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Tbi Increase

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This was my questionnaire that was filled out 4/3/2015. Do this look like 70% or 100%? I know these are estimate just need some help figuring this out. Also what do it mean when it says: Her neuropbehavioral sequelae and congitive changes are more likely than not a result of her TBI.

Memory, attention, concentration, executive functions --------------------------------------------------------

[X] Objective evidence on testing of mild impairment of memory, attention,

concentration, or executive functions resulting in mild functional impairment

If the Veteran has complaints of impairment of memory, attention, concentration or executive functions, describe (brief summary): neuropsych testing within 2 years reveals mild memory loss.

2. Judgment -----------

[X] Normal

3. Social interaction


[X] Social interaction is occasionally inappropriate

If the Veteran's social interaction is not routinely appropriate, describe (brief summary):

She has isolated from all social contact becuase she can not function with other people

4. Orientation


[X] Always oriented to person, time, place, and situation

5. Motor activity (with intact motor and sensory system) --------------------------------------------------------

[X] Motor activity normal

6. Visual spatial orientation


[X] Mildly impaired: Occasionally gets lost in unfamiliar surroundings, has

difficulty reading maps or following directions. Is able to use assistive

devices such as GPS (global positioning system)

If the Veteran has impaired visual spatial orientation, describe (brief summary):

relies on GPS

7. Subjective symptoms ----------------------

[X] No subjective symptoms

8. Neurobehavioral effects


[X] One or more neurobehavioral effects that interfere with or preclude

workplace interaction, social interaction, or both on most days or that occasionally require supervision for safety of self or others

If the Veteran has any neurobehavioral effects, describe (brief summary):

Verbally aggressive- suspended from work and now on work leave secondary to such. She went on leave because she thought she would get physically aggressive. Infelxible, apathy- no interaction with others even her

children some time because she is unable to manage

9. Communication


[X] Able to communicate by spoken and written language (expressive

communication) and to comprehend spoken and written language.

10. Consciousness -----------------

[X] Normal



Does the Veteran have any subjective symptoms or any mental, physical or neurological conditions or residuals attributable to a TBI (such as migraine headaches or Meniere's disease)?

[ ] Yes [X] No

2. Other pertinent physical findings, scars, complications, conditions, signs

and/or symptoms


a. Does the Veteran have any scars (surgical or otherwise) related to any conditions or to the treatment of any conditions listed in the Diagnosis

section above? [X] Yes [ ] No

If yes, are any of the scars painful and/or unstable, or is the total area

of all related scars greater than 39 square cm (6 square inches)? [ ] Yes [X] No

b. Does the Veteran have any other pertinent physical findings, complications, conditions, signs and/or symptoms?

[ ] Yes [X] No

3. Diagnostic testing


a. Has neuropsychological testing been performed?

[X] Yes [ ] No

If yes, provide date: 2013


deficits in auditory memory, short term memory and attention

b. Have diagnostic imaging studies or other diagnostic procedures been performed?

[ ] Yes [X] No

c. Has laboratory testing been performed? [ ] Yes [X] No

d. Are there any other significant diagnostic test findings and/or results? [ ] Yes [X] No

4. Functional impact


Do any of the Veteran's residual conditions attributable to a traumatic


injury impact his or her ability to work? [X] Yes [ ] No

If yes, describe impact of each of the Veteran's residual conditions attributable to a traumatic brain injury, providing one or more examples: Veterans uncontrolled neurobehavioral sequelae from her TBI has caused significant difficulties in work including suspension and need fot leave

5. Remarks, if any:


Her neuropbehavioral sequelae and congitive changes are more likely than not a result of her TBI

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I think this might get you a higher rating but ,not sure, what is your rating now for the TBI?

In our VA Schedule of Ratings here, halfway down the document are the TBI ratings.

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