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Shinsekis Office

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Hello All Hope all Is Well.

Well it appears I have once again Irritated another one of the Great Conglamorate called the VA ( VARIOUS AGENCIES ).


I called back immediately after this conversation due to my negligence I normally record every conversation concerning the Various Agencies and there beligerant attitude and arogants. ( FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE THIS CALL MAY BE MONITORED OR RECORDED ) I put them on NOTICE from now on any phone conversation will be rercorded and said have a nice day.


To Date no resolve no medical care since May of 2008 VARO Spoliation of record VAMC to be included.

Now imagine if this was one of there Family members.

All I can say is it is very clear to me the wild west is upon us again. NO Accountability or transparecy

Thank You All

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Please be very careful some of these agencies can be very vindictive.

That said if you have business with these agencies we still live in America and it should be your right to talk to them or their employees.

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Pete Thank you for your concern.I really appreciate it but at this stage in my life after 30 years of neglect by the United States Government ,I really have nothing else to lose. Bankruptcy twice lost my home in the 90s and within a month or so I will be Homeless my spouse has had enough of all of this Government High School antics. If anyone has seen the movie ( A FEW GOOD MEN )this is the problem within our Government there all afraid to step up to the plate and take full responsibilityfor there actions and the ramifications it has on the families of those whom served proudly.I SAY BRING IT SEND THE DAMN CAPITAL POLICE. I have nothing to hide obviously VA and Company does? My days may be number to internet access. I can only have Faith in the almighty and the preverbial PEN is mighty. God Willing.What a disgrace

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I posted a follow up and now its gone ? mmm. Anyway got a call from BVA friday after 5:00 PM Real nice Lady M Middleton I told her there is no way the Decision can be reached from this current DRO REVIEW if Spoliation of record clearly shows. He or She can not base a decision on only 4 years of record for treatment of 30 years of various conditions.I sent a letter to D McCallum to respond to her threat of sending Security or Police I have not broke any laws however every single on of these Mother F ers, Have done worse than that and have no idea what a can of worms they have opened. I am so sorry but I have HADIT up to my EYE BALLS.As they say ITS ON !!! I have review with counsel he told I have three different CUE claims were VARO and BVA have not READ any documents they left out quite a bit of the REGULATIONS in there decisions.ARGH !!

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Hello All Hope all Is Well. Here is my Update for Secretary Shinsekis Office

Secretary Eric Shinseki Dear Sir. It is with great regret that I must inform you that the Veterans Administration Health Care System to include: East Orange VAMC. Patient Advocate K. James, L. Battle, Mr. Mizrach Director, VISN Northeast Region Mr.M.SaboDirector VHA For the Under Secretary K. Pierce, V. Wright Executive, Mr. Williams Director, Medical Inspector B. Booker, J. Pierce Director Veterans Administration Office of Inspector General Representative #74 POC General Counsel Group #4 Mrs. K. Beidelman POC. Attorney Nicholas Xanthakos Customer Relation- Service Mr. Farmer, Bankston Carter Director All that are listed above to include your Office and Mrs. P. McBride are aware of the circumstances and or concerns that have been escalated for over two years without resolve or acknowledgement verbally by phone , correspondence in writing. The result of adversarial confrontational, judge mental, interpretation, perception of indifference is overwhelming to say the least. My request have fallen by the wayside and ignored to show clearly blatant and retaliatory by the various agencies to date no resolve no medical care. Yesterday I contacted your Office at (202) 461-4809 the call was forwarded to a D. Mc Callum whom proceeded to arrogantly advise me that if I called any agencies she would dispatch Security or Police for Harassment. I can assure you this is nor has it been my intent to create an unpleasant environment however the above agencies as mentioned have created such. As a Disabled Veteran what I and my Family have endured by the negligence of these facilities is unacceptable the behavior is deplorable, unprofessional. The only thing I seek is my entitlement for service connected injuries sustained while serving in the US. Army. At my request I would like to resolve these concerns and move forward the price of service to the United States of America is too High Priced record will show Quality of Life. I have the necessary documentation to prove otherwise Negligence, Fraud, Forgery Spoliation of Record VAMC and VARO. I am also going to request from D. McCallum as per conversation a response to your accusations and threats of harassment I have not done so. If making a phone call to those who are in a position to assist with outstanding issues is harassment then I am guilty but I can assure you to date no resolve. Once again I can not apologize enough that with all these (VA) VARIOUS AGENCIES in place No Accountability and No Resolve. It’s a Disgrace for services rendered and injuries sustained I did not ask for this. I await your reply. Thank You for this Endeavour

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