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Va Or Civilian Docs

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I am seeing civilian doctors and I recently went to my first VA appt. VA told me to continue to see my civilian docs unless I wanted to change to the VA. I am 100% SC and I want to know how would VA know if I am being treated by civilian docs and should I get a copy of my civilian records and take them to my local VA doctor every two or three months to ensure they are in my records? I don'y want VA to reduce my claims...

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The VA knows a lot of stuff that you would think that they need permission to see. In my C Files they even had copies of bank reports I never gave permission for them to see.

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I'm also gradually switching over to private care. Fortunate enough to have good insurance through my husband's employer. The first switch was to a private social worker. It's so nice now to go to her and wait in her private waiting room vs the MH waiting room at my VAMC. This person addresses my whole life, i.e. husband, health, kids, etc...the VA social worker just addressed my depression and spent our last 2 appts telling me that I was "imagining" that my husband wants to leave me...that's funny, she never even met him and DH has told me several times that "he's leaving me because I have brought down the quality of life in our family". it's hard enough to leave the house, let alone force myself to go see someone I don't want to talk to.

I also went to my husband's healthcare provider. I have not been to a civilian Dr since I was a little kid. It was a breath of fresh air. I took them a current list of my meds and the Dr was surprised that I haven't been perscribed Lyrica or Cymbalta for the fibromyalga. Also, the headache medicine I'm taking is increasing my blood pressure...bottom line, I just feel better about this type of care.

I'm just going to stay organized and keep copies of everything and when my ratings are questioned, I will have proof of still receiving care.

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The way I understand it is the VA will send a letter first with an appointment for a re-eval of SC conditions. I'm uncertain whether it's an actual C&P exam. But obviously it's very important to attend this appointment. Also, very important that the VA always has your most current address. If you don't go to the appt than after so many days the VA will assume your condition improved and than will change your rating. There are ways to stall that, but I'm not sure how exactly.

I have one more future exam so that's why I stated in my previous post that I will TRY to be organized with records of all my appointments, prescribed meds and any other issues to support my disability rating and hopefully prove that my condition(s) still warrant me my current rating. Also, I iwll have to make sure to reply annually to their employment questionare so I can continue receiving TDIU. This has me a bit nervous since my memory is faulty and I tend to procrastenate. Maybe that's what the VA is counting on !?:wacko:

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