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Missing In Action, Mmpi Test Results

Guest Jim S.


I went in to the VAMC today to get a copy of my latest medical records and had expected to receive a report from the psychologist on the results of the MMPI test I took a week ago. My three day stay in the Hospital was well documented, but the MMPI remained missing.

Is this report something special that I need to get special approval to get a copy of the written results or might the psychologist not have finished with it as yet? Is anyone familiar with this type of test and how long it might take for the results to show up in the records?

my discharge summery list the diagnosis as:

AXIS I Dysthymia with Major Depressive Episode and Anxiety

AXIS II Deferred

AXIS III Gives a list of all my current diagnoses that I am being treated for at this time, which list

about twelve, but I think a couple are missing.

AXIS IV Limited mobility, unemployable

AXIS V GAF - 65 This was my GAF at discharge and doesn't reflect my GAF on average.

Again I note that as far as the records are at this time, they are Mute as to a personality disorder as part of my diagnoses, except what the VA examiner opinioned in 1974. This is why I am so concerned with the results of the MMPI test, to see if it too is mute on the subject of a personality problem being part of the psycholgical picture and also to show why the VA examiners opinion was unsuported by anything other than his personal opinion and why having used the same evidence that showed a different diagnosis he failed to discuss or show why his opinion was a correction of the original diagnosis for which service connection was


Jim S. B)

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Talked with psychologist today to inquire about the missing in action MMPI test results and was assured it should be finished and in the computor by week from this friday. I reminded her of my military medical records and that a hard copy was available in my file in the records office their at the VAMC for her to compare and or correlate those findings with.

I asked her for her take on what happened to me then and how it may relate to what has and is happening since then and whether their is an association their to be seen and commented on. It will be interesting to see what her report states and whether she makes any comparisons with my psychiatric history since the episode in service.

Will post results as soon as I have had time to collect and review the findings.

Jim S. :)

p.s. Oh ya, nothing new to rreport on CUE claim, still being developed. B)

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Like Terry says, keep hammering away at your medical records and discharge physical and try to connect them to your present disability. I think that if you keep up the pressure you are going to get servicea-connected. Medical evidence is what is going to do it for you. Don't worry too much about the past but get SC'ed and then worry about EED.

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Terry: I am almost positive that I was given a battery of psych tests, MMPI included, back in 1973 during my hospitalization for my Acute Psychotic Episode, but those tests are only vaguely referenced in the Medical Board Summery. Who would I write to for those type of records? I would also like to get the actual graph results of the EEG tests that I was given, showing the actual frontal lobe slow wave form caused by the concussion I incurred while a patient at the same time.

All the records I have of the event are the reports that these tests generated, I also do not have any of the actual blood test results or inpatient ward daily nursing notes. These records must exsist somewhere and I'm sure they would be probative in my claim.

Again, where and to whom should I write to for these records?

Jim S. B)

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MMPI-2 test summery, is no longer A.W.O.L.. If I say so myself, it ain't a very pretty picture, but speaking as to it's value to my claim, I can only give my opinion and that is, it appears to support my origninal diagnosis and further supports my secondary issues as well.

I now have something concrete to support my claim further, that the VARO commited error, when it applied a none compensatable alternative diagnosis, without any supporting documents giving reason and basis for their alternative diagnosis.

[i]Report in part:

Veterans MMPI-2 profile is consistent with the following diagnoses: Paranoid or Disorganized Schizophrenia; schisotypal personality disorder; and Bipolar Disorder. However given the Veteran was refering to the psychotic episode in his distant past when he endorsed items suggesting psychotic symtoms, and that his clinical presentaion did not include typical psychotic symptoms, the Veteran is likely suffering from Major Depressive Disorder with atypical and/or psychotic features.

Now all I need is a Nexus for my distant diagnosis of my psychotic episode and what is currently happening now, and I should be able to get the misapplied personality disorder diagnosis replaced with the proper SC mental disorder.

Now, anyone know a good Psychiatrist who give IMO's and doesn't have any affiliation with the VA? LoL B) I guess it's time to write a memo and send it to every Psychiatrist in my area, that I can find an address for. I tried calling around, but didn't have much luck, most are either booked solid or have ties with the VA, State, or county and I think they are pregedice and prone to giving an unfavorable opinion so they don't loose their cash cow.

Also I can not afford the referal from Dr. Bash, The refered Psychiatrist charges three thousand dollars and it will take me another year to save up another thousand dollars from my limited funds. Thas as long as nothing breaks down or stops working.

Anyway, I'm to stay away from sharp objects and things that go bang or boom, at least for awhile anyway. LoL :P

Jim S. :)

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