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Please Give Me Opinion

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You guys know how hard it gets sitting here disabled waiting and wondering, but I don`t mean to be a pest.

Anyway, just got letter from head doctor. As many of you remember I got rated 50% last month for PTSD. Have the medals (big deal) and haven`t worked since 04. Filed for IU on form VA sent with rating.

Doc`s letter states chronic/severe PTSD, total & permanently disabled and unable to work. Also, states I won`t be able to work in the future and gave me a GAF score of 40. That went in along with a letter from my wife and mother. Also, 3 prescription drugs with side effects went in.

I know anything can happen, but give me guesstimates please.


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Some impairment in reality testing or communication (e.g., speech is at times illogical, obscure, or irrelevant) OR major impairment in several areas, such as work or school, family relations, judgment, thinking, or mood (e.g., depressed man avoids friends, neglects family, and is unable to work: child frequently beats up younger children, is defiant at home, and is failing at school).



Posative outlook. RO should comply with Head MD. Cant gurantee but 100 percent is likely. RO as always can cause problems.

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Cavman- I hope you have kept copies of all that.

I don't know how long this will take to rate but in my opinion they should award you TDIU at the 100 % comp rate and also Permanent and Total.

This (P & T) would give the spouse and children Chapter 35 educational benefits, and they would probably be eligible for CHAMPVA.

There are also some tax breaks on property in some states and other potential benefits- like free fishing license etc.

Dont know if this was a VA doctor or private doctor but you present a 100% disabled picture and I sure hope the VA will agree.

I have seen the VA make some very quick TDIU awards with evidence like this.When they send the TDIU form with an award -it is always a good sign to me.

And if the retro should go back just to the date of their receipt of the TDIU form , you can most certainly NOD that date.

If I were you I would apply for SSD benefits too, using your VA award letter when you get it for SSD benefits.

You case is similiar to my husband. Even though he had SSA for PTSD, and a low Gaf-34 ,many documented combat stressors etc, still a letter from his psychiatrist seemed to generate the 100% SC PTSD award in a matter of weeks -after 6 years of fighting for a higher benefit.

It didn't seem to make sense that this was all it took- but the VA did NOT address much of his psychiatric evidence nor did they consider his SSA award.

He took numerous psychological tests, I found them the other day- about 8 of them-more than I thought

had many hynopsis sessions to self hypnotise himself to be able to sleep,as he had combat nightmares, was on Librium for anxiety,and his PTSD was deemed as catastrophic by the shrink in his psychiatric notes. He also had two hospitalizations for PTSD.

Still the VA seemed to ignore all of that but when they got the VA Shrink's letter, they awarded the benefit in a few weeks.

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Thanks all and Berta. The doctor was a private doctor. The VA doctor gave me a gaf of 48 in June. I only hope to get my daughter some deserved college lined up because of my cancer situation. That will finally give me some happiness.

I sincerely am sorry for your loss.


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Cav, In my opinion, It all boils down to the Regional office personnel you are dealing with. They can take the ball and run with it or they can be a complete pain in the rear. I hope they take the information and make it happen but dont get too upset if they keep on delaying the claim. I have seen this happen on occasion after occasion. Good Luck with your PTSD claim for what I have read it should be a no brainer, But I am not a rating officer.

Hope this helps.

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