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  1. LOTZASPOTZ, its because you cant read you can whine all you want I still stand by what I SAID AND THE SAME FOR YOU. tell what you know and not what you hear. You know where the sun don't shine kiss that. I don't ask ou to read anything I could care less what the hell you think about me if I tell you what I think about you you wouldn't be around here complaining for you buddies. that why I have none I KISS NOBODY ASS to get along with and you too. You don't know what the hell I go through with I have wife and a family they don't deal with my VA business they don't know. and what can they do anyway. tHEY DONT GO AROUND GIVING ADVICE ON THINGS they don't know about and neither do I I was through with this so if you got something else on your mind PM me you can read that right???
  2. I got about 20 grand at discharge for my feet & ankles I knew I would have to pay it back even if I GET 10% comp from them I had to pay 20,grand off 10% I would still be paying that's why I never file an increase for my feet only I always file secondary's conditions. I had a spinal fusion in 2003 and a stimulator implanted in 2013 both fail and now I'm stuck with a battery on my ass that I don't use. The stimulator have wires or what ever they call them in the upper part of my back. I got my shoulder and the carpal tunnel connected by asking my Doctor or telling him I was having pain and numbness in my hands & arms and I thought if was coming from the use of my CANE because I was putting all my weight on my wrist and arms the balance because of the pain I was having with my back and legs and he agreed with me and wrote it up for me . Then I had nerve damage & they did a surgery on my shoulder That walking cane paid off this time.
  3. Its not what VA was telling vet and seems to me its still happening I owe nothing because its 0% rated unless they started paying for A 0% rating what can I owe??? Been there none that. I will explain I get 0 for my feet but my feet connect to my legs (radiculopathy,20% each), my legs connects to my back (DDD 40%), MY back connects to my Shoulders( 20% each) my shoulders connects to my arms and hands 20% numbness in arms & carpel tunnel from the use of a cane for my back, and depression from all that 30%. all secondary to bad feet & ankles
  4. I medical out for bad ankle and feet's ankle kept breaking on me at 10% and my only sc disability is my feet at 0% everything else is secondary to the feet ,so I owe nothing for that but how many more don't know this, I had a lot of vets lately tell me about this happen to them
  5. I understand they will withheld if you win an award for that condition but not you cant file a claim for it never
  6. In later part of 77-82 A lot of vets says they were told you cant file a claim with VA if you took the severance pay for that condition you medical out with. I know they told me the same bull, but I'm hard headed and file anyway. I been talking with some vets that got medical in 2000 and they are scare to file because of this. Is this still going on??? or anyone else been told this?? RU
  7. navy, I'M ALL FOR you, its not my money, and I will never hate on you or any other vet, I helped a lot of vets and still do, you look up the exam you suppose to have and the rating for it . I got hurt in 77, file claim in 03 and won I just try to educate people on these MF VA, THEY ARE DIRTY AND PLAY DIRTY Good LUCK . RU
  8. A DRO TOLD ME IN THE HEARING HE WOULD grant my EED he agree with everything I said in the hearing but when I got the decision it was another thing. Carlie(god bless her) told me never believe a dro, so that was in 2010, 2016 I am still in appeals don't count your blessing before they come. I call Carlie a lie but now I Know what she was talking about. jmho
  9. hey navy you are the idiot because you still believe in a dro review If you file a NOD YOU WILL AUTOMATIC GET A REVIEW FROM A DRO TO GET A SOC . FOOL
  10. sorry you feel that way but I will never lie nor will I Tell a veteran wrong. you must have me mix up with somebody else if you at referring too nobody can post a win on a CUE YOU OR Gastone could not show anything, is that my fault???. You read the regulations on what is a CUE and whats not but you insist people to file this BS when all they have to do is file NOD. You are not a veteran and you don't know what we go through with in claims or our medical care through VA. Everything you discuss always come too claims that are old and have no meaning too the claim in progress, But I will never hate nor lie about helping vets, I'M already bless from God & the VA 3 houses and 7 cars, why complain ??
  11. I wasn't even talking to you but here I am get it off your chest because I got a lot just with you
  12. Bertha are you referring to me or who? I can answer all your question about anything so whats on your mind
  13. I WILL never hate on anyone just giving you some advice maybe you hadn't heard never believe anything until you get a decision. They will tell you anything 0 % is your full grant just saying, just wait on decision then you know I could guess allday
  14. a dro will lie to get u out his office. When you get the decision maybe 0% and then you have another appeal. A dro is just that a liar. jmho
  15. you was the same one who you said the dro had approve your claim 6 months ago or maybe somebody else. You was happy with your dro hearing until you got the decision
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