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PTSD Journal

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Hi Everyone this is my first post and like to ask what your thought are on journals for PTSD.

Currently I am Rated:

60% CHD with neurocardiogenic syncope

50% PTSD

10% Left Leg

10% Right Leg

CHD with Neurocardiogenic syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness associated with a drop in arterial blood pressure, quickly followed by a slowed heart rate. Neurocardiogenic syncope (NCS) is also referred to as vasovagal syncope or neurally mediated syncope also what i was medically retired from the Army from.

I have been unable to stay employed for about a year now because the syncope and ptsd. Honestly who wants the liability of someone who can black out at any time. Also over the years my PTSD has worsened. Like everyone here i got to see my share of what most people don't. I'm and OIF vet deployed twice.

My specialist for my heart had me keep a log for my onsets, and syncope episodes (I get 2-4 a month). A combat buddy of mine talked to me a few months back and said he started writing in a journal if things effected him etc for ptsd and any significant events or feelings. He then transferred notes on a calendar and took it with him to his C&P exam the last time he went. He said the the calendar helped him, and the evaluator understood because he could't remember many days times event in last three months he was effected so he used the calendar to refresh his memory.

What are you guys/ladys thoughts on this?

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It could possibly help you if the C & P doctor even considers the journal at all.

The prime factor in higher ratings is the criteria for them found in the VA Schedule Of Ratings here at hadit.

"I have been unable to stay employed for about a year now because the syncope and ptsd. Honestly who wants the liability of someone who can black out at any time."

Do you receive SSDI and is it solely for the SC conditions?

Have you formally applied for TDIU?


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yes I have done my first initial filing for ssdi. I've had my c&p exam for my heart condition and the evaluator gave me a Met 1-3, and said that I shouldn't even be trying to work. Now what he told me and said in his notes could be completely different he was a contracted doctor.

My C&p for mental health is today at the vamc, I claimed secondaries to my primary of PTSD bipolar, anxiety, headache, chronic fatigue.

An yes I also have this with a claim of unemployability.

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Welcome aboard and sorry to hear of your issues, but everything helps bud, so you keep or submit whatever will help you in the end. Good luck and keep us posted

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