase my rating to 90%-100%, am I still qualified for retro pay? It says my file was forwarded back to the VA office having jurisdiction over this matter., I'm assuming this is where i'll get the rating, am i correct? THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME!!!
  11. Gastone I just tried googling past years claims appeals but I've never came up with anything. I would have a large lump sum because this appeal dates back to 2007, and that's over 8 years. dr bash is just a name you used ? Or is this a real physician? I may have to go this route
  12. So I had a c&p exam in January and the rater needed clarification from the Physician Assistant . So I guess today the PA wrote in the notes that spinal stenosis occurs more often in ages of 50 years of age or older per the Mayo Clinic and in younger people such as myself it's more often a genetic issue. But when I go to mayo climics website it says one of the major causes of spinal stenosis is car accidents which is what I was In . What's the best way for me to intercept this misinformation the pa has given the rater ?? I'm in a AMC remand for cervical spine issues by the way, so if I don't like the Varo decision I can still take this back to the Bva
  13. Thanks Gastone, so basically it's my right to be there ?
  14. Ohhh wow , congrats on secondary , this makes me feela little hopeful with my situation
  15. So here's the short of my story. I am service connected for lower back issues, but my appeal for upper back/neck issues was remanded back to my local varo. I had a c&p exam on Jan 9, 2015 with a physician assistant, she addressed all the issues in her report, which basically said I never complained about upper back and neck issues until 4+ years after the accident, the examiner DIDN'T meet the request of the Bva of stating whether this upper back/neck issue is secondary to my lower back issues. Two weeks ago i received a c&p exam appt letter stating I need another exam, once I spoke to compensation and pension and my va rep. I was told this appt is one that I'm not needed at, and that this was an administrative appt. for opinion/clarification only in regards to my claim and the veteran isn't needed for this. Also compensation and pension said this letter was sent to me in error Has anyone ever heard of this ??

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