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Question if anybody who knows, JD powers call said they was following up on a call to BVA

so he told me to call them about a remand from CAVC they gave me the # to call .

I ask him could you stay on the line while I call this # so I wont have to repeat everything

and he did after getting the results from BVA I ask do u need anything else he said he had enough

Has this happen to u or anybody you know??? I think I remember something about JD doing surveys

for VA just not for sure.

Anybody else had a survey about your appeal at BVA after checking the status of claim at BVA

while  JD powers  on the line or is this just some more of their BS to delay a decision? Anybody

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Yes.  JD Powers continues to record telephonic surveys of those veterans who call the BVA for a status.  They don't inquire for all status-checks, just a small percentage.  You really can't gripe about your case much, as they are only concerned with your experience on that one phone call.  (Not entire experience).


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Wow, this seems really dangerous to me. If JD powers is calling veterans, giving them a number to call or staying on the line while the veteran calls the BVA, this seems like a bad guy could easily do the same thing and use the "survey" pitch to phish for a veterans personal information. Just sounds like an all around bad idea to me.

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Finally know what the call was about. I ask why a remand from CAVC is

taking so long and do I go back in line again??. Their reply was they were

waiting for the 90 day wait period or something. I thought the attorney ask for

a decision to be made nothing more to add to records?? They didn't have it and cant

make a decision until they receive it or 90 days.

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