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Set Back.. Of Sorts

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Well it has been two years and I have finally hit the proverbial snag. I have been very fortunate to date and only relate this as a status update to those who have followed.

I signed the paperwork today to withdraw my appeal for Raynauds Syndrome. Bottom line is while it is believed I have the condition there is no diagnosis in my record. As I am 100% P&T there is little to be gained. I will work on getting a diagnosis and then submit a new claim based on the "new" diagnosis and take it from there. At worst I will claim it as a secondary to an existing condition and see what sticks to the wall:)

Oh am a bit currious how I have a scheduled examination but am P&T, but understand it is not really P&T unitll you have been in that statust for something like 20+ years or certain age.

In any event all is well.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

When you file under a protected status you can expose your 100% to be looked at again. I just hope that you are aware of this.

Now that I have said that you probably have nothing to worry about.

Unless you have a monetary stake in fighting with the VA after you are 100% there is not really much reason to do it.

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  • HadIt.com Elder


Is the C&P exam for your claimed Raynauds Syndrome? If it is and you withdrew your appeal on that issue, the VA will proabably cancel it. However, if it isn't for Raynauds Syndrome, you may have opened pandora's box when you filed for the addition disability even though you were 100% with P&T.

One must keep in mind that just because VA designates a veteran P&T, doesn't mean that they cannot re-examine them at some time in the future if they become aware of a possibility of a change in the current evaluation or if the veteran decides to file an additional claim. P&T simply means that the VA expects no change in one's disabilities to occur in the future and a future exam isn't scheduled at that particular time.

If the veteran doesn't file any additional claims or doesn't make the VA aware of a change in their condition and one is designated P&T, the VA will not and cannot go on a fishing expedition to just for the hell of it. You will not find a RVSR that will just puposely create work for himself by doing such a thing; they already have enough to do without creating additional work.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes a veteran is rated for multiple disabilities and some of those disabilities alone can warrant the P&T desigantion. But the other conditions may not and the VA may want to re-evaluate them in the future. For example, let's say you are rated 60% for IVDS, 10% for a knee, 10% for IBS, and are being paid 100% P&T due to IU. And let's say the IU P&T was based on the 60% for IVDS. The VA could schedule you for a re-exam for the IBS at a later date and this would have no affect on the 100% IU. Does this make sense?

Now if none of these are the senario and you're are 100% P&T and the VA comes out of the blue and schedules you for an exam, then it's more than likely just a simple error in the computer. Probably a written letter with the P&T award attached to it would fix the problem.

Vike 17

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now i am 70% IU an PT and the PT is back dated to 2000 and i am also 55 years old. but i was sent a letter to be re-examed and i think the reason was, i stoped seeing the doctor at the VA when i came to the Philippines and started seeing one IMO because the VA doesnt pay for a real professional i took it upon myself to see my own doctor .. well the VA must of been thinking ha ha we caught this slacker time to cut him off.... but the ha ha was on them when i submited my IMO doctors report and it wound up being a doctor the VA used for CP exams. So just because you become PT you still need to see the doctor just as often as you did to get PT in the first place..

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Okay have to slow it down a bit

I had the claim in for Raynauds in with mutliple other claims.

I have always been told I would have a reexamination of my knee, which is at 30%.

I have dropped the claim for raynauds and will just have to deal with the one for the knee, which is NOT better!

Will let you all know.

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