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C&p Exam

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I have been helping one of my Nam buddies with his claim ( PTSD, Hearing Loss, Tinnitus ). Everything seems to be moving along nicely and on time. He had a C&P exam for (PTSD only ) approx. 35 days ago. I advised him to have a copy of the exam pulled, which he did do. I like what I have read ( on more than one cccasion it says Combat related service connected for PTSD. He has not yet received an award letter, which I believe to be forth coming ( C&P exam only 35 days ago ). I would like to know if any body can shed some light on a few satatements that were written by the DR. for the examination report. The following are quotes from the report that I would like to see some input/interpetaton on:

First QUOTE:

" In my judgement , this veteran clearly meets the DSM-IV stressor criteria for post-tramatic stress disorder, A-F " ( WE ARE LOOKING FOR COMMENTS ON THE A-F ).

Second Quote


" The GAF without PTSD would most probably be 80;with PTSD it is 50 "

( would like to hear thoughts on this statement , are we hurt by the 80 number?)

Third Quote

" The mental status was supportive of PTSD with depressive features"

( comments please -- is depressive features another claim ? )

Forth Quote:

" AXIS 1 : Post -traumatic stress disorder with depressive features, moderately severe."

( comments please )

Sixth quote

" His stressor letter was extensive and impressive. The veteran is clearly guilty, depressed, and has


( are we hurt by his ability to put together an " impressive an extensive stressor letter ?)

Thanks for you input/comments

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I'll try and explain what it all means. The GAF of 80 has your symptoms as being transiet, they come and go depending on stress levels and they do not get any better than slightly severe. The Gaf of 50 has you listed as having severe symptoms during stressfull condition, as being the most you may suffer. This listing of a GAF of 50 appears to be a rating higher than what they say, that being that you suffer moderatly severe. This is less than what the GAF score of 50 staits and more representative of a GAF score of 51-60.

I would say it may be a toss up as to whether the rater will use the GAF to rate your disability, being that the GAF score does not match the listing for severity.

About your stressor being to extensive or impressive, as long as it is supported and backed up by accessable records, you should not have a problem.

Once you get your decision and if your PTSD is rated, and the Depression is not rated seperately, I would appeal asking for the depression as a secondary result of the PTSD.

The claim looks like it should be approved, although it may not be at the percentage you find acceptable. so if you have any more evidence you can submit to support a higher rating, and even if you don't, then appeal the Rating % and secondary for the Depression. I would ask for a 50% for the depression and hope you get 30%, I'm not so sure you will even get that much, but it is at least as likely as not, you may get the 30% but nothing less than 10% for sure.

Hope everything goes well for you, but I have stopped second guessing what the VARO will do or not. I can only give my best opinion and wait with you to see what the final decision will be.

Jim S. ;)

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Its confusing but the GAF is 50 which is low enough to warrant 100%. In context the mention of 90 was to point out what it should be.

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This sounds like a great C&P report to me, the GAF of 80 states without PTSD - BUT your vet does have a PTSD diagnosis - nexus to nam so no worry there.

One question I have is, does he take any RX medication as a result of issues connected to military service ?

If so - and there are side effects, try to get those SC'd as secondary.

Good work ? Congrats.


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Tanker31: Pete 53 is correct and I should have noted that, sometimes I get confused with GAF scores and % of Dissability. I run the gammet of 30 to 60 and I am 70% TDIU for NSC disabilities, which would be the same if I was SC for the same thing.

If you are worried about TDIU or Uemployability, then if you are not working, and you left on good terms with your last employer, you might see if they would write up a letter as to your difficulties in the work place. I was on good terms with my past employer and he wrote me a great letter referenceing my problems dealing in the workplace and with other employees as he saw it.

Not all ex-employers will do something like this, but if you are open and non threatening, it could be very good evidence to have. If you had a friend at work who would write one as well, would be good also as supporting the employers statement.

Like one poster said, waiting to hear something possitive on you claim is the pits. It can certainly effect your mood, anxiety level, and even thinking clearly sometimes. I'm sure you and others as I have run the whole spectrum of psycological effects, that a disability claim can bring about.

Stay tough and don't give up.

Jim S. ;)

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