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  1. Bryant

    Va Called Today....i Cant Believe It!

    Congratulations!!! I know the feeling, I was called 2 weeks ago to be told that I was 100% TDIU from my Gulf War service and backdated to Aug 2010. Spend wisely and save a lot.
  2. Bryant

    Persian Gulf Illness Claim Approved

    Vetinpa, So your claim has been ongoing for 3.5 yrs? I just put in claims in Aug 2010 for PTSD (had a C&P 2/10/11), vitiligo (skin condition), CFS(which covers all of the muscle pain, joint pain,and other things that go with it), panic attacks, anxiety attacks, headaches, numbness in arms and legs, and went to Georgetown Chronic Pain & Fatigue Research Center in January and the Dr. there that is funded by the DoD diagnosed me with GWI, not sure if that is a filable claim yet? What kind of skin condition do you have? I am already going nuts and it's only been 3 weeks but I have been told it could take months. Good going in your claim, I hope to soon be in a good rating like you. Peace BB
  3. Bryant

    Gw1 Vet?

    2/17 FA , Attatched to 24th Infantry out of Ft Sill. Dates 10/90 -4/91

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