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  1. The Topic is: "Request reader consider my story here at Hadit, as posted, and try to post PEACEFUL CLEAR TRUTHFUL AND PERTINENT what has happened to me, and therefrom, I can ask the Federal Government to STOP. Stop what? Stop naming a spinal cord disease a herniated disk.....or ELSE... Problem: The story is untold because the teller (me) just seems to stop being the clear mechanic-electrical-amateur biologist and starts being cracked up, kind of, unclear and impossible to be succinct. Why: I cannot read every readers mind, so the opportunity to make myself clear is continuously eluding me. The better you know me the better we understand each other. It used to be called "Meeting a person" (wink!!!). I have paranoia about being stupid, I dont let people around me know, they would eat me alive. I have inner rejection of any problem, even as I say it with my own lips, am in such deep denial. I have a mind that knows how to manage confusion very well, from long before this incident in 1980. My mind learns and like pushing a big log, gets stronger with years. But not about this- the pieces fall into place (what happened when) slowly and I NEVER EVER am able to tell own story start to stop. (Can you tell?) I hve paranoia about making the USA look bad, they have a way of doing to others then telling others not to. I have a file cabinet that others helped me over decades build so that all that has happened is exponentially better arranged than the C-file I do not seek to hate or impugn or harm the USA. I have written the President on over one hundred other occasions irrelevant to this topic. This topic is like my lips (mind) is caught in the bear trap (the brain injury IS the case, and IS the story and IS hiding it) I can hardly chew my leg off if caught this way. Consider. Have you ever heard of a Traumatic Savant? Nor have I! Mike
  2. Dear Hadit, Thank you! I came here with one purpose over the years: to try to understand where I fit into VA claim system. My latest council is genius and took a relative pea-shooter and shot the truth at the court WITH GREAT PRECISION. I am burning my feet hopping up in the air, trying to get Counsel to see "Man I have an Abrams behind you, Awacs above, and half the fleet in the water to your right! (translation: I told the truth for LIFE and it is all proved now, so totally- BLAST THE LIES like so many paper napkins in a firestorm so the court understands what harm it does allowing this to continue! (with the truth, the story, the evidence) I am pretty sure I have just lost my counsel, I wrote him too much, (like in here?) about "How I got stuck for 30 years into a time-trap called VA Claim Processing" and how HE HELPED ME SEE THE WHOLE THING CLEAR FOR FIRST TIME TODAY (this last week). Now I know I just plain do not fit- there is no CFR for "Spinal poisoning and arachnoiditis by doctor" and every good or other doctor is faced with choice in my case to "overlook and treat" or plainly document what they see. All doctors document what they see. The Veterans Administration has no pigeon hole for the true disease. One member has helped me state what is happening more clear and with less confusion: "The Veterans Administration has let the monster of Arachnoiditis hide within the relatively nominal herniated disc, the original problem. They let TREATMENT hide from me as well, so money is not everything here! Please Please note! (Money can buy competent medical care though!) I have tried to explain how each email I send is relevant to "Effective date EARLIER THAN July 1990" and nothing else. But try to describe a volcano when you are at it's base- you can barely see the mountain you stand beside! It is the same with me and this matter. I need help with it. So please, everyone with real acumen, please review my posts here, see what am trying to reveal. I dont want ten grand and a new legal problem, I want the whole case resolved as any one would be entitled. Thank you I will no longer elaborate as this may cause my posts to be deleted as they are hard to follow. I understand Mike aka SCID Vet
