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Guest rickb54


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rickb54: I know the old saying is not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but shouldn't you be asking her if she has argued any claims at the COVA and if she had won any. Get the numbers and look them up and see how she did. No I do not know anything about her either.

Jim S. B)

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I'm a bit confused, could be the lithium, but if you have the PVA as your rep, why are you paying? I thought they were there to help you in the fight and not an addtional resource with strings attached. Maybe I have the roles confused and things happen differently at the varrious levels of appeals.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Mogy, Jennifer Ann. Degree: JD Year: 2003.

Graduated from Tulane University, School of Law.

2002 Staff Writer for Tulane Environmental Law And Policy Institute, News

Tulane students take some amazing journeys into environmental law practice as summer interns, often supported by grants from the Tulane Public Interest Law Foundation. Over this past summer, and in their own words:

Jennifer Mogy, 3L, Law Clerk, Natural

Resources Defense Council, Washington,


“My litigation assignments included

analysis of EPA regulations under

the Data Quality Act, and whether

action taken in response to the regulations

was ‘final agency action;’ a memorandum

discussing the ‘law of the case

doctrine’ for a suit against the Department

of Energy, and a memorandum discussing

the actions a domestic corporation

can take against a foreign government

regarding oil exploration concessions.

The best part was reading the

opinion of the district court judge to not

dismiss the DOE case on summary motion,

and having my work cited in the

opinion. The next best part was coming

to the realization that I don’t love policy

work. I definitely prefer litigation.”


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Wellll, she did say she prefers litigation !! Look on the bright side: she likes to fight in Court and the COAVC is adversarial ... UM, maybe hs does have some VA Law under her belt? Have you spoken with her yet? I saw her email addy a few times while I was searching . . . do you want it? Hang in there Rick . . . hey, are any of your medical issues environmetally related?! ~Wings

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:) Look on the brite side, the delay isn't costing you any of your award, should you win, that except the interest and inflation on the dollar you do get. LoL B)

Seeing that your attorney is new to the VA system, she probably needs the delay to get up to speed, learning what she needs to know to best represent you and your claim.

The waiting game is the only good thing the VA has going for it. Hoping you either give up or die before your able to win an award, it certainly doesn't win them any money when they loose this type of game.

I'm with you, I hate to wait like this, having wait months or even years to even see movement in your claim. If I count the time they spent screwing up the type of claim I was submitting, it has been a year and three quarters and it is in lymbo while my new SO gets up to speed, which mean probably another couple of weeks for that to oocur. Otherwise it's only been five months and counting since I got things straitened out and my CUE claim submitted.

Now they want to know if I want to have my claim reconsidered or to go ahead with the CUE. As far as I am concerned, their still playing the delaying game, they know very well my SO was leaving and that it would take some time for my new SO to get up to speed on all his claims he has on his desk.

All we can pray for, is for them to approve our claim with the highest percentage for a long EED so that we get a big check to help make the waiting all worth it. :P

Jim S.

Edited by Jim S.
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  • HadIt.com Elder

No nothing enviromental about my claim...( it is for automobile adaptive equipment, air conditioner) If she likes to fight in court why was her first action today a Joint motion for continuation of stay of proceedings until 3/1/06.

Damn VA lawyers have done nothing but file motions of stay for the last year... and the damn court keeps granting them even when I filed objections to there motions the va still won....

I hope she is looking out for me, the only reason I even agreeded to get a lawyer was because a va lawyer called me just before christmas saying he wanted me to get representaion so they could make an offer, and he would not go into any detail. Perhaps the joint motion is a sign that she is talking to the va about this so called deal....

I hate the waiting game after 20 years of dealing with the va you still dont get use to the waiting......

see my case... http://www.vetapp.gov/docket/docket.asp?id=05-0634

It seems more than appropriate for your new Attorney to stay the proceedings until she has a chance to examine your case. In this context, time is on your side! This isn't a bad looking docket: you have really been on the ball with your motions! Good work! You're almost there! If you don't get what you want, will you appeal to the Federal Circuit?! ~Wings

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