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I am currently in the PTSD unit for my trauma I have been diagnosed with PTSD my Depression has went from Depression NOS to Major Depression my Axes Level 1 is Depresion I am currently working on intrusive thoughts and anxiety after i complete this PTSD unit and with my DIagnosis being axes level 1 for PTSD and my PTSD is service related how important is the completion of PTSD unit and wear does it weigh in my clams process, I am now typing a etter to usbmit to the DAV to submit to the VA my main trauma is service related any thoughts?

PS i was asked to go to PTSD by my social worker and Psych who recomended that i go

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I am not familiar with some of this.

Are you inpatient for treatment?

Right now, go and fill out and print this form (VA FORM 10-5345a) which is the records release form.  You can download most of your notes and exams from blue button online, but i have found them lacking in a lot of aspects.

i have attached a rough sample of how ot fil this out.  Fill it out for the hospital you were seen at, if you have been to multiple VA hospitals (whether different states or just different hospitals in teh same state) fill out one for everyone. 

To find the correct address to mail them to Google "__HOSPITAL NAME__ Records Release" you will find their records release address

For example if you went to the VA hosptial in Buffalo NY, the name of the hospital is "Western new york VA" so google "Western New York VA Records Release" and you will see right away their specific page for records release for that hospital

so do that for each hospital you have been to and submit it today via CERTIFIED MAIL

Once you get those records you should have a good amount of info.


However you are going to be filing for PTSD for the first time. So you HAVE TO GET your Diagnosis of PTSD from the VA.  If you find you already have a diagnosis of PTSD then you are halfway there, as far as having a current diagnosis.

What i would do is this.

1) Go online and START the application for  compensation via Ebenefits.  This way your "Intent to File" is submitted, so when you win your claim months, year from now you will be BACKPAYED (what we call retro) to this date, today.  You have 1 year to complete the application, so there is no rush to send this off today or tomorrow.  Take your time and get good evidence, good paper trail of treatment, Diagnosis of PTSD and connection to service.  Once again dont rush it, you will regret it.  It may seem counterintuitive, but it takes less time to wait 6 months and get good evidence and submit your claim then, then do it NOW and then get denied and have to fight it, or start over and get good evidence then and reopen the claim.  Take your time. START THE FILING TODAY, go the point where you enter in your disabilities and submit "new disability" for PTSD.  then save it, but dont continue and submit it.  this saves your claim and files your "intent to file".

2) Mail off the form 10-5345a for records requests.  remember the end date you requested (today) and every month from here on out as you continue treatment send off a records request to your current hospital for that months treatment records etc. 

3) once you get in your treatment records the following i would file your claim...

      a) A diagnosis of PTSD

      b) somewhere in your exam notes a mention that your PTSD is related to a "inservice stressor". A "stressor" or "inservice event" is "what happened" while   you      were in that is the cause of your PTSD NOW

head to

this is a ebook, free, that is just a general how to file online through ebenefits or by mail.  Im guessing you have computer access if you are on this board, however you can also file your intent to file by mail using VA FORM 21-0966


Im sorry you are having to deal with PTSD, just remember we are here for your brother.


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