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Can This Be Retro Pay?

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About 7 years ago I filed a claim for an increases. They mailed an appointment for me, however they sent it to me with my maiden name. My mailman returned it since he never knew my maiden name. I got a letter saying that I did not show up so they were unable to review my case. I called them back and told them I never got the letter and they realized they made a mistake by sending it under the wrong name. Now they never rescheduled me for a C&P exam. Do you think they would retro from 7 years ago since it was their mistake?

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I would say that retro is definitely in order. Now how you might get that is a totally different question. You may have to wait for you claim to go through and then file for an EED(earlier effective date). It could also be a CUE on the VA's part. Do you have a VSO? If not, it would probably benifit you to seek help from them. I'm still a newbie when it comes to the claims process. Others will be able to chime in and help out more than I have though.

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Did you notify the R/O when your name changed? If you did, did you keep a copy any evidence to prove such? During the past seven years, how many times have you contacted the R/O in reference to your pending (?) claim?

Based upon the information that you given, I do not see a CUE.

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Good point Purple..


I guess I should have asked more questions before I gave such an answer. I was just thinking that if she had formally notified the VA of the name change, and they sent her a letter with incorrect information.

What do you guys think about the other part of my first post. Couldn't julz wait for the claim to go through, and then file for an EED?

Listen to these other guys julz, like I said I'm still the newbie. I probably shouldn't be offering advice at this point. Sorry if I gave you mis-information.

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No, I did hear back way back when.

I am just now getting therapy for organizing from head injury. This is on my to do list.

I did have a name change. All of my pay and everything was under my married name. It was back in the day when they had different systems. I was already married when I got out of the military.

I kinda have a VSO. I had one that I really liked, she got a raise and got too busy so she sent me to another one. Then the one they sent me too hit on me I think. I don't think he was the sharpest knife in the drawer either.

Thank you all for your advice.

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