  3. for example i have siacitia secondary to ddd back ...its rated 10% mild..lol how do i get moderate or moderate severe.. is it just the c&p choice thier no discription about this As a newb on forum, wish to say from personal experience their perception is often relied upon without any real measurement- HOWEVER a competent doctor thinks he can trick you (and a good one can easily do so) but only if you are in an acute state. If you were in bad shape last night and dont take motrin often and packed it in (800 mg) then that offensive nerve is now pacified, and you have no symptoms to report- until you start going home. This above is an honest relay of what I found by going to literally hundreds of appointments where I was not very welcome at one hospital. WHile saving lives, at the end, they refused to get me guerney as they had force me to continue standing, and could not at Xray stand. Little indications like that tell me: Objective is Subjective if they want it to be. If your hands dirty from your car needing jump start (Because you never leave the house) that is NOT how the doc is gonna see it. Kapish? I hope this is enough to help and not get abused too much I told nothing about the tells. I loath a cheater, faker, but am amazed how well Fed has ability to make severely injured people complacent and backed into time trap- then they slam door after 27 years and 23 overturned decisions- ont he same benefit- TDIU (and underlying increase) Sorry if overwhelming. I have ovewhelming urge to perform the "Astronauts Creed" Even If It Kills Me. (It won't, probably) ""Let The NEXT guy know what got (Killed) you""
  4. Tbird, Thanks for everything. I only wish to forward: "Jet Fuel" is actually (in years past, when I was on flightline) JP4 a mix or nearly exactly diesel fuel and kerosene (wiki it will come up fast) Why I mention: If you keep your search term to "Jet Fuel" you may not come up with much to sift. (in your search returns to work out this issue). Recommend wiki, establish what kind fuel equivalent, remember it is all from same distillation stack. This way your base of references online will be 1000 times greater, since few get jet fuel on them comparatively. Mike
  5. Your not alone and many Veterans were delayed earned benefits not only from the time they separated but after they applied. I applied before discharge, immediately after, in a year, in two in four in five, went to school, applied repeatedly reopened claim without ever seeing a original or first decision for a decade from then. I wrote so honest my own handwriting "Further, I feel sure something is being done to minimize the severity of the problem in my back about six inches further up" (and then VA records and decides "your stomach and depression problems are personality disorder). But wait! THEN THE VA CHANGES ITS MIND AND SAYS IT IS THE HERNIATED DISC. So it all comes down to this "How many times do I have to let the VA say "oops" you're right there is 16 lane freeway wide of entitlement- here let me show you a picture of the on ramp you could be on now if you had just lied and played ball." If VA were a well intentioned drunk driver he would have wrecked (gone off legal highway and causing me harm) 23 times or more (each decision that is overturned, one by one, first in the present, then the past then decades before.. I could have said it more accurate above by telling you the truth, Pete: " A certain sergeant major and sergeant stuck me in the face with a phone so hard I got wedged between the file cabinets like butterfly on stickpins" "SGT MAJOR: "If you dont shut up we will put you in jail and we dont mean civilian and we do not need a reason. (telling me to stop trying to get appt to see navy doctor, my liason person.) So I applied. Until blue in face. And was just as successful finding a home (compensation) as the butterfly- it is gonna be a life sentence to finish playing VA game if we cannot ever approach a very ugly truth. A mans life is and will be ruined if we do not stop the bullshit. SO I get it, Pete, I should maybe not worry so much, but on other hand, what of those eating garbage, starving, homeless, hanging on NOW. Do I not owe it to them also, to fight until the last day, for the Federal Government to stop destroying its good citizens lives at whim, and ignorantly too.
  6. But, can you cook? My beloved and muscly brain never stops cookin'. Does that count? Even when I transcend space, time, Universe, and am back in time for lunch, I shall still refuse to cook or EVER do my laundry on time. Burning of steak and other mammal type offerings is however in my repertoire. You?
