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Unusual Iris Response



For 3 and a half years, all my inquiries through iris, about the status of my appeal, have been answered

with the same scripted response - you know the one - "You elected a review by DRO. Currently your appeal is awaiting that review. If we need additional info., ect.

Well, the other day, once again, I get the same old script in answer to my latest status check, except this one had an odd sentence inserted there between - "..awaiting review", and "If we need more info., ect".

It read - "Review and discuss any pertinent hearing dates, diaries, and tracked items...".

Huh? Diaries? Tracked items? I have no hearing dates. I was just wondering if this made any sense to anyone. It sounds like some sort of directive, and to someone other than me.

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I never had much luck with IRIS. Most of the requests were canned responses or I never got a response at all.

It sounds to me like they might have pasted something internal in there. Never know. You could submit another IRIS request to explain that one. As part of my evidence, I included daily diaries/journals which tracked my pain level, blood pressure, pulse, pulse ox, and limitations based on specific activities. They might have meant something like that. Although not required, in certain circumstances, they can be beneficial.

If your NOD/appeal is over 2 years old, waiting to see a DRO, and have not yet advanced to the BVA or CAVC, I recommend you call the VA Office of Case Management at 202-273-7453. If you meet their criteria, they will contact the RO and try to get things moving. They are very nice people. I courteously waited until my claim crossed the thresshold so I did not waste their time.

I was surprised that it worked for me. I ended up talking to the dude that schedules the DRO meetings at my RO. He said the next opening was X weeks ahead. I asked if they had any cancellations. He said, uh, yeah, can you come in tomorrow morning at 8:30am? I went in with solid, winnable evidence and it worked very well. I am not saying everyone might have the same luck, but it worked in my case

Good luck!

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I've never received a response from IRIS at all. In fact, my experience at Waco seems to differ dramatically from veryone elses experience with the VA...LOL!!

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