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Should I Or Shouldn't I

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I recently submitted a claim for IBS/Gerd from the Gulf war in 1992. I spent about four months trying to get my private G.I. doctor to fill out the paperwork. It was like pulling teeth to do it. Also part of this claim is PTSD from 1983 . I received a southwest asia service medal for being over there and submitted my DD 214 to show this. I was also in the persian gulf on a ship back in 1981 and 1983 for 6 month deployments when Iran and Iraq were at war with each other. Now last night I'm looking at some paperwork and for my deployment in 1992 I received the SWASM however I don't think I was in the gulf. I was on a ship supplying isreal with patriot missiles and never went thru the Suez canal for that time. My question is do I

1. Don't say anything and let them catch it.

2. My doctor refuses to believe my stomach issues are from so long ago, so tell the VA I messed up and try to get another doctor to connect this to my two cruises from the eighties.

3. Tell the VA , and resubmit my claim for PTSD from 1983 for a one day gig on a helicopter looking for gun runners off the coast of el-salvador. On this note would a army blackhawk helicopter operating off a navy ship using a navy pilot, two army rangers for door gunners and a possible cia for co-pilot be considered a special op's mission. According to 38cfr 3.304d special operations are operations that have the characterictics of combat. there for 38cfr 3.304d will apply in all cases where a veterans participation is verified. If I don't say anything about the SWASM then my integrity should be questioned. ( look up tiger island honduras 1980's ) for some basic info on these flights.

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I would not submit any claim until the one you have pending is adjudicated and you have your rating decision. Also, this would give you time to obtain the necessary documentation to submit your claim for PTSD. The VA recently changed their regulation on PTSD. You need to be diagnosed by a VA doctor to be compensated for PTSD. They will take documentation from another doctor, but they will schedule you an appointment with a VA doc for further determination. You will need a strong nexus letter. basically, the letter is going to have to put your PTSD with incidents that happened while you were in the Gulf. Did you have continuous visits with docs concerning PTSD over the years? If not, your claim may be difficult, again relying on the nexus letter.

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