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How Long Will Your Appeal To The Bva Take?

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Short answer: By extrapolating 2013's numbers (1295 days), I estimate it will take 1690 days or 4.63 years for your BVA appeal from NOD to BVA decision. This is consistent with most Vets advocates 4-5 years.

The chairmans 2013 report says it takes 1295 days, but with the additional projected 69000 BVA appeals, it will take longer.

( I rounded off some numbers to save space):

The way I read the report the BVA received 52,860 I 9's (fy 2013).

They project 59,000 in 2014

They project 69,000 in 2015

Here is the Chairmans breakdown:

Notice of Disagreement Receipt to Statement of the Case Statement of the Case 295 days (AOJ)

SOC to issue of Form 9 40 days

Substantive Appeal Receipt to Certification of Appeal to Board 725 days (AOJ)

Total time at AOJ 1060 days

This means your claim will take 1060 days at your AOJ to move it to BVA. Tack on another 235 days at the Board, and you get the magic number: 1295 days.

If you extrapolate the "new" 69,000 appeals (2015) with the "old" 2013, 52860, number it means it will tack on another 30.5% so it will add another 395 days. Bottom line, the estimate of time would be 1690 days in 2015. or 4.6 years.

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Sounds about right! ...if you're sucessful you should get a hefty back-pay!!!

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