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  1. Asking all my veteran brothers and sisters to stand with me and email UCLA or call and let them know you will not be watching any UCLA sporting events or attending any UCLA sporting events. Also, you will get the word out that they have invited with smiles and open arms a person that stood with the North Vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam war and caused American boys to die in the jungles of South Vietnam and Cambodia. The Vietnam combat vet despises this woman and in our eyes she committed treason in the highest degree.
  2. Cavman


    I`m Cavman, and back in 2006 while fighting a stage 4 cancer, many on this site helped me so much. Without them I would not have gotten where I did. I`m forever grateful to them.
  3. I am 100% and been going to VA dental since 2009. I am a stage 4 cancer survivor and it was in the right tonsil and nodes. I did receive strong radiation and lost much of my saliva glands and taste. The VA has left me presently with 1 full molar, 2 teeth grinded to toothpick size holding on a cemented bridge that has 2 teeth broken off it on each side, 1 tooth broken at the gum line with a steel rod also broken off that was helping bridge in, another tooth broken at gum line and one tooth that was grinded down to also help support bridge with a massive gob of buildup around it so it doesn`t cut my tongue. A catastrophe! I am left with some bottom teeth broken at gum line also and teeth extremely loose that root canals were done with them wiggly to the touch. My dentist said he could do nothing more for me and didn`t know what to do. I went to a university prosthedontics professor and he has no issue doing complete implants on the top and 3 crowns with a partial on the bottom. Implants would be snap in and out ones. They are cheaper. Complete price with extractions and surgery of teeth VA broke off at gum line is around $15,000, which is cheapest around because it is dental school price and will be done by a student overseen by professor. The VA absolutely says they won`t do the implants or pay for it with fee basis. They have the money according to my dentist and he stated vets much less than me with problems have gotten fee basis. Their reason.....My jaw will get infected and have to be removed due to radiation I took. That is the reason they say they won`t pay. I`m borrowing the money and getting it done. Any suggestions or comments as to what I could do?
  4. No, his lung cancer wasn`t related to his death. What do you mean if she meets the mean test? What is that?
  5. Cavman

    Hi All

    Thanks for hello Terry. Yeah, I`m still in Michigan. You doing ok? Ron
  6. was his cancer rated, was he p&t, she might get champ v a

  7. Cavman

    Hi All

    I haven`t been around for awhile. I`m ok, just a few issues to deal with got to me. Anyway, I`m back around and still walking on top of the grass. Only remember a handful of names and am so grateful for their help a few years ago. I have posted a question that is very dear to my heart trying to help someone and hope you have time to check it out. Its about a vets widow needing help. Cavman
  8. A local 72 year old vet who was 100% passed recently that I know and am trying to help his widow. He was 100% rated for about 3 years when he died of cancer. He also received A&A for the wife and now widow. He was getting ready to file for homebound for her also. She is totally disabled and has to have someone take care of her 24 hours a day. Their income went to 1900.00 a month with his VA money gone once he passed. Her mortgage payment alone is 1200.00 per month plus he had just financed a new car for 400.00 per month to get her and him to doc and back weekly. I know its a 10 year thing for her to continue to draw his VA, but is their anything I can file for her to try and get her help? Is she elgible for anything from the VA?
  9. Isn`t it true if you are 100% disabled for 10 years or more and die your wife gets a certain amount of your disability regardless what you die of? Cavman
  10. I asked accountant if I could save on property tax by being 100% service connected and it cost me. There is a question on the tax credit form that ask if you get VA disability and if so how much VA disability you get and because of what I get she had to change my amount getting back subtracting $800.00. A guy I know that is also 100% goes to the same accountant and he never mentioned his VA benefits and of course she never ask. So he is getting all his tax credit. If I hadn`t ask about possible property tax benefits for 100% vets I would have $800.00 more in my pocket. Its a Homestead Property Tax Credit. Cavman
  11. Happy for ya... Cavman
  12. The Facts: This act was proposed by President Obama. He then met with heads of Veteran`s Organizations. American Legion Head stated Obama would not change his mind even after trying to be talked out of it. The press reported it and veterans spoke out loudly in protest along with American people. The proposal has been dropped. Case closed. Cavman
  13. Stretch: How long does it take for the fee to be dropped? Did you make any payments at all? Cavman
  14. I applied for the $10000 life insurance policy and was surprised it was granted. Someone here told me to apply because he said..you never know. The letter stated how much the fee was per month, quarter etc. It also stated to pay it and a review is underway to see if the fee will be dropped due to a disability. Is this usually the way its done and being 100% will the fee be waived? Cavman
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