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Odd Update On My Review

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Guest Berta


VARO assured my vet rep the claims folder went to a VA doctor in Buffalo last Wednesday for Expeditious review-

Two strong IMOS and also additional probative med evidence, from the veteran's medical records, VACO etc-to suuport the claims-

Today the 800 # vet rep- who has helped me track this stuff said it was all in transit yesterday and today it was received bu a doctor at the local VAMC in Bath.

Called my vet rep and he was astonished-

he is finally getting the point-

I have already tipped the scales in my favor with all of my evidence - I didnt care when it went to a VA doc in Buffalo-they have some real doctors there-

(If that was true) and he agreed that it is highly ususal that it came here for a medical opinion-to the Bath VA-

it looks to me that-as I told my vet rep- they couldn't find a VA doc in Buffalo to go against the opinion and then had to send my claim 100 miles or more away to get some VA doc to knock it down.

There is a good VA doctor in Buffalo that handles these opinions but I already knocked down his stuff in old SOCs.He agreed with my claim by phone but I guess they didnt call him up- (maybe he is same doc who got it on Wednesday and maybe he refused to attempt to knock the IMOS down)

This is the most bizarre situation I have ever seen any claimant in.

I am a heart beat-15 minutes from this VA doctor- whoever that could be-

at the Bath VAMC- this is going to be very interesting-I can go one to one with this doc if I get a quack opinion.

VA used these tactics in the 1980s and 1990s- fishing expeditions- meaning they would keep sending a well supported claim to VA docs until one of them would deny it with medical crapola.

I cannot see how any real doctor could possibly combat the IMOs-they are solid as well as the evidence-

and of course, since the VA killed Rod (documented) by failure to diagnose and treat heart disease and strokes- it is MOST likely those dopes missed diabetes anyhow-that caused his heart disease and strokes.

They hid their actual diagnosis of Rod's DMII in the med recs---but it appears 3-4 times-

and even the subsequent medical entries supported that-

you have to read these med recs real good-

It was by far easier for me to prove wrongful death Tort to VA Central Office Doctors and the General Counsel

then to have the VARO ever handle my claims properly.

There is definitely something wrong with that picture.

(My vet rep's boss got some more heat from me yesterday so he , the local vet rep, will find out more and sure call me back-he agreed that this is all highlyunusual )

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We are all getting soooo tired of VA crapola. I wonder if it would do much good for all claimants to start hitting the media with more of info on how

much crap goes down.

I have C&P's from VA docs that show how, when and where I was injured during active duty, the disability resulting from the injury and their medical opinion that the disability is MORE LIKELY THAN NOT, related to the in service injury, VA medical records showing continuity of care, MRI evidence, etc -- and VA continues to deny the claim.

I know we have many vets out there in the same situation, and there are probably hundreds if not thousands that have given up or passed on to another place.

Very frustrating.


Carlie passed away in November 2015 she is missed.

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Well- I called the director in Bath-the c file is in their mail room but they had received the formal VARO request for review by an Endocrinologist-they dont have one-

the Buffalo VA does- they are sending it back to them-where it should have went and where my vet rep said it was last Wednesday-

I even have more evidence but am holding back because now I dont know where to send it and it concerns me that this big c file will be on the VA van back and forth to Buffalo twice in one week.

Their own VA web site has fairly new info that when added to 2 specific medical records in the C file-has the evidence they need to SC.

They dont even need my IMOs.

They better hope I dont consider this fraud Terry- as it stands now, it seems to be an extreme abuse of tax payers money.

What I mean there is that the VA is paying people with job titles that they are not qualified to hold.

I am going to the IG web site to read that over carefully and see if I should file a complaint.

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I wish you the best of luck Berta, but until these RO's are made accountable for their actions this stuff will continue to happen. I'm sure congress never meant for raters to be able to supersede medical opinion, but they do and they do it often. I'm sure congress never meant for the rater to always choose the lower diagnosis even when there are more, better established opinions on record (in fact, there is a regulation for this).

I really like the people on this forum, but sometimes it can be more depressing then helpful because you see the same stuff happening over and over and over again, which brings a sense of hopelessness. If the vets on this board are having such a hard time, how are the vets doing that don't have our resources and ability to represent ourselves and the ones we love? It is truly a depressing thing to ponder.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I think that you should drop a dime to the Inspector General.

Veterans deserve real choice for their health care.

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