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Decision Today

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Guest terrysturgis


Guest terrysturgis

I received my decision.

We must confirm our previous decision which denies your claim for service connection for hypertension as secondary to diabetes mellitus, type II with organic erictile dysfunction. The medical report you submitted does not provide a link between your hypertension and military service. Therefore, your claim of service connection for hypertension as secondary to diabetes mellitus, type II with organic erictile disfunction remains denied.

Folks I receive $85.00 per month for loss of use organ for ED.

#2 Entitlement to Individual Unemployability is denied.

I am at 60% total.

I'm not sure what is my next plan of attack. I had an AO physical and the VA Doc said I have loss of strength and feeling in both of my hands. Maybe I will go for PN upper body.

I don't really feel like playing the VA game right now. I know that I must NOD before one year is up. My Doctor wrote a letter for my claim saying Hypertension is hard to control for diabetics but he did not say "It is as likely or not to be SC'd". He probably thought the VA would figure out the connection but the decision reflects different.

Sorry to ramble, I have learned a lot by comming to HADIT everyday and I thank you'all. Terry Sturgis

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The VA likes to find another "etiology" for diabetes in a vet's back ground-in order to deny SC for it due to DMII.

what etiology did they state?

In other words they have to state the origin of the HBP-

If you have any vascular disease -obviously attributed to the diabetes-

they have to SC the HBP unless there is a solid and separate reason they cant.

The BVA has numerous decision on HBP that will show you what I mean-

show one of them to your doctor and tell him exactly what to state.

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Berta --

You still need a medical opinion to connect anything to DM 2, but I find that doctors are quite generous in dispensing this opinions, because if they see DM and HPB together, they will say the two are related unless the HBP is diagnosed before the DM 2.

And, sad though it may be, they do not have to identify another etiology for HPB to deny service connection )or for non-presumptive M2, for that matter). Being overweight, smoking, not exercising. etc. are all just "risk factors."


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Guest Morgan


Berta and I discussed this on the old board not long ago. You might want to search for the posts.

But in short, if you have an SCD that causes or *aggravates* a nonSCD, then the nonSCD is to be considered SC, secondary to the SCD. My husband just won a claim like that. His doctor stated that his [sCD] "complicated the treatment and management of his [nonSCD]." The nonSCD is now rated as SC--along with other conditions we didn't even mention.

The VA has regs about this "aggravation" effect, and if you can get your doctor to restate it that way and then you cite the appropriate regs, I think you can win this just as my husband did.

Perhaps you were not quoting your doctor's statement in your post when you said he wrote "Hypertension is hard to control for diabetics," but if you were, this is too general a statement to satisfy the VA. He would need to say something specific to you, such as, "This patient's diabetes complicates the management (treatment and control) of his high blood pressure." It might also help if he would explain how it complicates the control of HBP. Although, my husband's doctor didn't give an explanation, he just gave his medical opinion.

Don't let the battle wear you down--you can win, if you don't quit. You might not "feel" as if you have any more fight in you, but if you take time off, it might be difficult to get going again. You deserve to have what is rightfully yours--now. Don't give up.

Thank you for serving our country.

Good luck,


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