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Agent Orange And Other Chemical Report Forms Request

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Hello all,

Here are the form numbers to request to Dept. of Defense and U.S. Army under FOIA to ask for chemicals , Agent Orange etc from installations and post.

AR 420-74

DD 1532

DA Form 2785 and DA Form 2785-R Installation Natural Resources Report Part 1 Land Management (Including Soil and Water Conservation) (AR 420-74)

These are the reports that need to asked for when requesting. I have sent these request using FOIA and sent copies to my congressman and senators to "make" them comply. Hope others will have success at this. God Bless, and Merry Christmas. C.C. NEVER GIVE UP

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Thanks for the info Capt. Contaminate. I remember when the Freedom of information Act , FOIA, was added to our arsenal. excellent tool... The dixon accident in the early 1950's would have never came to light without it.... I have read some of your other posts on Agent Orange, here at Hadit and appreciate your knowledge re: AO. I have an AO claim pending. I'm shooting for a 0% SC. I recently had a metastatic upper respiratory cancer and filed for AO... Long story short, my last PET scan came back cancer free. I'm sure I'll lose the case and I am just waiting for the denial to come in so I can file my NOD, and keep the claim alive for DIC purposes... Berta is the jewel in the crown of AO issues here at hadit, I have learned a lot more on this ever evolving subject here regarding contaminates like AO. Again thanks to all. Capt C., I was involved in an upper respiratory medical experiment, in early 1967 at Fort Dix. NJ, as well as AO in Vietnam. Did you ever come across any info on what was going on with all the medical experiments at Ft. Dix during that era, while you were wading through the FOIA sea of info on such matters?

Edited by Commander Bob 92-93
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Hello Commmander Bob, Yes , Berta is for sure a jewel around here. She has helped me immensly with her knowledge and recommendations and so have some of the others too. I have been very fortunate to have so many here trying to help....and it is a privledge for me to try and help others in return if I can. Though I have not seen the Ft Dix information , I am sure that FOIA will still be hard to get the right forms form the individual FOIA's offices. The reason is the offices that have FOIA's representatives usually will not send anything unless it is a specifice report. Enlisting a lawyer and your Congressman or Senator just really makes them mad and keeps the jungle of paperwork moving so to speak. Sometimes however something will get sent that will help the Veteran, but most often FOIA gives you little to work with. I sent a FOIA request to Atomic Energy Commission concerning Fort Greely . There response was they had no information concerning any nuclear material or reactor. Now that is so stupid, it does not even border on logical. Here is a post,fort, that had the only portable nuclear reactor that went down when I was there in 1972 and they act like it doesn't exist , yet the internet is just full of documents. I did not respond to them because they will not send anything and there is really not much you can do. That is why I specifically posted the exact forms on chemical applications to ask for so that they cannot say they don't exist. What needs to happen is Dr. Phil do a follow up with this mess and failed responses from request by veterans to the FOIA's. I have a complete notebook of just FOIAS and most of it is criminal and lawbreaking at the very least where people need to go to jail for noncompliance. In other words if your request is too "broad" then they give you a "broad" no. I am just going to keep on writing letters and tying up the government and my congressman and senators.When they send me an answer just continue the dialog and asking over and over and over. Maybe they will just get tired of me and finally send me something I can use and share here at Hadit with others. Nobody said it was going to be easy cause its not so please dont worry or get discouraged because you are not alone. WISHING YOU AND ALL HERE AT HADIT A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. God Bless, C.C. NEVER GIVE UP

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  • Elder

Thank you for all your research and valuable information, Capt.Contaminate. I will use FOIA to track down that medical experiment at Ft. Dix in March 0f 1967, when my AO denial letter comes in. Happy Holidays to you...

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