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  1. For 3 and a half years, all my inquiries through iris, about the status of my appeal, have been answered with the same scripted response - you know the one - "You elected a review by DRO. Currently your appeal is awaiting that review. If we need additional info., ect. Well, the other day, once again, I get the same old script in answer to my latest status check, except this one had an odd sentence inserted there between - "..awaiting review", and "If we need more info., ect". It read - "Review and discuss any pertinent hearing dates, diaries, and tracked items...". Huh? Diaries? Tracked items? I have no hearing dates. I was just wondering if this made any sense to anyone. It sounds like some sort of directive, and to someone other than me.
  2. Stickman

    The Beginning

    Spot on
  3. Stickman

    Applying For Pension Again

    Thanks for replying Sorry for my late reply. It's hard to get around to anything lately. First off, I have secured living arrangements with my youngest daughter, so I have a roof over my head, and I won't starve, so I'm feeling better. Yes Carlie, I receive "care", at my local RO, where I have been, off and on, for the past 44 years. I signed a POA with the VFW about 5 years ago, when I initiated my first- and only - claim, and over the 9 month period it took to adjudicate it, I tried numerous times to speak with this VSO I was assigned, and then just gave up. When the decision came I was awarded a NSC pension, and denied SC on 3 issues. I put together my own NOD one year later and haven't dealt with any VSO since. I have applied twice for certain records from VA, and twice I've been sent the wrong ones. After NARA advised me my SMRs would be at my local RO, I went there in person and was told to request my C-file "That's where they'll be", the guy said. Four months later I get my C-file and there is not one page of an SMR. So here I am Concerning my weight thing, after a couple of years of tests, and nutritionist, and what-not, my PCP says it's the emphysema, finally. I don't know what to believe I haven't been to the VA for a year and a half, but I've made an appt. for Aug. Thanks for listening, hope I didn't talk too much
  4. Stickman

    Applying For Pension Again

    Hello all, I'm in a bad way here. My wife of 27 years walked out on me a few months ago, and I am now left left to survive on my meager retirement of $600 a month. I know I will qualify for NSC pension as I was awarded it just a few years ago, and only became ineligible due to taking early retirement in 2012, which put us over the financial limit. My question is, I was just wondering, if anybody has had any experience or knowledge of this, as to know, will I have to have divorce papers in my hand, as proof I no longer have my wifes' income, before I even reapply. There is no doubt a divorce is forthcoming. It's just, at the moment, I don't even know where she is, and if it cost more than a nickel, I couldn't afford it. and just to qualify myself, the leaving has nothing to do with any type abuse on my part. Long story. I'll just say - I never saw it coming I am 64 years old, with severe emphysema,DD, and DJ, PTSD, and a host of other problems, not the least of which is weight loss - down to 115 lb.s, from a normal body weight of 185.. I'm 6 ft. 2. Skeleton I'm now 3 months into year 4, on an appeal (3 issues), and I can tell you that if something doesn't give someway, somehow soon, I don't know what I may do I'm sorry to have gone off on a rant, but I am cracking up and there is no one to talk to
  5. Good evening, Many times I have read where people have been advised that decisions usually come fairly quick, after having c and ps. In my case it has been 2 years since c and ps for 2 of three issues I appealed - 3 years since appeal was initiated. Iris states that my appeal is still, "awaiting DRO review", at my local RO.( Atlanta ) I guess it's just usual VA crap, but I'm beginning to wonder. I have tried to speak with my va rep about it, but have given up on a callback. Any input is very appreciated. Steve
  6. Stickman

