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Peb Re-evaluation

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I just started thinking last night...

Ontop of all my VA problems, I started thinking about my medical retirement from the Navy..

Now I was retired the end of august 07. There supposed to re-evaluate you within 18 months from your retirement date. It's comming up on 18 months and I haven't recieved any orders or anything. I don't know if I should be contacting someone, or if this is a good thing. I was lowballed by the DOD on my retirement also. I'm wondering if their just going to try and put me on the PDRL at my current rating of 30%, and not re-evaluate me. It was to my understanding that if they didn't re-evaluate then they automatically put a person the PDRL from the TDRL.

Hopefully someone can help me. I can't get a hold of my VSO at this point, and I'm not sure who else to contact. I have about a week until the 18month point. I'm kind of stressing about this!

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So you are actually on TDRL?

Do you have your original letter that placed you on TDRL...make sure it states that someone will contact you. If that is what it states, then just hang out.

I was placed in TDRL status and I recall it wasn't until the last possible moment that I was contacted (in writing) about my next step. And it was an ugly step. While on TDRL I was at 30%....but so that the AF didn't have to retire me; they dropped me to 10% and discharged me with shit. Fighting the AF is one thing, fighting the VA is something else. Apparently this is common practice.

I wish you much better luck than I had.

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Yeah, I'm on the TDRL.

They lowballed me the first time, but was told by a lot of people not to fight it because they could actually lower that original percentage. It's close to 18 months, less than a week away. Don't they have to send me orders, and ask me to get all records and stuff. They'd hardley be giving me ample time for this.

I'm actually really concerned. With my condition it's either 0%, 30%, 60%, or 100%. They can't lower my percentage by 10. They'd have to say I'm either completely better, or atleast keep me at my current rating. I'm not better by any means and have the medical evidence to prove it(though I'd have to get it from the DR.'s).

Just not sure what step to take. Less then a week and a day before I should be re-evaluated??????

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Are you still near your base/post? If so, get a copy of all of your records ASAP! Start doing your part. I never got a 2nd exam. One day I just got orders with a notice that I was downgraded from 30% to 10%. No chance to fight it. This was many, many years ago though--hopefully things have changed and they are treating ppl better.

Be sure to get copies of your dependents records if you have any also.

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The info is greatly apprecaited!!

I don't have a base near by. Closest base is the Naval hospital in Bethesda, which is over 2 and a half hours away.

I just got a hold of NPC(Naval Personnel Command). I'm wondering if that was a good thing or a bad thing. They didn't even have me in a que to recieve orders, now I'm going to get some. I just wonder if I didn't shoot myself in the foot though. I may have gotten away with just being placed on the PDRL, but not am going to get re-evaluated. Thing is, it was to my understanding that under the SECNAV direction a person on the TDRL was to be re-evaluated within 18 months. The woman told me it'd be atleast a month until I recieved orders which would push me to 19 months. I'm just wondering what the consequences are of not being re-evaluated in time. I thought it meant automatic placement on the PDRL???? Not sure though. I'm very confused..


I have a wife and daughter. Why would I need records of them? They were also dependents while I was active duty, so their already in the DOD Deers system? Were you refering to me possibly getting married or having a child since I've been retired??

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I just you to make sure you have your active duty medical records (SMRs) ASAP! Strangely, once you hit the VA system, these records seem to....uh....."change". Know what I mean? Important information disappears. So wherever your SMRs are, might be worth the drive to go get a copy. As far as your families records--always good to have a copy of their medical records if they have any from receiving medical treatment while you were in the service. Trust me easier to get a copy of them now than to try to request them later.

As far as your orders...hate to 2nd guess...all you can do is wait now, but doesn't sound like you are going to be re-evaluated.

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What happens if I don't get re-evaluated? Lol, I guess that's the question. They can't lower me to 0% without re-evaluating me.

Also, I have multiple copies of my SMR. Lol, I took the advice from some old salt dawgs while I was Limited Duty, and made copies and kept them current while I was active duty. Learned from the mistakes. Actually, at one point, my SMR was lost until I told them, well it's okay. I have a copy. Then it magically re-appeard. Lol. Funny how things like that can happen. Ones SMR disappears until it's found out that the Service member was smart and kept records.

I'm so stressed. I have anxiety, and PCP has me on some kind of anxiety/depression med. I think I'm going back here very soon and asking her to put me on Xanax. That's the only thing that's going to calm me down at this point.

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