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Review Coming Up.


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I am 55 years old and I am rated 100% service connected for a mental disorder which is non PTSD related. I am scheduled to be reviewed in two years. I am to be reviewed because it was stated in my award letter three years ago that I might improve. I am not improving in my opinion and I am still on medication and is unable to work due to my illness. My last Global assessment score has increased to 51 crom a low of 31 partly because i am no longer inder so much stress. Since last year I have been living in Thailand where I see a consulate approved Thai Psychiatrist about every 2 months and this is paid through the FMP program. I think I will try to stay here in Thailand until at least after my review in 2 years. My question is what is the review like? Is it another Comp and Pen examination? Can this be done in Thailand by my Thai Psychiatrist as I am being told by the VFW? I was homeless before getting my disability and would be homeless again if it is taken away. So I am concerned. Maybe I shouldn't be but I worry about it often. My contact at the VFW says I should try to get a P+T rating but that seems very involved and includes moving my records from California to Pennsylvania . But I want to let sleeping dogs lay. I guess my question is very broad. Has anyone had a review while abroad? What was it like? Is there something I can do to be better prepare for it? Is there something I should be looking out for?

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This info helps. Is there a reg that after 55 that the review doesn't include an exam? That's good if that is the case. So they will go by what is in my records? Which would include records from my treatment for the last few years at the VA clinic and now the Foreign Medical Program (FMP) since i am in Thailand and using that service and they can possibly request the records of my Thai doctor. But they would not have me reexamined like the C+P before I was awarded my claim because I am 55 but just go by whats on the record. This puts some form on. Thx.

I have a VSO in California who handled all my paper work. I just got through talking to him and he said to fax him a letter stating that I am now living in Thailand and have the VA officially change my address. Then they will send my recirds to Philly. They are now in Detroit MI my last address. My VSO has handled all my paper work and requests. Just to be sure... are you suggesting that I should send a letter through my VSO to the VA requesting P+T because of a lack of improvement? Is that correct? I guess I can do that while I am changing my address. But he says Philadelphia is so back logged it will take over a year and possibly more for them to get around to me. I did bring up that possibility.

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