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I Am Concerned & As Usual Need Help

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Thank you so much for all that you do. It seems (it is) that I usually connect from a PC that I can't remember my log in stuff, and all I ever do is read and rarely ever do my part to impart my knowledge - which was only gained from Hadit!

Anyway, a question I have is that for one of my SC connected issues is depression (30%) and after my NOD and appeals from nothing to zero to 30% they did award me that. In VARO letter they felt that my Dep and migraines (30%) were never going to get better. So anyway my mental condition has now morphed into GAD, OCD, insomnia, etc.

From what I have read from all here and especially Rental Guy, the VA will only rate one mental condition. I have been diagnosed with PDSD (civilian), but all of this except from the Dep and migraines is from non-VA providers.

So can I file a new claim for a worse condition, it seems that I should look into my depression and migraines and how I am on the verge of losing my job and my marriage. I can see my future as it is right now and it is not good, yet I know I am blessed with what I am screwing up. Two or three times I wanted to get checked into the shrink ward for rest, but some how I didn’t.

Another issue is my VA shrink has told me to go to marriage counseling and grief group for over a year. Well we went to two marriage counseling sessions and now I get a VAMC letter to go to the next one in a few weeks!

It was a bad but humble and hard to believe experience to hear what the spouse was saying. It is so bad that I can not type it in this forum. But to sum it up, she is afraid of me hurting her, yet I would give my life to save her...so there is a real disconnect!!! I do admit my words and screaming are worse than any thing.

Strange, but I had never gotten a letter from the VAMC telling me of a grief or marriage apt. I only get them from our regular MD apts. Does this happen to anyone else???

It seems to me that they want people to go to these PHD led groups sessions...to show they are earning their pay….

Any way, another question, they take notes....will there notes get into the regular VAMC PC that my shrink can see on the PC when she talks to me? It might make it worse? When I am with the VA people I am nice, it’s another story when I am with what’s left of my family. My shrink probably doesn’t see me the other way!

Another question, I guess, all I can do is look into the depression increase, since it is almost costing me my job and marriage.

I was told in a session that I am a rage-alcoholic and read a book…



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Hello Jec,

Your topic sounds like part ofmy life story. I went through a marriage and a job after retirement. I refused to believe that it was me that was the problem. Not saying that you are the problem. It finally took me to listening to some veteran friends to realize I needed help. Fortunatly I went to VA and am getting some help. The meds help some, but talking with other vets has been the most helpfull. Hadit is great as we all have had some similiar experiences and can relate. I hope someone here can lead you in the right direction. I'm a FNG here but hang in there and someone will chip in their comments. I feel for you brother.

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Thanks Mike,

A fellow comrad who wore the uniform. NG & RES know how hard it is to do job, family and mil duty.

During my 6+ years on AD I really didn't understand the role of either the state guard or fed controlled reserves. Ity wasn't till after I joined the reserves.

Bottom line you took an oath and thank you.

I was MOBed more in the reserves than AD! The res & NG for better or worse is no an "operational force".

Thanks for serving.


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If you feel that your disability has gotten worse and or caused other issues, simply gather your evidence and file a claim for increase and or a claim for the issues you feel have been caused by your depression.

IF, you do lose your job due to your service connected disability then you may have a TDIU claim. However, at this point it does not exist as you are working.

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