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To Broncovet Or

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last week here at hadit?

"Someone here forget who and where-said this hearing had been cancelled or postponed per Congressman Filner's Office."

Mike Davis, veteran's advocate will be at the hearing on March 3rd in DC.

He would like to get an email from you



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Berta and Jim

Ok..that was me who first posted that the hearing was rescheduled from Feb. 25 to Mar 3. I knew about it because I called Mr. Filners office..apparently congressman Hall did not find out the meeting was postponed until later.

Did you mean that Mike Davis wants an email from me? I would be most happy to share my "experience" with shredding of documents at the VARO in Cleveland..it has been going on for years.

Many, many Veterans are homeless or have even committed suicide as a result of delaying and denying benefits frustrating Veterans and forcing them into poverty.

I was DAYS from homeless..even after writing the VA and telling them about the foreclosure. They did not consider my request for expediency due to pending foreclosure..my home was foreclosed upon in 2004. When I received copies of my Cfile in 2007, there was no request in it..I had put it on a "Statement in support of claim". Instead of acting on it, they shredded it, and I finally got a decision 15 months after foreclosure. (And they wonder why I am angry? Would they not be mad if they got their paycheck 2 years late..and they had lost their home as a result?)

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Mike would like input from anyone on shreddergate-

and he needs to ask Broncovet about Filner's office response on the hearing date-

it seems advocates were getting a runaround as to the hearing dates-and there are vets spending their own money and time and always need accurate info from H VAC as to when these hearings are to book flights or hotel rooms.

Bronco is right- March 3rd-

and this has not changed at all yet- it will be joint hearing with D/M Sub Com and Sub Comm Investigations/Oversight.

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Berta and others:

Personally, I did not get the "run around" from congressmen Bob Filner's office. I found the opposite to be true. I appreciated the "heads up" that the shredder hearing was in the process of being rescheduled. They were honest with me, and I appreciate that. Mr. Filner's office staff was courteous, willing to listen to me, and provided valuable information.

I only wish my Regional Office was 10% as courteous, effecient and reliable as Mr. Filner's office and staff.

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