    Can't Track Appeal Status On E-Benefits

    Thanks for the replies. No, I haven't filed any form 9 for forwarding to BVA, and I have nothing currently with BVA. this is just an appeal, with three issues, that according to Peggy, and 1000 number is still "awaiting DRO review", at local RO- Atlanta. March will make three years since receipt of NOD, and two years since C and P exams for two of the issues at QTC.
  7. Good morning everyone, So, can you only track your appeal status on e-benefits, if your appeal is at BVA? I have a three year old appeal still at my local RO [ Atlanta ] - two years since C and P exams btw -, and when I hit on appeal status all I get is, " Our records indicate you do not currently have an appeal at BVA, please contact your local RO for information", or some such. I know it's all just a load of junk anyway, but I was just curious. Steve
  8. Good morning Is someone with a 0 percent, service connection supposed to be exempt from any co-pay for meds for the sc'ed condition. Sometimes I'm charged a co-pay, other times, no co-pay. Confusing
  9. Stickman

    Ao Recognition

    I agree. Twenty-six years ago I watched my brother, who was in Nam a year before me (68), die a slow, painful death from what is now a presumptive leukemia. He was only thirty something, and never received any compensation. Nor recognition, except for the VA cancer doctors who told us, "off the record", it was ao related. He said once, "well, it's been 20 years, but that damn war still killed me." And I have my own ao issues 0
  10. The other day I put in a question through iris, about the status of my appeal(3 issues), which started in March-2011. I got back the answer -" We appreciate your patience while we work down our backlog. We are currently working on NODs from Jan. 2010, forward." Wow - I guess that's another year. I was holding off putting in new claim, since I was told months ago that my appeal was "made ready for decision", as of April, this year, after C and P exams. Now I'm thinking - why not?
  11. Hello all, I just recently learned here on Hadit about seperation codes, and looked mine up -( after 42 years ) I knew I had a 212-General... now I know specificly it was under SPN-264 - unsuitability- character, AND behavioral disorder. I also saw there was an SPN-265 - Unsuitability - character disorder! No behavioral problem in there... Of course neither is correct in my case, but whats the difference?
  12. Teac... Thanks for replying. Yes, I am under no illusions about the difficulty of such a case; but where theres a will (and records, and ect.), perhaps there's a way. All I know is I entered the service with a clean bill of health, at 18, and very shortly after aleaving, a couple of years later, I was diagnosed with al respiratory disease, whereby, lung lesions,- bullae, (also called "blebs") form on the lung, and if these should rupture, you have a collapse ( pneumothorax ). This respiratory disease is "Bullous Emphysema", not pulmonary emphysema. Back in the day it was, "of unknown cause". Medical literature today says causes are, VERY LONG TERM SMOKING,(had only been smoking maybe 2 and half years", heridity,(none in my family), OR, exposure to enviromental toxins! - plenty of that. there is a medical phenomenon where otherwise healthy individuals, usually male, from 20 to 40, can have spontaneous pneumothorax, usually in right lung, known as idiopathic spontaneous pneumothorax. But as it states, they are otherwise healthy - NEVER a diagnoses of ANY lung disease,as a causeative.( All my collapses, and subsequent surgery for, was left lung, btw).The doctor who I saw in the emergency room, after my first collapse, said I was the first person he had ever seen , or even heard of, who had emphysema that young. Same with doctors since. Not suprisingly, both hospitals- where I went to emergency room, and where I had surgery- said they don't keep records from that far back. Going to check medicaid records also, and I've just printed 180 form for smrs, which I also need for other claims. Oh, and I was treated twice in VN for severe bronchitis, each time with a heavy dose of antibiotics, for whatever that's worth. Anyway, hope I haven't talked too much
  13. I would be very interested to know if there are other VN vets who've had similar experience with copd, as I have. Within six months leaving vietnam -1970- I had the first of many lung collapses ( spontaneous pneumothorax). Civilian docs diagnosed me with bullous type emphysema - diffuse and in both lungs. I was only 20, and had only been smoking for 3 years. At 25 -1975-, after 3 or 4 more collapses, I had to have top lobe of left lung removed. It was done by civilian docs, ( got operation covered by medicaid ). Never filed on it back then because - well frankly, it never even occured to me. There is more to this, but I began this post on an anxiety high, and now I have bottomed out, badly... later, my friends

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