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M 13 Screen

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  • HadIt.com Elder
Can someone out there post an M 13 screen or a URL ?

I found a link to it but can't pull it up.


a shitty day it is.


Hi Carlie! Sorry you're having a bad morning :) I don't have a clue what an M 13 screen is, otherwise I'd be happy to look. Hope you're feeling better!!

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I got this from some PTSD Manual site.

What is your Master Record?

Your Master Record is a computer based system of records that contains all of your basic information.

It starts when you have your first contact with the VA. Since it is a computer based program the information is brought up in "screens". Three of the main "screens" are:

Master Record Screens

M11 - Status Screen - This screen contains your name and address as well as your date of birth, amount of your disability check (if any), branch of service served in, Type of service discharge, Power of Attorney holder (If applicable), and some other disability information.

M12 - Award Screen - This screen contains a history of your disability awards and the amount awarded. It also contains a suspense section that is used to remind the VA when to check on certain things such as the number of dependents you have.

M13 - Rating Data - This screen contains your employ ability code, combat disability code, combined disability rating percentage, and the Diagnostic codes for your disabilities. Each of your disabilities is listed along with the percentage of disability and whether or not it is service connected and a description of each disability.

Screen M13 looks like this

An important item, if you are applying for CRSC, might be the COMBAT block in screen M13. It should be " Code 2" which comes out as "Comp" (One or more combat disabilities, all of which are compensable.), Code 3 which comes out as "noncomp" (One or more combat disabilities, none of which are compensable), or Code 4 which comes out as "both" (One or more combat disabilities, not all of which are compensable). This indicates that you are service-connected with disabilities that are Combat Related (These definitions are found in VA Manual M21-1, Part VI, Chapter 3, Para 3.17).

You can see from my sample M13 screen printout (See above link) that VA had me as a Code 1 - None, which means I was listed as "No combat disabilities". I submitted a request for change and it now reads Code 4.

Send for a copy of your Master Record using the sample letter below:




RE: FOIA/PA Request for Copy of Master Records

This is a formal Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552) and Privacy Act (5 USC 552a) request made by _________________, SSN __________________, Branch of Service ___________, service dates of _____________ to ____________.

Please provide me a copy of my "Master Record", screens M11, M12, M13.

If you have questions, please contact me at ________________.




Authors Note: If you need to request a change in the COMBAT area of screen 13, send another letter to your regional VA with the following:

Your VA M21-1, Part VI, paragraph 3.17 defines "Combat Disabilities" as "any injury received in action against an enemy of the United States or as a result of an act of such an enemy. This includes wounds by missiles, injuries, or psychological trauma (PTSD) experienced in accidents, explosions, airplane crashes, etc., during a period when the veteran was in combat. Request that you change my Combat Code, Master Record, Screen 13, to a 2, 3, or 4, whichever is appropriate."

Authors Note: The last sentence of the above paragraph (3.17) says "No combat determination is to be made unless evidence of record clearly relates the disability to combat origin or acts of the enemy." In Part III of the M21-1, chapter 1, para 1.01 it says "Decisions on VA benefit eligibility and entitlement are based on the evidence of record. Evidence consists of documents, records, testimonials and information in other forms provided by, or obtained for, a claimant. VA has a duty to assist a claimant who files a substantially complete claim in obtaining evidence to substantiate his or her claim before making a decision on the claim. We are charged with granting every benefit supported by the law".

When you state that the stressor or stressors occurred in a combat situation (Usually in your Stress Letter), and it becomes a part of your claim, this is considered "evidence of Record". See my notes on "Evidence of Record".

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Carlie, You need to request this data via Freedom of Information Act - from your VAMC. If you want a "screen shot" of the C&P Master Record Rating Data Screen (M13), go to the M21-1, Part V, CHAPTER 2. MASTER RECORDS AND MASTER RECORD INQUIRY PROCEDURES. SUBCHAPTER III. SPECIFIC SCREEN DESCRIPTION, 2.13 C&P Master Record Rating Data Screen (M13) Data Description.

Find that here: http://www.warms.vba.va.gov/M21_1.html

Edited by Wings
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  • HadIt.com Elder


You will find that the M13 screen gives very limited information, it only shows 6 items. If you have multiple awards, you may need to request ALL M13 screen copies, otherwise the VA will usually only send you the first page.

I know when I got mine, I only got one page, although I have 12 different awards. The Manila VARO claimed that there is only one page to the M13 screen, which I find hard to believe.

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