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Eye Question Pls

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I got the results of my MRI and the Dr's notes today and this what they both had to say. I was hoping some expert out there could help me understand what it means please.





1) EXTENSIVE unilateral VF loss OS

- likley vascular ischemic event 2* Migraine

2) Pt ed on findings of MRI and VF test. Pt understands VF loss is likely permanent and non-progressive.

We had a long talk about the results and what they told me was I have a small tunnel of vision in my left eye. I have lost all vision both to the left and right of the eye. It is like looking through a straw. It is no getting worse but it is not getting worse over the last 3 yrs either. It is permanent. I am currently 50% for migraines but with this both Drs said I should be 100% on this alone. Can anyone help me out on this one.




PS Atleast it is not a brain tumor. I am already 50% for migraines and 100% scheduler.

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Mark- this visual acuity VA rating schedule might help you-


What do you get the 100% schedular for?

Is the 50% migraines part of that 100%?

Is the eye condition associated with the migraines?

"likley vascular ischemic event 2* Migraine" do you know what do they mean by the

2* ?

Is that how it looks on the MRI report?

Yes thank God it wasn't a brain tumor-

I wonder what they have found the cause of the vascular event to be?

Do you have High Blood Pressure?

If so have they associated that with this "event" or with the migraines?

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Hi Berta,

I am 100% for the following issues:

50% for sleep Apnea

50 migraines

50 major depression

30 shoulder

10 traumatic arthritis

10 traunatic arthrits

10 condition pf the skeletal system

10 tinnitus

10 sinnusitus

10 upper respistory condition (asbestos)

10 skin condition

10 knee

10 knee

0 hypertension ( on medication from the VA))

0 acid reflux ( medication from the VA) diagnosised with a hialated hernia

0 scar

PTSD deferred

pending Migraine Blindness and Fibromylia.

Plus I did not file for a couple of other things, just lost the will to keep putting in once they granted me 100% scheduler. But during a routine exam for my glasses my doc discovered the blindness and ordered the MRI. During my physical therapy my other diagnosis was raised by the occupational therapist as to why my neurologist never followed up on my original VA Dr's diagnosis if fibro and that got that ball rolling. So here I am just asking these questions again. I would just be happy if they would grant me P&T status now. I am due for a re-look in May 2007 on the depression so I guess I will just wait and see. Maybe the other two issues will grant it sooner. What do you think?


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Mark- the 100% schedular was combined total from 270 % service connected disabilities?

Did the VA ever consider you for TDIU- Total Disability based on unemployability?

Do you get SSA disability?

The doctors by saying the vision problems are 100%- need to consider that this problem has to be tied into one of your service connected disabilities-

OD means oculus dexter- right eye and OS is oculus sinister- left eye-

This statement

EXTENSIVE unilateral VF loss OS

meaning the extensive visual field loss in your left eye certainly is what the VA would consider-

but I cant seem to find -yet-how they (VA) would actually rate that and why the docs said 100%-

This would certainly impair your ability to drive- and thus your ability to work-

are you able to work or drive at all?

What us the status of your PTSD claim?

were you diagnosed with both depression and then PTSD too?

Sorry for all the questions Marine-

I looked under "tunnel vision" and couldn't find much- does anyone know the medical terms for Mark's restricted visual field?

Do you have an actual copy of the full MRI report?

Semper fi Berta

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Hi Berta,

I am 100% scheduler and am not sure what you mean by 270%. All I know is that I am 100% total and not P&T. I am working and have missed over 90 days this year alone. I have not yet considered TDIU because I need to work. I do not get Social Security if that is what you n=mean by SSA. My Dr stated that my vision problem in his and her opinion (there are two dr’s who saw me) that my condition alone would most likely be a 100% condition. Since I am service connected for migraines already at 50% the nexus for an existing condition would already be met in their opinion – that was the language they used when discussing it with me. I can see straight but tunnel vision is being kind when describing it. I have no peripheral vision at all and that is a serious handicap. I have not pushed the PTSD issue or the fibro or the hilated hernia or the hyper tension issue. My focus has been on keeping my job and supporting my family. Being depressed and all these ailments is a full time issue for me plus I have three kids and a wife. I do not have a copy of the report but basically what it said was not tumor but vascular issue are causing my blindness as a direct result of my weekly debilitating migraines. Sometimes my blindness last longer than others but it is always there – just worse some days than others. My blindness is about 4 yrs old with a 21year history of military records supporting the migraines. Not sure why they will not grant me P&T status on it. Any suggestions?


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Mark- Pete is correct but I was thinking how you could possibly get SMC- Special Monthly Compensation-

This is what was not clear to me before:

"what it said was not tumor but vascular issue are causing my blindness as a direct result of my weekly debilitating migraines"- that is the nexus there-

What I am thinking is- if this claim issue can be awarded at 100% -for these issues-

and if the 50% for sleep apnea or depression could go into the 60% criteria - it could set the stage for more compensation-

If a vet has SC at 100% for a single condition and then 60% or more for independent additional SC condition- the VA adds the SMC "S" award-

it brings the 100% comp to 2678 p/m for single vet,

2813 vet with spouse

2911 Vet, spouse and child

In your case I am not sure how they will award the additional compensation for your vision problem.

Glad you posted more as this is a service connected disability-and VA should award the eye problems-

I can tell this is not mere tunnel vision-I just could not find a similiar claim for exact way they could rate it.

Have you requested formally P & T status with the claim you filed ?

The docs said this is permanent and have declared it total-

That is very good evidence-for P & T- it doesn't get better than that-

and now I understand what they meant-they are considering this as secondary to the migraines.

You deal with a lot here and I just hope you are compensated for the eye condition properly.

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