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why is it so hard to get VA to give you oxycontin? I have been on it for 2 years and they keep saying they don't have it and I keep saying they are lying because I know a couple of folks who get it from there? what do I need to do to get it from VA instead of buying it? i mean they are giving me oxycodone...t

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I don't know about oxycontin but they will hand our morphine by the bucket full in Tampa. The VA is just afraid of the bad publicity that oxycontin has gotten as "hillbilly herioin".

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Guest Dataman

Used to take that in Spokane, but god it upset my stomach so much. Pain or Nausa.

Most of the time I chose Pain. Got something else, same results.


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Guest allanopie


A "VA" doc who wants to keep his job, goes with the flow.

Your health & level of misery due to pain, has "nothing" to do with it, if the bean counters want to cut funding.

I simply recieved a call from my VA doc one day, saying the VA pharmacy no longer carries the slow release Oxycontin I had been taking for sometime. It's one of the few I found that works with neurological, (hot ice pick stabs) I get & chronic pain.

His message said they were stopping the med, "imediately" & prescribing "methadone".

I refused it & was told to come in & discuss it with the Doc. (Another 300 mile trip).

I was told by the Doc The VA no longer carries it in our region. This is sort of true, I found out.

The truth is, the "VA" Pharmacy @ the Spokane VAMC told me it's on the formulary list. Meaning, they stock it, but the Doc must specifically request it & it must be approved before you recieve it.

I went through sudden withdrawal symptoms & suffered from symptoms due to MS, Fibromyalgia, Spinal disorders & the list goes on for nearly 6 months, without being treated for neurological pain. The Doc said I can take Meth or do without, because "he" wasn't going to prescribe anything but Meth.

I was eventually put back on 5 mg of Oxycontin. Three, every six hours, as needed & Oxycodone for break through pain.

The doc has since cut the Oxycodone.

One place I see us making a big mistake, is assuming the Veterans affairs health administration cares about veterans. It does not, in reality.

They have a job to do. That is to provide whatever they can get away with, without pissing off the "VA SECRETARY", who is put in office to cheat you out of it, so the President can use it for"whatever".

My Doc Has refused to reconize the medical diagnoses of a specialist. One who has practically, "wrote" the book on how to diagnose Multiple Sclerosis.

According to the "paid" by VA doctor I have, "he" doesn't have to reconize anything that doesn't come from another Dept. of Veterans Affairs Doctor.

So, the diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis I recieved last winter, will not be treated for or excepted by the DVA.

Atleast I know what has caused my illness all these yrs. And that alone, has helped me.

If your a US Veteran & recieve good care from the DVA, consider yourself "very" lucky. Because if the adminstration finds out about it, your health care provider will more than likely be let go & replaced with someone who has the interest of the VA sec. on their minds at all times.

Heads up folks!

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