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  1. Your final rating is the one you receive once you meet maximum improvement or you are as well as can be expected after all necessary treatment etc. When I was in your position, I had a vet rep apply for me for a final rating based on maximum improvement. Then the VA ordered a CP exam and sent a rating which I could have appealed, but didn't. It kind of sounds like the VA has dropped the ball back in your court. I would highly suggest finding a VA rep through a service organization or maybe your county government has a vet rep (mine does). That's all these people do is help with claims and benefits. If you don't ask the VA, they will usually not volunteer any benefits.
  2. You should ask to be rated on residuals after the cancer treatment is completed. If you are incontinent, impotent, etc. If you have a scar from surgery that irritates you (I/e rubs against clothing causing irritation) ask that the scar be rated. I received SM K for loss of organ, rating for leakage (based on number of pads I used), impotence. Later my bladder went neurogenic as a result of the prostate surgery. I had to have urinary bypass secondary to prostate surgery. Later I had to have 2 colon resections as a result of this mess. Everything was granted service connected secondary to the prostate cancer. I'm now at 80% TDIU.
  3. If your treatment is done, you should be rated for residual. First you should apply for loss of organ (prostate). Then you can be rated for incontinence and/or impotence. You also should be eligible for all meds concerning the above disabilities. You can be rated for pain, scaring, loss of use. Have someone who is a vet rep (I.e. Veterans of Foreign Wars, local county vet rep) help you file the claims. Since your prostate loss is service connected, watch for secondary problems down the road like bladder problems, cancer cells in the blood etc. I ended up losing prostate, bladder, gall bladder, and most of the colon. Good luck.
  4. Some dental departments in VA health care system will do implants etc. You need to ask the dentist or clerk in dental. It all depends on each VAMC's dental budget.
  5. Don't spend it all in one place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. However, if The VAMC is dragging feet on medical treatment, notify your congressman. An inquiry of this type usually expedites medical treatment, though it makes the VA mad. I even had a doctor tell me I should call my rep to expedite treatment.
  7. I am a "snowbird" between Las Vegas VAMC and Spokane Wa VAMC I have been going back and forth almost 5 years with no problems. I had a primary care doc at Spokane and Las Vegas.. I was informed around March 1 that this is now called "dual enrolled" and you can't do this unless you need critical care and all PC's agree to it. I get weekly infusions for anemia and blood loss. At this time, I'm in Las Vegas and get prescription and supply refills from Spokane, Portland and Las Vegas. Spokane VAMC "discontinued" all my meds and supplies from Spokane under this program. They also "discontinued" all my specialist prescriptions from Spokane. I can't seem to get anyone in the VA admin to address my problem as I should qualify for "dual enrollment" because of the critical weekly infusions. However I also get told I can't have more than one primary care doc at all the VAs. As usual, I've only had one person interested in helping. Las Vegas VAMC patient advocate, enrollment and primary care director have all blown me off. (less than 5 minutes at the patient advocate). Spokane is also blowing me off. I even got accused by one of their admin types of "getting away" with having primary care docs at other hospitals. However you can't get specialized care at other hospitals without a primary care referral, thus the numerous PCs. Just letting you folks know that if you're a snow bird and depend on VA treatment be prepared for another runaround.
  8. I was floored yesterday to go on myhealthe vet and see all my prescriptions from Spokane vamc were "discontinued" when I called to find out why, I was told that since I am a snow bird and spend 6 months in Nevada and 6 months in Idaho, that I can't have a primary care doc in both states, even though you need to see a "primary" to get specialty referrals. Anyway Spokane dropped 12 of my prescriptions. I have done this for over 5 years and no problems. I left the Idaho clinic as my primary care facility (it is attached to Spokane. I was really angry, because no one bother to call and tell me about this. The only reason I found out was because I was trying to renew my pain meds. I have to have weekly infusions etc. No one had an answer about going to a primary care when I et home to Idaho. Their response was that I should go to the E.R. in Spokane for routine care. It's these kind of stunts the VA pulls that angers vets .We have enough to deal with our sc conditions. After service connected condition losing prostate, bladder and most of colon and still having an unresolved internal bleed, you'd think they'd leave well enough alone. If anyone has any ideas, please respond I've contact eligibility and patient advocates in Spokane and Las Vegas. Waiting on replies.
  9. I lost the info I had, but there is a CHAMPVA program for dental. Go to the CHAMPVA website and it will tell you. It was not worth the premium for us. There is a waiting period for major dental (crowns etc) and the premium was higher than local programs we could find. It was suppose to start Jan. 1 2014.
  10. Spokane VAMC has ceased asking for last 4 and now ask only for your birthdate.
  11. Try reverse psychology. If you are having PTSD symptoms, the comments in your records could work to your advantage as to your quality of life, frustration and pain issues I use my healthe vet to send my docs email. Sometimes I cut loose on them because I think they are dragging their feet or not taking popper care of me. Sometimes they write back that there are always other docs in the system and if I don't like them, choose another provider. This just shows that they're overworked, have too many patients, are angry with you etc. I later find these comments as part of my permanent file and use them to point out inattentive care or lack of attention to care. They can work to you advantage. They show your frustration, you decrease of quality of life, your depression and impatience. Try not to get personal or name call etc.
  12. Just think to yourself: "Who cares if they hate me". You sacrificed for those people by your service. Sit back relax and enjoy life while your disabilities let you. "For those who have fought for it, freedom has a taste the protected will never know".
  13. No, you may get both. I have TDIU and ss disability.
  14. OK guys, thanks for the input. After sending 2 emails, the problem was corrected on their end AND (drum roll please!), I received a phone call from them to make sure all was well. Miracles will never cease! Case closed.
  15. Thanks Pete, I forgot to mention that's what I had been doing. I have so many prescriptions and hardware from 3-4 VAMC's that it's easier to keep track on the program. I can also get my blood tests like H&H etc from there. I just wondered if it was my computer or a major problem.
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