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Anchorage Ak. Va

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Starting out from my house. 1 1/2 hour drive to the ferry terminal. Ferry ride to Ketchikan 3 hours. Taxi to ferry to the airport. Plane ride to Anchorage, stops in Sitka, stops in Juneau, then off to Anchorage, arrives at 10 pm. Taxi to Hotel. Shwer and sleep (if you can). Appointment 0900 hrs for C&P. C&P exams are located about 1 mile from the VA hospital in a shopping mall. C&P doctor does exam and sends you to the VA hospital for x-rays or MRI. Wants you to return to see him and finish exam. Exam finishes after lunch. Return to VA to settle with travel office for re-imbursment expenses. Finish up and taxi back to Hotel and eat dinner. Try and sleep and prepare to catch return flight back home at 0800 the next morning. Lots of strange people around airport, really feeling tired and awkward being around so many people. Finally get back home at about 9 pm and have already vented with my wife during the 1 1/2 hour drive home. Walk into the house to get lovingly attacked and licked by our 2 dogs. Take my evening meds and a Valium and maybe, just maybe get a good nights sleep. The people that work in the VA in Anchorage are really,no kidding really some of the most pleasant people to deal with. Especially the common folk like the travel section, most are vets themselves. All in all not bad. I just hate to fly and travel in general.

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Wow that is a real trek. Glad that you got that out of your way. Usually not long to wait after they have the C&P

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Wow that is a real trek. Glad that you got that out of your way. Usually not long to wait after they have the C&P

I have taken the journey 3 times so far with more to come I'm sure.

And, they are building a new VA facility in Anchorage which should have everything in one building. And Possibly a VA clinic in Juneau. That will be great. Less travel.

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