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Prostate Cancer 100%

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I am a VietNam Vet.

I had my prostate removed last June(2006).

I filed a claim received & 100%.

Effective Date Aug 1, 2006.

I know they will only cover 100% for 6 months folowing the removal of my prostate.

I was supposed to be re-examinated.

The letter said I will be contacted in January 07.

I called the 800 # 3 times since Jan and they said someone will contact you about the re-examination.I have not been contacted.

My questions:

Should I sit back and do nothing?

Will I have to pay back the money for any over the 6 months?

What should I do?

Thanks for any HELP


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Same thing happened to me. I sent IRIS mails, and called Boise VA and explained the situation. I was told "don't worry about it, they'll contact you when they're ready". I asked about overpayment and was told it's the VA's problem. I wrote down the date, time and name of the va agent I spoke to. A certified letter, sent return receipt requested would also help cover you. About 9-11 months later they notified me of the c&p. I didn't have to pay any money back. To cya, document every phone call you've made and to whom you spoke and what they told you. That way, just in case-you're covered. You can only do so much. Good luck. If you want to know about the c&p let me know.

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Bob- how did the VA determine the EED?

I am assuming this is due to AO-

How did they account for the disabling affect of the cancer prior to the removal and why didnt they pay you 100% for June and July?

Then again it appears they used the 6 months 100% criteria properly-----

just odd EED-

This case is a reduction of the veterans prostate award:

It does show how they can rate any residuals after surgery-and after the 6 month time frame.

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Thanks Jon & Berta

I did not file the claim till after I had my prostate removed.

I did not have the VA remove my prostate.

Till last year I have not contacted the VA since 1971.

I was afraid they would lower my 60% rating.

Thanks to this form I now know they can't lower your rating if you had it for 20 years. Unless fraud

I am not sure what EDD is.

Erectile dysfunction = 0 %



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That makes sense-

EED earliest effective date- usually date of the claim--

Is the 60 % for the prostate residuals?

I am surprised on the "0" for ED-

When VA says "deformity of penis" it means- the penis bends and thus partial erection-

I wonder if service reps tell vets this when they file for ED.

It really isnt a deformity at all-but prohobits intercourse thus =ED.

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The 60% was for GSWs

ED = 0% now.

Is the VA saying I will get "bent" and file for an increase?

I can't imagine what the C&P would be like.

OH, Let me get out the peter meter.


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Bob- I don't think there is a ED C & P- (????)

If a vet takes meds that can cause ED as side affect- and certainly any type of surgery or also ,in many cases, diabetes --can cause ED they should certainly file a claim.

If that "0" % was SC - you can challenge it- if the conditions are met in the future- hope not-

I think the testimony of the significant other helps these claims ???

The GSW- 60% does that include painful and/or disfiguring scarring?

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The ED is due to getting my prostate removed.

I got shot by AK-47, 4 times. With all the operations I have about 37 inches of scaring due to the GSWs. This does not include the additional scaring for getting my prostate removed.

The scars are sensitive.

I am wondering how long I will be at 100%.

Thanks for interest in helping me.


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