  7. P.S. Can you tell me about ARACHNOIDITIS? Addendum: It also causes changes in the brain. Maybe am just novelty but in my case I cannot tell the whole story of mental harm, and physical harm. It is as if I cannot tolerate admitting both a great physical and mental disability. It has notably been like this for decades, but figured out only recent five years (guessing). It also changes the spinal cord fluid, something about proteins and they make scar tissue not dissolve and the nerves stick instead of slide against each other. It is my opinion attacks are like MS or a bad bad body flu- there comes a point where once past, there is a series of months and months (LITERALLY) to get standing up again. Merely standing to urinate for example might use up whole day of standing time. It is my opinion that fatty cells and other stuff gets near these nerves, and when I gain weight it seems like (even if muscular weight) my back goes bad and stays that way fast. So a subtlety that is underlying the other 14 layers of challenges is if I do too good a job of getting better- I get worse. This is over 27 years now. Some things are only clear long after the fact. It is my opinion my going from "not caring about cold water" to "Absolutely resistant to anything but warm water" as I will lock up like it is real cold or have shivers. It doesnt look to bad but all of a sudden the lattice of muscles on my back all tighten, and pull me back wards a bit. It is my opinion the change between being able to have two drinks or a beer and then having no ability to drink half beer before crushing headache is organic damage from this incident. It is my experience that Motrin is a wonder drug, but after a few five gallon buckets to get work done (forcing self to work to eat, harming self in process, for decade or more) the five gallon buckets of motrin have harmed my stomach and am not able to take regularly and find like all things in life- the less you take the more powerful the effect. (Secret 9) I forgot some more but that is most- oh@ I think the 20-30 things that make my skin go nuts are all but one or two caused by the spinal cord disease. Also, I agree with neurologists who say the skin is like window to nerves- but only so much- my skin looks.... better by far- than any 48 years old I know (maybe because out of sun). I have few wrinkles. But acne. Painful shingle like things that happen. More. I guess that is the first 9 weeks of information of Arachnoiditis 101. Come back and we will try to explain the benefits of SCI when considering the human condition in the modern day. Or maybe not.
  8. P.S. Can you tell me about ARACHNOIDITIS? There are several insults to the organism: 1) Spinal cord swells the bones it passes through does not. Like toothache but bigger. 2) Skeletal instability from errant surgeries makes causing a vast sudden incident from relaxing while standing in place. This may be recovered from or not, over days or never. 3) It is unquestionably the cause of impotence and pressure incontinence (gets worse, starts again with a brief injury event like number (2) above. 4) Pain and symptoms that do not fit under the word pain- like "Irritation" and "hyper-feeling" where I cannot let a piece of cloth touch toetips, or temperature is perceived wrong, hot and cold same time, sort of. 5) It makes disease itself and any other (original injury) inoperable and no injections either- all make more scar tissue and this expands at rate greater than spinal fluid ability to compensate. 6) Imagine a glass pop bottle. That is the skeleton holes. The nerves move through like a rope that easily slides in the hole in the neck of the pop bottle. now put rubber ball same size as hole on nerve. This keeps the nerve from moving normal and when it sticks, it swells and everything goes bad fast- I may not walk or sit or stand (stand for more than seconds) for 6 months and will recover mostly in a few years. Notice this is not a pinched disc? Note the exponentially longer recovery time? The multiplex of harm? I am not done: 7) The disease is called "Arachnoiditis" which is accurate but sort of misleading too. The swelling "itis" is only part of problem. The nerve start sticking to each other in the spinal cord, and to everything they touch (in the spinal cord fluid that is changed). This makes tiny tears and daily microinjuries that (I Believe) must be minimized over many months to recover faster than getting worse. 8) Arachnoid: Double meaning. The nerves no longer hang like a horses brushed tail- but like spiderweb of bumps junctions and random stuff. 