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I found the ratings charts for a whole lot of disabilities with thier specific rating. But depression does not have a percentage rating. Anyone have any idea what the depression rating is? Thanks!

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As Theotherguy and to a certain extent Ricky said, the GAF score alone is not the deciding factor in evaluationg mental disabilities. In order for the GAF score to hold any weight so to speak, the exam marration must coincide with it. Many, many times this isn't the case. The GAF score is a tool by the examiner to assess one's condition at the given point and time, not the overall disability picture.

To show what I mean, I have seen veterans diagnosed with MDD with a GAF score of 65 recieve a 70% rating and on the flip side I have seen veterans with a GAF score of 52 get a 30% evaluation.

It all depends on what all of the records indicates as a disability picture, not a GAF score.

Vike 17

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That's because, as Army stated, the VA misuses GAF scores on purpose. A GAF *IS* an overall disability picture...that's the whole point of GAF; hence, "Global Assesment of Functiong....Global = all around...functioning = occupational and social impairment.

The reason the VA doesn't like GAF is because it gives little room for them to screw around with ratings. It's a concrete assessment that ties directly into one's overall disability picture and level of functioning. The VA wants to be able to cherry pick information to fit their disability rating, rather than have their disability rating dictated to them by a professional.

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Thanks for all your input!!!

Although according to the GAF scale I should get 50-70% disability, I'm hoping to get at a min of 20%. I have 6 other service connected disability, but MDD is my biggest one. Others are:

Impulse control disorder

Bi-latteral knee condition w/numbness

Bi-latteral heel condition (My SECOND major issue - all those years physically and literaly standing watch on top of steel submarine decks. I can't even stand more than 30-45 w/o heels, knees and leg aching)

Bi-latteral hearing loss

Bi-latteral excessive ear wax condition

BI-latteral tinnitus

I'm hoping with all these 7 service connected disabilities, it would add up to at least 50-60%. I'd be happy with that.

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theotherguy is correct. They do use the Mental Disorder Manual DSM IV which goes into a little more detail. The GAF score alone doesn't equate. I have been at 50% for a while now...i would trade in my % anyday to not have it anymore.....as I believe most people that have it legitamately would do as well.

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