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Dr. Bash

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A lot of you have talked about DR. Bash.

Does he do all of this over the Internet or do you have to go to him?

We live in Wisconsin and can not afford to travel so far, How does every get the info to him?

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This site and -if you email him-will give you all of the info you need.

A vet with currect dcumentation of disability and copy their complete medical records usually can receive an IMO from Dr. Bash without one to one contact-as far as physical exam by Dr. Bash-

In my case in maybe with others here- what I sent to Dr. Bash was not only all med recs but additional VA documents-and his recent IMO was based heavily on the SSOC I received-

It is hard to say what he will need-all medical records and he might ask for SOCs etc.

He can be reached at the above web site by email or phone.

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Some get an IMO to send shortly after they file their claim- some wait for a denial and then get an IMO-

Do you have a copy of your C & P exams for your claims?

You can determine from the C & P doctor's results if the VA will possibly render a negative decision-

If you filed a claim and got denied without getting a VCAA election Notice, the VA will probably deny without looking at any of your evidence.

A good IMO is an investment-

I have a vet who just got SSA retro and with this extra money he is getting an IMO for his VA claim.

Wth a copy of C & P results, and all medical records- a good IMO from a doctor can help considerably.

I talked to Craig last week .I told him that I realise he cannot perform miracles and he agreed-he has helped many many vets I know-

a good IMO can only support what the medical evidence reveals-

This was in regards to a disgrunted former member here- who Dr. Bash got him the benefit he said he could-

A & A as spouse of 100%SC vet- yet Dr. Bash could NOT medically support the rhetoric this vet had at VA and BVA year after year because had no proof whatsoever of his claimed disabilities.

This former hadit vet emailed me his whole argument in emails with Dr. Bash-and blamed ME because he does NOT have the disabilities he claimed.

I only bring this up because-NOT in your case at all John- but my point is-

no IMO can possibly alter the facts of the documented medical evidence-

BUT a good IMO can sort out the medical evidence you have and make sense of it as to your potential for SC.

Dr Bash understands VA lingo and the regs.Unlike some VA docs he speaks English.

He doesn't do PTSD claims but could refer you- and he does not handle skin disorders.

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