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Request For Increase - Unemployability And Phone Call From Va This Morning

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Currently 60% combined. 30% for Colitis and six 10% for Tinnitus, scarring of face, hypertension, Laceration of right wrist, left and right carpal tunnel.

Beginning of July 2011, applied for increase and IU, reporting my Colitis has got worse, to include feelings of depression and fecal incontinence. Sent the VA copies of my Medical Records for the past year from the GI doctor.

Beginning of August sent the VA the signed VCAA Form, VA Forms, 21-4142’s and additional paperwork from my GI doctor that said I have Chronic and Severe Ulcerated Colitis as well as notes from VA Psych exam that reports depression secondary to Colitis.

End of August sent the VA additional medical paperwork and an IME that said, my fecal incontinence, and depression are more likely than not secondary to my diagnosis of ulcerated colitis. And, More-Likely-Than-Not, veteran meets the administration criteria for Total Disability Individual Unemployability.

Had my C&P’s on July 29, 2011. PA who did C&P for General exam (?) questioned me more about my current disabilities. My Psych C&P seemed to go ok. Was told by PA that results of C&P should be in system within 48 hours. Went to get copies today, 8 days later, and was told they were not in the system.

This morning I received a phone call from someone who would only give their first name, saying they were from the St. Petersburg VA Regional office. She said the call was due to my application for Unemployability and asked me about Social Security. I told them I had applied for SSDI, but was denied due to not having enough work credits to qualify.

I was asked to send in a copy of that letter As Soon As Possible.

I asked about my C&P’s and was told an email was sent to the C&P office this morning inquiring about the signed copies.

What do you all make of this and phone call?

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Sounds like your RO must not be crammed with claims to be working your claim so fast. Thats a good thing! A few questions about your IME.

Was the GI Dr the one that examined you and wrote the IME?

If so, did he/she go by the criteria format shown here in the IMO & IME forem?

Also, did he/she explain his rational for his diagnosis?

Did he/she have access to your SMR and other medical records and quoted in the IME that they were reviewed?

What was the rating criteria used by the Dr's statement " veteran meets the administration criteria for Total Disability Individual Unemployability" ?

JMO, the rater might look at the Dr as not qualified to dx the depression part of it. You might be ok with it if the C&P exam with your psych agreed to the fact that your depression is at least, "as likely as not" related to the Colitis.

Hopefully the copies of your C&P's will come available soon. They'll give you a good heads up where your claim is heading.

As far as the phone call, I think it's a good thing, and sounds like they want to finish your claim in a fast pace.

The longer you been without working the better the odds are in awarding TDIU.

Lastly, I think you have a good case for an increase, but on the other hand, I think you'll need stronger evidence such as another IMO for a chance at being rated TDIU. Again, JMO.

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