9) The interesting part to get past is the need to respond without question to symptoms the VA and the FED (who seem rather interested in results of accidental spinal cord injection, having redirected a surgery to the best viewing site twice) (I figured this out yesterday thanks to you guys). Sorry. The interesting thing is I have to keep busy enough not to waste away physically. Proof: You can take a marathon runner and put him in air bed, never let him get up, hand feed and in one month he will be unable to get off floor or out of airbed. So dying and aging are much more about the result of sedentary activity than time. Now that sounds stupid but trust me have been studying the subject arena in general for almost thirty years. Also the Marines demonstrate quite clear how fast to whip somebody who is in good shape into supreme shape. It is the same but opposite when you dont get off the floor (mattress). So that is "Part one, Arachnoiditis, A patients view" Now is part two, "Arachnoiditis, A Political prisoners view": (tough to live up to THAT word spin, you think?) Try this: By forcing me to call Arachnoiditis a herniated disc, they have forced more disability, a lifetime of delay, physical worsening by injecting more stuff they arent supposed to, and caused the organ problems among others. Fine, you think- this many symptoms, the VA has to take note! Nope. I dont look that bad. I take great care. When I show up at an appointment, if it is 160 miles away, I leave a day early and recover and show up. Otherwise am irritated babbling idiot. (pain makes a person frantic or flat, some of both, or one and the other and repeat) The truth is I must go along with a big fat juicy proven and multiply hidden by clearly unmistakable and harmful error and in some juicier angles, I can even overcome "Presumption of regularity" because the proof is in Cfile they sent to some other guy. So am really a time-trap political prisoner. If I had colon cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, multiple sclerosis (like one of you confirm!) but "treatment caused disease" is worse than being a murderer. After all dont murderers get fed while they delay 20 years and get out in 25 for murder? I was thinking this while eating garbage (good garbage) it dawned on me I am on lower rung than murderer. And I never committed a felonly (two no trespassings while freezing to death during or near time in question for current TDIU but evidently it is bad idea to tell truth about THAT. (I harm no body, but when you face mortality you make a call. I had just failed out of Chapter 31 education and with it, housing, that a young girl from New Zealand took the FRIGGING place of the VA and paid for me. Because she was helping me get home, helping to be kind, it was some religious thing that is now quite out of vogue.) Sorry. The worst thing is arachnoiditis is as real as a missing leg, ten times more sensitive and crucial area to employment and thriving (do you have ANY IDEA how fast I would have legs removed if it would stop the leg pain??????????????) but arachnoiditis is utterly invisible as it strikes and disappears, makes all manner of symptoms, and is partly novel because of the exact place (nerves) the needle burnt most direct with the obnoxious fluid. So arachnoiditis is the most enlightening disease a human could have. Be careful what you wish for- I wished to understand everything from "Problems of God" to "What is really at center of Earth" to "Why is the sky Blue". Well I have had more time than anybody can imagine, and I am a compendium of much more than mere encyclopedia references (wikipedia is GOLD) am living example of why God knew it was a TOTAL JOKE for the Israelites to say "We dont want a God in the sky we want a Human King". Well, here is what you get, I am only a decade or so before thousands will meet my (VA treatment, nationalized health care bait and switch) fate. So I cannot keep my benefits without at least trying to make clear what is all about to the harming people who, remember I said, they are saving lives every second across the USA (the Veterans Administration). But wait until there is a problem if you are not smart enough or whatever enough to lie and go along. You make yourself political prisoner and figure out ten-twenty-thirty years later what is really going on. That is arachnoiditis. Thank you and hope you overlook my wordiness. I have......time.
  9. JB: Just wish to make clear the Fed does not mind if you mistakenly apply the Feres Doctrine to how you are treated or injured, physical or mental, admin or medical. Feres doctrine ONLY applies to active duty personnel. If they chose they could make it "in theater of water the Feres Doctrine only applies" and then military students could not have Carte Blanche to take hard, mean, tough young bodies and harm them and then let time cover it up. If anyone ever disagrees with me I ask you directly tell me, It has been some years since I actually was able to sit and study VA cases Mike
  10. Thank you Wings. Speaking direct to you: 1) I Fly HAWX on Xbox. 2) There is potential to advance military ability vastly (see number 1) 3) I work on various projects (see number 2) that are FUN and EXCITING 4) I work on religious matters, am the man who discovered "the speed of Light" in the Bible to within .0000000000070813 accuracy. (" A day to God is 100 years to man" when inserted as formula (365250) into time dilation chart (The sentence explains a time variance) and you get a number within a few feet of the speed of light (per second). Just so you know. But at this juncture, Wings, my attorney is doing what he is sure is his job, but I feel like since the TDIU claim says "Date earlier than July, 1990" ANY RELEVANT FAILURES TO RECOGNIZE CLAIM< DISABILITY AND TYPE OF DISEASE PROCESS is CRUCIAL. This is where (in time) all the mistakes were! (1983-1989 pretty much!). So at this juncture, top of the TDIU claim, 23 or so favorable overturned denials, working back in time, now is at CAVC so if they make favorable final decision the past becomes more irrelevant. I can only point to BVA and how once they make a decision you cannot just say "Try again" and overturn a BVA decision?? Does that make sense? Now at CAVC, the entire claim is WIDE OPEN for all of the evidence to be POINTED TO (it is already in claim file!) and final argument made. Final argument: TDIU denied vet as proved for at least a decades as VA agrees and now it is proved that vet also wrongly denied from at least (pick which year the VA make a pile of mistakes making me and my claim ever apart and never meeting. Plus: Postal proof of wrong address they sent my claim to in Claim file 1986,7,8. See how my Attorney (helluva guy) sees his job- is done! but we havent got to the harm yet even though THAT IS WHAT THE LIFELONG CLAIM IS ABOUT! I am utterly confused now! How is this so? NOTICE: Have tried to be honest. I am genius and idiot. Please never doubt my sincerity. The difference between genius and insanity is a choice. (Secret number 5: The more you repeat an insane activity, the more insane you get, by the hour and day) I am gonna go for walk, love you all thank you for helping me feel like not alone in this. I am example, not object for your sympathy. I have a giant sword. (EVIDENCE) I simply cannot see what to do with it. I have already told Fox news will accept interview provided not live OR they pre-create a blow-by blow reconstruction of major medical evidence, like hacking my body with poison, cutting, covering up, cutting, coveringt up, discharge, ignorance and covering up for 27 years. There is no controversy like the poor Atomic vets. This does NOT MAKE ME BETTER MAN THAN THEY. IT MAKES MY PROOF BETTER. Proof use to mattter mike
  11. If nothing else is accomplished is is a striking thing to hear someone has this same problem and the political effects of unpopular arachnoiditis (admitting is tantamount to promoting a lawsuit against FEd by FED. (they dont go for giving you evidence to convict them, is honest way of stupidity, treating vets as if felony suspects in many subtle ways. Jim, I welcome contact and comparing notes here or elsewhere. It is SO JUICY to have a Youtube bit like you showed. However it will crash me mentally to see it. So how about you? what discoveries and advancements have you made others never dream as your Earth (body) was pushed so far away from Normal World that you have unique insights? Do you notice which people it makes crazy and which recognize the truth when told? Do you get the feeling it is easier increasingly to believe in God than Science? (when examined science is like medicine, the fine print says "Subject to change at any time, effects upon human body of this rule or drug may have unintended side effects" Okay done rambling. Music helps me, Jim, and learning to sing (Rock Band) was one thing I can do to get my heart rate up and this feeds the brain as it needs or gets depressed. (See chapter on "Pulling mentality up by bootstraps on daily basis, paragraph four, of "Mikes secret view of the Universe". I thought I was done rambling...... Here is great song called "Normal World" see if it resonates with your deviation from it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaTL6VAr2RY PS: I suddenly realize is going to be impossible to keep this all straight, thank you, person with radar concerns, the video was intended also for you- but cannot find you again. Mike
  12. I wish to try to message all people here, I can see the thread grew, and got the "Love" and I do not wish to make others cry it is like... blowtorch on my icy life, makes me cry, inside. However the truth is the sharpest sword in existence. The secret is everyone thinks words are what are truths and they never ever are. ("I'll tell you a lie, I never lie" for example). But when I reach across this isolation and time and life gap (I am not fun to be around, but harmless and smart and typical bachelor ignoramus) and someone really convinces me "they get it" then I feel more at peace. The second big secret: Humans have parts of selves that is physical, that can be poisoned away, the brain. Truth will even heal that, not because is miracle, is a mechanical phenomenon. But truth kills anything that hangs onto a lie. So having said all the above "What is the higher calling- to use the sword or literally die (decades sooner) by holding the sword in peace (forgetting about it, as some of you aver so adroit!) Thanks am avoiding desire to say a lot more. I got impression everyone understand am not a faker. Here is bright light shining on my life: I am not supposed to work today, but even God will let a rule be bent: "If you are listening or watching our astronauts are caught with a stripped screw. A mission, a Telescope, and advancemnt of science over that screw. I worked on satellite and space shuttle (1990, rockwell, Castle) and knew decades before that there is only ONE WAY to save that project- To simultaneously unscrew, with gentle, steady, spring pressure under the opposite side of the panel the stripped screw holds. I explain this to notify is not all pickles and dill. I am given by this awful recovery and permanent pushed-aside-life things most man will never bother to put together. Or take apart in this case. See graphic shuold be what I sent to media and NASA and any email address in my stash. I have a helluva stash. I cannot say one because you will never believe it. thanks, Mike shuttlescrew1.bmp
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